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Star Trek Leaderboard Character Profiles: Borg Human Rupert, Borg Puppy & Bertram

NOTE FROM BUNNY: Flashback Post covering Characters and items that are still in our games after the Event Ended. Thanks Lotty for the help. ~Bunny


Greetings Borg!

During the Star Trek repeat event, we had another Leaderboard and of course this meant new prizes for some Players. Two of the Prizes were a new skin and new character… Borg Human Rupert and the long awaited Bertram!! (As well as the lil Walking Decoration Borg Puppy.)

Bertram Borg Human Rupert Borg Puppy

Let’s take a look at what they can do in our silly lil games. Continue reading

A Grimm Knight in Quahog Character Profiles: Princess Buttercup & Cinderella Lois

This is another Flashback post with the details and information of Characters that carried on after the Event. Thanks Lotty for the help! ~Bunny


Greetings Pretty Princess Procurers! 😛

It seems that we have taken a step into story time at the local library and are tossed into some Fairytale world with some fun and unusual Characters. There are Knights, Dragons, Magic Beans, and even Damsels in Distress.

With all the New Content brought into the game, we also have some New Characters. Characters like Princess Buttercup & Cinderella Lois.

Cinderella Lois Princess Buttercup

Let’s take a look at what Princess Buttercup & Cinderella Lois can do in our silly lil games. Continue reading

Family Guy WrestleMania 2016 Main Questline: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble & Free Clams!

Hey there Nacho Libre’s! 😛

Can you smell what the Bunny is cooking? Got your Verse Quotes on a big piece of cardboard to wave around in the crowd? Ready and pumped up to watch the “Soap Opera for Men?” Or is it Jerry Springer? Ready to drop your profession to become a local politician instead? Or maybe an actor? Well then I guess you are ready for some WRESTLEMANIA!!

With this fun New Event in our games, we also have a Main Questline that will take us through the Phases of the Event. Phase one, the Main Questline is Let’s Get Ready to RumbleWe also have another Clam Questline, WrestleMania in Quahog.

Family Guy- The Quest for Stuff - WrestleMania in Quahog Key Art

Let’s take a look at  Let’s Get Ready to Rumble & WrestleMania in Quahog and all you will encounter along the way. Continue reading