Battles – Lex Luthor

Hi fellow addicts. Well as many of you know Bunny is having some ongoing health issues and has trusted some of us to try keep the information flowing until she’s literally back in the game.

Now I will admit I’m no Bunny, but being a Tigger I do have some bounce, so whilst Bunny can’t I’ll be bouncing in and sharing some bits and pieces to try help anyone who’s struggling. Please feel free to help us by adding any helpful tips in the comments, we’re going try get them pushed through quickly, like they used to be, but please keep in mind I’m on a different clock from Bunny, GMT to be precise.

Anyway now the introductions are out the way, let’s tackle Lex Luthor who arrived in our games at Part 3 of this weeks questline Region of Doom. You can see the full questline here

Lex LuthOr is similar to the Joker in Phase 3 in that he’s the big baddie who keeps on giving, but how do we get him to drop the loot. Well we need to attack him with pulses, there’s 3 types, EMP pulses, Plasma pulses and Radiation pulses, and although the amounts needed will be the same in every players game for each defeat level the type of pulses isn’t, so bare that in mind when building them up.

The amounts you will need to defeat him are as follows:

1X 2 EMP Pulses or 2 Plasma Pulses or 2 Radiation Pulses
2X 4 EMP Pulses or 4 Plasma Pulses or 4 Radiation Pulses
3X 6 EMP Pulses or 6 Plasma Pulses or 6 Radiation Pulses
4X 10 EMP Pulses or 10Plasma Pulses or 10 Radiation Pulses

5X 15 EMP Pulses or 15 Plasma Pulses or 15 Radiation Pulses

Now I’m going be honest I’ve not managed to hit him at level 5X before he times out. You only have 28 hours to defeat Lex up to 5X and I just can’t collect enough to get to that, I tend to get to 3X or 4X, then just start building up for a fresh attack once he’s timed out and returned. You can of course spend clams to bring him back at the level he timed out at, but it’s hefty amounts so I’m personally not going there.

The loot you will get is twofold, Cool Visors for unlocking Captain Col Quagmire and Credit Cards to unlock a fully playable Lex Luthor character.

What you will get at each level is as follows:

1X 1 Cool Visor & 2 Credit Cards
2X 2 Cool Visor & 4 Credit Cards
3X 4 Cool Visor & 8 Credit Cards
4X 6 Cool Visor & 12 Credit Cards
5X 7 Cool Visor & 16 Credit Cards

You will need a total of 23 Cool Visors for Captain Cold Quagmire and a scary 156 Credit Cards to unlock Lex Luthor. I see Lex as a long term unlock and with the weeks extension he might just be possible. Lex is going take some time to unlock, and thankfully the weeks extension gives us that.

Now how do we get those Pulses, well it’s a combination of character tasks and buildings, and they take time.

EMP PULSE – Always drops 1

Wonder Woman practice throwing EMP Blasts (5 hrs)
Batman Brian sniff around for EMP (5 hrs)
Captain Cold Quagmire show off his spark (5 hrs)
Cyborg assemble EMP bombs (5 6 hrs)

You will also get 1 EMP blast every 12 hours from the Super Cool Quarters building.

Plasma Blasts – Always drops 1

Wonder Woman practice throwing Plasma Blasts (7hrs)
Batman Brian sniff around for Plasma (7hrs)
Captain Cold Quagmire make plasma jokes (7hrs)
Cyborg assemble plasma bombs (7 6hrs)

You will also get 1 plasma blast every 14 hours from the Armed Garbs building.

Radiation Blasts – Always drops 1
Wonder Woman practice throwing radiation (6hrs)
Batman Brian sniff around for radiation (6hrs)
Captain Cold Quagmire be slightly radioactive (6hrs)
Cyborg assemble radiation bombs (6hrs)

You will also get 1 Radiation Blast every 16 hours from Lex Corp Building.

The battle modus operandi is similar that of the Joker, click on Lex and at the bottom it will tell you what pulse and how many you need to defeat him at each level. Once you’ve collected the required pulses just click on Pow.





11 responses to “Battles – Lex Luthor

  1. Does anyone know if there are any more quests in the final week or anymore need to collect kryptonite/ vitamins and do battles? Don’t want to waste my time fighting and storing them for no reason.


    • There is one character that you need to collect for in final week, Poison Ivy, you will need to buy her and buildings that drop items from Wayne Tower for Kryptonite. There is a main Questline but obviously with final week whether you complete it or not is up to yourself, there is no prize for doing so. You will see the requirements for Poison Ivy in the main Phase 6 post. There are also 2 premium characters, Green Arrow and Killer Croc, again details are in this post.

      There will also be side Questlines for these characters to work on for those who get them. Hope this helps.


  2. What is the downtime after the 28 HR timer runs out? (Without using Clams to continue the battle.)


  3. Biggest villain this event… not Lex Luthor, but Batman Brian! Dropped so many clams trying to get Croc from him and all he gave me was a gazillion useless medipacks. Damn him to heck.


  4. LuthOR


  5. I’ve managed to get 5x once – that was after stacking from previous battle and my guesses for the last one paid off. Typically I get to 4x. I try to do the 5 hour tasks during the day and the 7 hr tasks overnight. Cyborg I usually get the red one throughout the day. I’m at 110 credit cards and will get 12 more this round in 7 hours – for 122. Won’t be able to get 5x so I won’t even try. Instead I’ll try to even out the bombs across the board and get ready for next round. Hopefully then I’ll get to 4x and another 26 cards – then just one more battle needed. So should have Lex over the weekend or by Monday.


  6. All of cyborg’s bomb making tasks are 6 hours, unlike the rest of them.


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