Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Main Questline Phase 6 – JUSTICE LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN

Hey there Superheroes!!!!

Long time ago in a galaxy… nope that’s not it!

Once upon a time in a land far far away… hmmm not quite!!

Who will save the planet from the Evil Villains plot? Who will fly in to save the day? Who will shut up Meg? Stay tuned….

With the New DC Superheroes Event live in our games, will now have New Questlines too. Especially the Main Questlines that will take us through each Phase. For Phase 6 the Main Questline is Justice League of Their Own.

Truth Justice and the Quahog Way Logo

Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way.

Justice League of Their Own Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Have Superman Peter Prepare for Battle: 3hrs, Earns $45 & 28xp 
Have Catwoman Lois Shower Off Kryptonite: 5hr, Earns $60 & 38xp
Defeat 3 Thugs: (Requires 4 Super Vitamns per attack and must completely defeat him 3 times)

Completed Task Rewards: 5 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Ring


Justice League of Their Own Pt. 2
Wonder Woman Starts

Defeat Bane (Requires 4 Super Vitamns per attack and you must completely defeat him)
Have Wonder Woman do Lasso Tricks: 4hrs, $50 & 30xp
Place Poison Garden Supplies from Wayne Tower: Cost 20 Kryptonite, Earns POW when placed.

Completed Task Rewards: 8 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Ring


Justuce League of Their Own Pt. 3
Brian Starts

Defeat 2 Joker Gangs (Requires 2 Super Vitamns per attack and you must completely defeat them twice)
Clear 6 Killer Crocs
Have Batman Brian Have a Wardrobe Malfunction: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards: 10 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Ring


Justice League of Their Own Pt. 4
Bonnie starts

Defeat Gorilla Grod 2 Times: (Requiress 3 Super Vitamns per attack and you must completely defeat him twice)
Clear 5 Brainiacs
Have Captain Cold Quagmire Act Cool: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards: 12 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Ring


Justice League of Their Own Pt. 5
Peter starts

Defeat Mettalo Two Times: (Requires 3 Super Vitamns per attack and you must completely defeat him twice)
Have Poison Ivy Creep: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp
Place the Arrow Cave from Wayne Tower: Cost 14 Kryptonite, Earns Pow when placed

Completed Task Rewards: 20 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Ring


Justice League of Thei Own Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Have Lex Luthor Take Flight: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Have Superman Peter Host a Superhero Send Off: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp

Completed Task Rewards: 24 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Ring


There you have it, the Main Questline taking you through Phase 6.

How are you doing so far? Where in the Questline are you? Tips for other Players? Let us know.



18 responses to “Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Main Questline Phase 6 – JUSTICE LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN

  1. The crappy drop rate of the vitamins…I won’t say it RUINED the event for me, but it was very disappointing. it took me two weeks to work through phase 5, and I won’t finish it (just got Titans Tower, so I won’t get Quagmire Captain Cold)


  2. I like how they put the new ring items in the store rather than in a mystery box, this way players can purchase only what they really want! That being said, a mystery box is kinda fun too! I bought Bane and the Daily planet. Got gorilla grodd, did not care for the green eyes, decided not to repurchase after losing him to a game crash! His chest banging is cute though. Don’t need so much in inventory, makes it hard to find stuff. They should have a permanent delete option for stuff we just don’t want in inventory.


    • I like how they let us choose what we want but like you I kind of miss the excitement of the mystery box opening. But for those with limited Plastic Rings this is a nice touch to let them choose what they want.

      A delete tool in the inventory makes the clumsy fool in me shiver, I’d probably delete something I wanted and be begging TinyCo to get me it back, lol. Although I guess they could set it so that certain items couldn’t be deleted for clumsy fools like me.


      • Oh, right, I didn’t think about that, maybe deleting a building that is used in character tasks. I was thinking of extra decos, it’s probably better to leave it as is. Anyway, I did go back and get the silly gorilla!


    • Mine doesn’t have green eyes. He shoots purple lasers tho. Maybe that will help you decide. I sure they would replace him for you.


  3. Great job RussianTigger! Also…. rings are worth collecting again!
    I got Bane, he’s animated but doesn’t walk around. You can get several other things, but I burned through my rings last night preparing for the end. Should have waited…


    • Thanks for the kind words.

      And I’ve shopped until I dropped with the new items, not to start planning where to put it all. Lol.


  4. Well I’m quitting this last phase. I’m sick of the vitamin drops being so rare. We need too many to finish and I just don’t want to stress anymore. After I get Lex, I’m checking into the tan lines resort for a couple of days. Lol
    Usually just check them in for a few min a day to get my Stewie bucks, but we deserve a mini vacation!

    Thank you for picking up the reigns and helping us all. I think you’ve gone above and beyond trying to help the forum. Notice people that complain don’t contribute. The rest of us can continue to help out with info we gather. So let’s keep it up! 👍


  5. The event posts are done to Bunny’s set templates in order to keep the site easy to read and navigate. They are about sharing information. Out of event posts are different and offer the writers more flexibility.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This site needs a revamp.


      • By all means…let’s see what you can do.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Maybe instead of you coming here for FREE help, hints and strategies, you figure it out yourself. Bunny didn’t have to start this. She could have enjoyed the game herself and not worry about the frustrations of running this site.

        I for one was happy I found this site. Yes, there are others, but she makes it very easy to follow. Her complete run the throughs help us plan ahead. That makes it possible to “stuff” we probably would have missed out on.

        So before you complain, please think about all the work that goes into this for her and others that help out when she’s to sick to continue. You don’t have be to be rude, just go elsewhere. Can you do better? Cause I don’t think we’ve seen it.


  6. So annoyed. I’ve been maxed out level since last Monday and completed all quests, got all the items from Wayne tower (except the really hard ones) and thought I was done. I was focusing on defeating Lex and NOW my game(s) moved on to Phase 6… days late. No idea how I will possibly get through everything by deadline now.


    • ThePhase 6 items are aimed at those who had completed the initial 5 phases of the event in the originally planned time frame, it’s basically to keep them busy during the extension of the event.


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