Star Trek Second Contact Leaderboards

Hey there Ferengi’s!

WARNING: In this post I will be going over the Leaderboards, My Basic PERSONAL Opinion on them, and why they are such a sore spot for many. I will be VERY blunt in this post. Not the “usual Bunny”. Tread carefully. My turn to Rant!

I want to cover the SAME thing that I seem to have to cover Every. Single. Event. So here I am again, to get it out there… then be done with it. No further discussion on it as I grow weary. I think many of you do get that and understand it. I also will NOT be allowing any comments at all on this post as I am tired of the hatred that Leaderboards bring with them. They are a SIDE option. No one is forcing you to play them. It is all YOUR choice to participate. All they ever have caused is anger and lots of it. If you want to vent on them, you know where to go. If you hate the Leaderboards, tell TinyCo via in game messaging. Enough is enough on the Addicts site. We don’t make the game. We don’t control the game. We are not a doormat to wipe dirty feet all over.


Say it with me… “Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams!”


First and foremost, LEADERBOARDS ARE LED BY PREMIUM PLAYERS. I am not just talking those that spend $20 an Event and are done. Oh no! I am talking those that invest HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to get the amount of Clams needed to lead and keep the lead on the Top Positions of the Leaderboards.

I see so many Players scratching their heads trying to do the Math to figure out how they can keep up but continue to fall short every single time. Well, that is because of Clams. Clams Clams Clams Clams and MORE CLAMS! Leaderboards = Clams!


Some Freemium Players are lucky and through a LOT of “every single hour in the game” play can make it to the lower tier(s), but I have yet to see a single solitary Freemium EVER make it to a top spot in a game. Not in this kind of Leaderboard (You against Everyone). Not A TRUE FREEMIUM. Clams were always spent somewhere (even if those Clams were earned free in the game). A Clam purchase/sacrifice of some kind was made to gain that position. No one yet has made it with ZERO Clams spent like this. Sorry. Truth.

You can argue the Replicator drops for New Players help them. All I will say is last Event, how long did it take YOU to get all those items too? 5 or 6 weeks? How long did it take for you to earn all those Materials to make them? Did you even get them all? Didn’t you have to create every single Star Trek Character too in order to help with them? New Players have two weeks. Two weeks to unlock everything last year’s Players already have. Think they can do it and even make a difference? Just some food for thought.

Not to mention many of us with all the Buildings and Characters already with drops, got to use the Away Missions and Phaser Battles pretty much right away (The OTHER spots to earn unlimited Latinum, Replicator is one and done per item). New Players are still trying to Unlock Characters & Create locations to use for drops and Away Missions… and a week has already gone by. Or that Character hasn’t even been made available yet this Event.

Some Examples of what Last Year gave a leg up on…

Worf drops Comm Badges & Deanna Troi drops Comm Badges(Away Missions). Guinan drops Photon Torpedoes & Vulcan Quagmire drops Photon Torpedoes & Starfleet Peter drops Gamma Rays and Photon Torpedoes (Phaser Battles). Klingon Chris, Starfleet Peter, & Vulcan Quagmire can all go on Away Missions.

Premium Players that were in last years Star Trek Event also have a leg up IF they got more than one (which many of us including myself did) of the Buildings that are now dropping lots of items to help in the game with a result of Latinum… well those Players are now just flying through the Event, Content, and Latinum earning potential from them.

Starfleet Academy (Photon Torpedoes) Starfleet Research Facility (Comm Badge) Starfleet Medical Center (Gamma Ray- to unlock sections) Bat’leth Badassery (Comm Badge) T’Plana Hath (Comm Badge)

This New Star Trek: Second Contact it is very evident of Premium/Previous Player Leaderboards. Unlike the previous one, we have no Global Prizes we can all work for (which I prefer) nor are we sanctioned into “like minded groups” as we were in the past (which I REALLY wish they would go back to). Nope. Instead it is everyone else against those that are using Clams to progress to the top and hold that position. I tried to spend Clams to see how close I could get. 1000 Clams later and I haven’t even touched the 2nd Tier group… or was in it for like 2 seconds, then promptly dropped back down fast.


How does anyone else have a chance against an Elite Premium in the Leaderboards? Well, to be quite honest, you don’t. Sorry. Cold hard truth here. Just laying it out from what I have seen time and time and time again on the Leaderboards. Not unless you are one yourself. You can try, maybe get close, but unless you open your pocketbook, checking account, trust fund (Lol)… don’t really bother stressing on the Leaderboards. It’s not worth it. Seriously it’s not.

How is the best way to get Latinum for those that don’t care and still want to try? Well, for me, Away Missions to Terra Boberra (unless Phase 2 offers something better). Possibly some side help from the Phaser Battles Borg Cubes.

Now many of you may not like my cold hard truth nor my opinions. Many of you may not like this side of me, but it has to be said. Many may still try to reason “well they got this and I didn’t” or “they did that, why can’t I”… but again, Clams make all that go away.  Clams level that out. You spend the Clams, you can “try” to compete. A New Player can spend Clams and be in the running. It’ll cost them more Clams than others, but again… Clams Clams Clams Clams.


In short, this Leaderboard… end of the day… will be exactly like every single other Leaderboard. Premium Players will rise to the top and fight it out… everyone else will fight for the scraps (if any are left). I don’t like to pay more than 200 Clams on a Character, so why would I want to spend thousands of Clams for a “Chance” at one? (Think of how much it hurt spending 2000 to 3000 Clams on a Mystery Box to get it all. OUCH!!!) Just not worth it to me. I get many of you are completionists… but this game will NOT fulfill that. Instead it will push you to your limits and drive you absolutely insane (Welcome to the Addicts Asylum). Someone will always be left without. There are only 100 spots up Top (5000 total) and over 1 million+ of us. What does that say about how many will go without? It is at YOUR risk if you play them, but be warned it may not turn out how you want. You’ll have to except that you may be defeated. Again 5000 out of 1 million+. (That’s a very small percentage.)

Me, I will sit back and let it all just burn out… again. I will save my Clams for better things. Things I KNOW I can get, not just chance it. Things in the actual Event and not a Side option. Things in New Events. Things the moment I spend Clams on are placed into MY game. I just can’t see a reason to spend so much on “CHANCE”, can you? Really? (More food for thought.)

Notice an ongoing theme in the Images? 


Like I noted up top, NO COMMENTS ALLOWED ON THIS POST. Sorry, but when I continually see Event after Event that instead of helping each other with tips and methods, the comments section are instead 99.9% of the time turned into a battle ground of hate and vulgarities when it comes to Leaderboards and the time putting the post together just becomes a waste. There is no reason to allow it anymore. Our site is not about hate. Especially not for a Side Super Premium Option that is the Leaderboards. The End.  😉


***steps off soapbox and goes back to eating carrots***

(FYI, don’t bother jumping posts to try and comment in regards this post either… they will just be moderated.)


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