Event Ending Soon & Final Items in the Store

Hey there fellows addicts!

Just bouncing on by to bring you some information on the new items that dropped into the store, and yippee they all cost plastic rings..

I also want to remind everyone that the NEW End Time of the Event will be taking place.



Now let’s take a closer look at it all. 


We all wondered why we had so many Plastic Rings still building up when there was so little to buy with them, now we know TinyCo was just playing with us as they have released a load of fab decorations and buildings that you can get with those plastic rings. And they aren’t in a mystery box, so no trying your luck and hoping to get the item you want, they have all been released to buy individually in our store. So what items can we buy?

Bane (Animated Decoration) ~ 150 Plastic Rings
Gorilla Grodd (Animated Decoration) ~ 150 Plastic Rings
Robin Stewie Statue  (Decoration) ~ 125 Plastic Rings
Batman Brian Statue (Decoration) ~ 125 Plastic Rings
Asylum (Decoration) ~ 100 Plastic Rings
Hall of Hereos  (Decoration) ~ 150 Plastic Rings
Wayne Tower (Decoration) ~ 120 Plastic Rings
The Daily Planet (Decoration) ~ 100 Plastic Rings
Indestructible Parking Garage  (Decoration) ~ 50 Plastic Rings


Wednesdat, August 31st, @3 pm Pacific. Keep in mind they are VERY punctual on this. There is no leeway.


NO. As the event has already been extended twice.


NO. When the Event Ends, it takes all the Event items and Currency remaining with it. That means ANY Character/Costume not completely unlocked and walking your game… will go when the Event does. You MUST collect all the items needed for them to get them.

This goes for Buildings and Decorations. Unlock/Purchase all the ones you want as they will go with the Event.


 Plastic Hero Ring

Anything linked to the Event goes with the Event, so that means currency too. Use it or lose it essentially.


Keep in mind the game is set up to pull items from the Inventory Storage first, so if you already have say… 10 of an item in Inventory… you will need to pull ALL 10 items out first before the game will let you buy more.

Place items from Inventory first, then you can get more. Continue buying until you have all you want, then store them away.


The ONLY Questlines that usually continue on after an Event are those directly linked to unlocking a Character and isolated from the Main Questline. All other Questlines are directly linked to the Event and will go with it.

There you have it, some basics for closing out the Truth, Justuce and the Quahig Way Event.

Any last minute items you are picking up? Any items in the the store for Plastuc Rings you wanted and now have in your game? Any tips for other players finishing out the Event? Let us know.




48 responses to “Event Ending Soon & Final Items in the Store

  1. Well I got it fixed. Just like joe I nuked my town and once the bad piece of road that arrows was on was removed I could buy everything

    2 years worth of work gone but I don’t think TC can fix it because they would need to enter every affected town and remove the bad piece of road! BTW I also tried to move Attows are us and destroy the bad square but it would not go away!

    Hate to say it but the only solution seems to be a nuke. I think this issue would in fact carry over to the next event!

    Sei la vie!!

    I took pics of my town before I nuked so I can rebuild!

    I figure about a week to rebuild!!

    Now I have plenty of room for the next event!


  2. Just tried buying bane and grod and putting them in storage after 20 seconds the error and when the game re opened Bane and Grod were back in the buy menu and not in my inventory!


  3. Edit…. Thanks Tigger! 😋


  4. Now instead of the config empty for id dc_plantNursery in Buildings i can open my game with the old splashscreen(not the event) I can have it open for 30 seconds and get the error “building in bad position” which is odd since I did not buy or add anything.


    • I am getting this also. I see for me it has placed Arrows R Us over a street square. I can’t move the square because the game then crashes and the building is back out of inventory.


  5. Wish they could keep extending I wanted everything. With 1 day left defo can’t only just started lex and cold quagmire. Thought had more rings than I did so brought all buildings but want stewie and Brian statues. Can maybe have enough for 1 tomo so will see if can 😃 have enjoyed this event wasn’t sure at first but its been fun! (apart from bad drop rates 😐)


  6. I am also getting error Config empty for id dc_plantNursery in Buildings. I tried deleting data and later reinstalling but with no results. It seems like save is corrupted. TinyCo hasn’t responded to my mail about this


  7. Was enjoying this until my Phase 6 didn’t seem to load properly last week. I didn’t see the new quests or tower items until YESTERDAY morning despite being maxed out on levels and the only quest loaded was to get Lex Luther. TinyCo just likes to state the obvious (the phase just loaded so YOU must have not been far enough along) and ignored the part of WHY I contacted support. Will likely miss out on the last 4-5 Tower items in the phase and still short on collecting enough for Lex Luther despite finishing Phase 5 a few days before the original deadline and hitting level 5x on most of my Lex battles. Don’t think they calculated the payoffs properly for you to even have a chance without buying clams… But I guess that IS their primary objective.


  8. Any way to know for certain that things like “green arrow and green lantern bumping fists” for a whole day or single character quests will stick around?


    • Won’t know about individual tasks until we see what they remove tomorrow I’m afraid. New character Questlines have carried on in the past, so hopefully folk will get a chance to finish those as some the dialogue has been quite amusing.


  9. I was curious why they just added Bane and Gorilla Grodd that you can get with the rings, and not the Joker Gang, Braniac, Metallo or any of the Thugs


  10. Anyone else have the the game crash when trying to move the Bane statue?


    • Hi Vinny, I’ve just tried moving him few times in my game on both my iPad and IPhone, no crashing. Can anyone else try in their game and comment here for Vinny please?


    • Mine can be moved, but I cannot rotate him to “face right”, only left. The rotate button appears to work in “Deco Mode”, but when I return to “play mode”, Bane always faces left. (And Grood always faces the opposite way from the way I place him… Stubborn Ape! :-))


  11. I’m getting an error since last night and can’t even get in my game. I have messaged them in-game and have not heard back yet. I really would like the other Brian and Stewie statues as well as Bane and Gorilla Grodd.


    • What error are you getting? Have you access to another device to try logging in on that?


    • I got the “building in bad position” error a few times, before I tried the following, simply based on earlier reported glitches… As soon as I got into the game, I went in to “Deco Mode”, and, since johnnynarwhal mentioned “Arrows R Us” earlier, I moved it to a large open space. Then, since I had already seen the visual glitches with the Bane and Grood decorations, I put them into inventory. After returning to game mode, I did not get the error, and was able to play normally. I do still seem to have the “normal” splash screen at start up, though, as someone else also reported. Disclaimer: I did report the “building in bad position” error to TinyCo, so it is possible that they fixed my issue, and what I did may have done nothing. 🙂 But I will keep the items in inventory until after the game ends, just to be safe.


      • Thanks for the info.


      • Tried that. Moved to open space, backed out and quit the game, reopened the game and building was back in the old spot and error came up. Tried putting it in storage, error popped up. This morning I tried putting a lot of DC buildings in storage, didn’t work. So far nothing has worked and don’t think I’ll get the new Deco’s.


        • I had this error as well. Tried moving buildings or putting them in inventory, but nothing worked. I got desperated and nuked everything… Error is no more. So is my beautiful city. At least game doesnt crash, when my phone runs out of RAM.


        • Same for me! I have tried numerous things but it always ends with the error! I hope TC can fix it before the event end and I pray this error does not persist in the next event!


          • Hope so John.


          • Again, I’m not sure what exactly corrected this issue for me, but do you have the Grood and Bane decos, and did you try putting those in inventory?


            • I can’t buy anything and have it stay once the error comes!

              Everything resets as if I did not buy them! Everything resets including the amount of cash I have vacuumed! Once I get the error nothing I do gets saved!


            • No, I can’t get them. I try to move Arror R Us or put it in storage but get the error message and it’s back in the same spot. Been trying to play the game for two days now. Think I’ll miss the new decos.


              • What about storing Arrows R Us then putting something else in that spot, maybe stop it automatically returning there.


                • That won’t work because our games are not saving progress at all! Nothing you do counts so even if you manage to store a building and replace it everything you do does not get saved! I have even tried moving things and force close the game before the error but when I go back in it is exactly the way it was before with even the exact same amount of dollars above houses!

                  Our games are stuck in a loop!


                  • Think only TinyCo can sort this. Sorry, really wish could do more, especially with it being tail end of the event for you and others. Can you screenshot how close you were to unlocking things and your ring total, maybe then you can email TinyCo to see if they can put anything you missed in your game. It’s a long shot, but just can’t think anything else to help.


                    • Too late Tigger! I pulled the trigger and nuked!

                      I did get everything from the final day though!

                      No regrets! At least my game is fixed and the pics I took will help me rebuild!


                    • RussianTigger

                      Glad it worked, I know the nuclear option isn’t easy but sounds to me like it was worth it. Good to have more confirmation nuking solves the issue.


  12. Very happy with all the nice new decorations. Thanks Tinyco! I messaged them a few days ago about the timer on the Blunder twins and they popped them into my inventory, I unlocked Lex Luthor today, overall enjoyed this event very much.


  13. I am so happy they added the ring purchases! I have always collected the various Stewie and Brian statues, and have been disappointed that they have not made them available for several of the more recent events.


  14. I need like 80 CCS to get Lex. Doesn’t seem possible without clams. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need Lex!


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