Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 6 Live ***UPDATED & COMPLETE***

Hey there Superheroes!!!!

Note from RussianTigger – we will try update this with information as we verify, and any readers please feel free to comment any advice. Also for those behind remember this is extra content released to keep those up to date busy during the extension, just keep doing what you’re doing.

UPDATE FROM TINYCO 8/26 – They are aware of the bug with The  Blunder Twins timer starting prematurely and are working on a fix.

I will post the TinyCo FAQ. AGAIN, NOT MY STATS!! It’s all untested and unverified. I will go through the game and update what I actually see and verify live then update it under their FAQ.
Superman Peter

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to complete week five main Questline
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s completed
  • You will need to be on App Market Version 1.27.6 in order to see the full content
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…

For Phase 1 details, Go HERE

For Thug Battles, go HERE

For Phase 2 details, go HERE

For PHASE 3 details, go HERE

For Phase 4 details, go HERE 


As I am working to run through what I can, here are the TinyCo FAQ on the Phase 4 items. Keep in mind these have NOT been tested for accuracy and detail.

What can I get from the Batman Brian Mystery Box?

-Killer Croc

-Mutant Stewie Outfit

-Rollocop Joe Outfit

-The Multiplier Quagmire Outfit

-Red Hot Lois Outfit

-32 Sacks of Diamonds

-175 Clams

-6 Medium Health Packs

-7 Kryptonite

-60 Sacks of Gold

-10 Super Vitamins

Note, the only items that are repeatable are 32 Sacks of Diamonds, 6 Medium Health Packs, 7 Kryptonite, 60 Sacks of Gold, and 10 Super Vitamins.

How do I unlock Poison Ivy?

First, you need to place The Mean Green Thumb building (available for purchase at Wayne Tower). Then you can unlock Poison Ivy with 806 clams or by filling the following requirements:

-30 Poison Arrows

-6 Fertilizer

-8 Watering Cans

-7 Vine Lingerie

-1 Arrow Cave (Building from Wayne Tower)

How do I unlock Green Arrow?

Green Arrow is available in the shop for 275 clams.

How do I unlock Killer Croc?

You have a CHANCE at unlocking Killer Croc by opening a Batman Brian Mystery Box for 150 clams.

How do I get Arrows “R” Us?

Arrows “R” Us is available at Wayne Tower for 30 Kryptonite.

How do I get Arrowcar?

Arrowcar is available at Wayne Tower for 15 Kryptonite.

How do I get Poison Ivy in the Mean Green Thumb?

Poison Ivy in the Mean Green Thumb is available at Wayne Tower for 26 Kryptonite.

How do I get Sewer Sanctuary?

Sewer Sanctuary is available at Wayne Tower for 23 Kryptonite.

How do I get Queen Industries?

Queen Industries is available at Wayne Tower for 42 Kryptonite.

How do I get Cryptic Rock?

Cryptic Rock is available at Wayne Tower for 32 Kryptonite.

How do I get Arrow-Cave?

Arrow-Cave is available at Wayne Tower for 14 Kryptonite.

How do I get The Blunder Twins?

The Blunder Twins are available at Wayne Tower for 182 Kryptonite. They are animated!!

Are The Blunder Twins animated?

Yes, The Blunder Twins are animated!!

Are The Blunder Twins a character or a deco?

The Blunder Twins is an animated decoration!

Why can’t Green Arrow use ‘Bump It’?

Both Green Arrow and Green Lantern must be level 5 for them to ‘Bump It’.



Poison Ivy
You will first need to get to her with the Mean Green Thumb in the Wayne Tower to unlock her. (This is the 3rd item in Wayne Tower and costs 26 kryptonite). Once the Hangar is placed, you can start collection for her items.
30 Poison Arrows (Common): Seamus Make Arrows OR Get from Arrows “R” Us
6 Fertilizer (Uncommon): Get from Queen Industries
8 Watering Cans (Rare): Get from Sewer Sanctuary
7 Vine Lingerie (Rare): Make Meg Rummage Through Drawers OR Make Catwoman Lois Enjoy Arts and Crafts OR Make Cheetah Bonnie Spice Up Life OR Make Killer Croc Go For a Swim
– Get the Arrow Cave

Green Arrow: 275 Clam Icon Clams, Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline, Tasks to drops sacks of cash, jewels, gold, diamonds and art.


Killer Croc: One of the items available in the Batman Mystery Box, see below.


There is a new building for 260 clams but what it is we don’t know as the image is for a Krypto Rock, so stay away from buying this until Tiny Co put in a fix.

This has been fixed now.



Cost ~ 260 Clams (Always drops 20 Sacks of Art)


Super Ice Cannon : 200 Plastic Hero Rings


BATMAN BRIAN MYSTERY BOX – 150 clams per try

What you see will depend in what you have in your game currently, as some items are skins previously released, if you already have them they won’t show up.

Killer Croc (character)
Mutant Stewie (skin)
Rolocop Joe (skin)
Multiplier Quagmire (skin)
Red Hot Lois (skin)
Sack of diamonds – 32
Kryptonite – 7
Sack of gold – 60
Super vitamins – 10
Medium health packs – 6
175 clams

Note from Russian Tigger – I’ve not tried my luck so can’t give any stats on getting Killer Croc, however maybe some fellow addicts will share how they got on in the comments.


Clam Icon

There’s a new clam offer in the game you may see, per my game this is what I was offered.


Buy $9.99 of clams, get 10 kryptonite for free.

5th Weekly Challenge (triggers Monday evenings)
Escape Artists

Check out the Prize:
Attack Metallo 5 times: Just attacks, not defeats… so it may be ideal to not kill him with first one and instead space them out so you to have to wait for less respawned
Collect from Titan’s Tower twice:
Completed Task Rewards: Bd’g the Green Lantern

If you completed the 4 previous weeks challenges you will also be awarded the Justice League Watchtower.

***As I continually say, most of the “rewards” are only Decorations. Determine if it is really worth it to YOU to go for these Challenges. If not, let them pass by.


Daily Planet

Here is your EXCHANGE location. You will Exchange goods for Game Currency to use elsewhere.
For Phase 6 there is no new goods to exchange, so you will see a mixture based on the previous goods exchanges.


Wayne Tower

Here is where you will find items that you will collect Materials to unlock.
This is the following Items I see for the current Phase …

Arrows “R” Us: +100 POW when unlocked


Poison Ivy in the Mean Green Thumb

Sewer Sanctuary

Queen Industries

Cryptic Rock

Arrow Cave

The Blunder Twins (24 hour timer after you enter tower after getting Arrow Cave)

There appears to be a visual glitch with Arrows R Us in some games but the building is dropping items as it should.

Animation with The Blunder Twins now fixed according to other players.




No new content released here.

Parking Garage


Here is what you can see your Spawn time for the next Villian (like the Super Villian and Killer Crocs).
Watch for the Check mark as seen in image above to appear over the garage letting you know you are about ready to launch into the next Phase.

Where are you at this point? What items are you getting held up on? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~Bunny, Lotty & RussianTigger


36 responses to “Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 6 Live ***UPDATED & COMPLETE***

  1. It seems odd that once I unlocked the Joker, the rate at which I have received super vitamins has dramatically decreased, even though I now have more people available?


    • I’ve a feeling they maybe increased the drop rate in the 2nd phase to help us as drops were very good for a rare item, then they possibly put it back to the usual rare once we all started moving through the early phases. Just my thoughts on how the drops varied in my game.


  2. I can’t seem to find a “What the Deuce” for this event, so very sorry but have to blow off some steam here:

    I’m 100% MAXed on the events experience bar(which doesn’t help at all). I’m still stuck on Lex Luther, so I can’t get Cold Quagmire and can’t continue in the quest line to try and get Poison Ivy.

    I’m extremely frustrated because they added an extra week, and an awesome new character that’s completely impossible to get!!!!

    Aquaman, Cheetah Bonnie, Joker, Green Lantern, and Catwoman Lois all seem to be completely USELESS. And only Wonder Woman and Batman Brian are the only characters to get the outrageously necessary pulses, Ridiculous each pulse is 6 hours or more!!!

    UGGHHH!!! Does anyone have any helpful hints to get me thru this awful event? Without using 7000 clams?

    Please and THANK YOU a bunch for listening to my rant!! I really appreciate you guys letting me get that out!! Fwhew!


    • You’re wish is our command, new What the Deuce post up, but of course remember you can comment on the previous one if no new one available, we still push comments to it.

      Firstly if you’re playing freemium, you’ve actually done very well to get as far as you have, just keep doing what you’ve been doing and unlock Captain Cold Quagmire, as once you’ve got him you can complete the Region of Doom Questline which will then open up Phase 6 for you.

      Essentially for me the Phase 6 content was to keep premium players occupied during the extension and anyone behind should just ignore it. I was up to date when Phase 6 hit and I’m not sure I will get Poison Ivy. Unfortunately it sounds like one your favourite characters which makes ignoring the content tougher, but if you do want her then you’re going to need kryptonite to unlock the first 3 items in Wayne Tower, she is the third and you can see a breakdown of the items and costs above in the post. Once she’s in your game you need collect a lot of stuff to unlock her and will need 3 more buildings from Wayne Tower, so lots more Kryptonite. However if as is obvious time is not permitting to do this you do have option to clam unlock her, but it’s a hefty price, over 800 clams if you’ve not collected anything.

      I think my advice would be wait until she makes a return to the game, popular characters usually reappear in Best of Mystery Boxes, Mini-events or even a re-release of a major event, like Star Trek did.

      Good luck whatever you decide.


    • I’ve just been focusing on getting as much kryptonite stockpiled as possible. So if I do get to phase 6, I have at least a tiny chance of getting Poison Ivy. I finally got Captain Cold so in four hours I can at least start progressing unless you need Lex Luthor in the next part. Sigh. I’m afraid to check! I have all the buildings etc. for this phase except the last one which I’m skipping.

      I’ve been using Brian and Joker to clear Metallo, letting Joker do a first hit and heal while Brian is busy collecting those $&#% pulses. For getting gold and diamonds, I use as many characters to fight as possible to reduce healing time. Sometimes I don’t set them on tasks so they will be ready whenever a usefully tasked character is ready. The long task times for the pulses is indeed aggravating.

      I did buy two characters with my earned stash of clams: Batman and Flash. Batman is useful for collecting pills, Flash just races around town when not on task, which earns his keep for me but he helps fight also. I did unlock Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Joker, Aquaman, and skins for Bonnie, Lois, Peter, Quagmire, and Brian. So if I haven’t forgotten somebody, that’s two premium characters to bust my clam tv budget for a while, four freemium characters, and five freemium skins. Pretty good loot for an event for me. I might keep trying for Lex if it’s convenient but that’s unlikely. If he unlocks just in the big contraption rather than as his normal self from the old comics of my extreme youth, no loss. And I’ll try for Poison Ivy, but that’s low probability.

      Now if they only give me something to buy with more than 1300 plastic rings…


      • You don’t need to have Lex for Phase 6. And yes he is unlocked as he is in the battle Lex, not like the Lex you remember from days gone by.

        And I agree that’s a great haul of characters and skins you’ve unlocked during the event.


  3. Do you think there will be some bonus prizes to spend all those plastic rings on? I have what feels like thousands of them still and was hoping to actually buy something with them instead of just more of the same items


    • It’s hard to tell, I’ve thousand also and would like a currency mystery box, but don’t know if they will release one, I will hold on to my plastic rings until the last day just incase.


  4. None of these prizes are even showing up in Wayne tower for me and I believe I’ve completed the quests up to now.


    • You’ve definitely not got any Region of Doom Questline to complete? And you’ve upgraded your Parking Garage by being at least at Level 17 Pow points? If so use your in game support to let them know issues your having. There’s been a few issues, thinking maybe because some last minute coding for the extension.


  5. I have not gotten to the prize before the blunder twins cause I wait till I have enough kyptinite but my timer start three prize before so now I won’t be able to get them can you fix the problem before timer run out I would like to get them never had a problem before it always started once I got the one before it frustrated please help!


    • Other players are reporting the same problem. Please use the in game support to message TinyCo in order they can see the issue is affecting more games. Hopefully then they will get a fix out soon.


  6. I just messaged TinyCo as the Blunder Twins countdown has started even though I’m only up to having just placed Mean Green Thumb. Very strange indeed.


  7. The locked tasks auto completed and I got the Blunder twins last night!

    Now I can proceed!!


  8. Poison ivy and green arrow were available, I bought green arrow and since then ivy and the next set of items have disappeared.


  9. Thanks to the lack of pow that left me stuck for a week and a half, three weeks later, I am now maxed out on pow, but am still a week and a half behind. No hope. I thought this event might be different. Thanks tinyco.


  10. I messaged TinyCo about the issue with the twins not being animated and they said its a known issue and they are working on it.


  11. I am having issues with the Arrow cave it says locked even though I have it in my town! Last prize also says locked. I have two tasks to complete that say place the arrow cave but when I click on the tasks it takes me to the page where it says locked

    Btw I have unlocked all the previous prizes!


    • The Arrow Cave hasn’t gone into your inventory in error has it? Is it physically placed in your town? If so I would contact support through your game.


  12. What are the twins actually suppose to do? I got them and they are not animated. I tap on them and nothing. Thanks


  13. Well, the glitches I’ve found so far are there is no picture for Arrows R Us, on my screen it’s just a dirt area…And none of the buildings that are supposed to give items for Poison Ivy are giving them, not even the “common” arrows from Arrows R Us. Also, Kryptonite seems to cost a LOT more this time around, so if you didn’t get enough for the whole set already, it will take time…(I was dumb and thought I’d wait and now I still am working on Items 6 and 7 in Wayne Tower). Still working on Lex Luthor too, only have 82 cards…we’ll see how this goes…Ready for it to be over and hope there isn’t another special event for a few weeks because I need to catch up on Phase 10!


    • I’ve the same issue with the Arrows R Us building, I’ve in game messaged them, please do so also, and of course mention the drops, as you want get them going ASAP. I should have Lex over the weekend hopefully, it’s attack, attack, attack just now.

      I’d like a week or so off to try clear up my town after this, but TinyCo like to keep us busy so that wish might not come true.

      Thanks for helping with your feedback, much appreciated.


      • Mine are dropping arrows and stuff now but no picture for the building yet:) I’m also out of room for all these buildings! I had to put some of the Poison Ivy stuff on my Phase 10 area and I hate it:)


        • Great news on the drops. Not so great that your tidy, organised town is taking a hit. I think we need a shrink ray for all our stuff.


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