New Event Teaser!

Ahoy there  Me Hearties

Just as we prepare to say Goodbye to Truth, Justice and the Quahog Way, TinyCo has teased us with a little glimpse of what’s coming next.

And Shiver Me Timbers if it isn’t a pirate event. So it looks like we’ll be taking to the High Seas on 1st September as Peter’s Booty Haul comes to our games.

Take a peek at the image below to get an idea of what’s hitting our games on the 1st September.


Booty Haul splash screen


26 responses to “New Event Teaser!

  1. Jennifer Skinner

    Holy Shiz!! I am so stoked about this event more so than any other. I have been playing this game literally from day one cuz I’m a sad sack obsessed with anything Seth MacFarlane especially Family Guy. And to top it off my husband is obsessed with anything and everything pirates which in turn has rubbed off on myself. Typical ball and chain b.s. right lol. With this event being a combination of the 2 awesomest things ever I am countin down the seconds to throw down on this bidness haha. I know they’ve already done a mini event with the same aspects towards the beginning of the games birth but it was short and sweet. So I am confident given this being a full on 30+ days event it will surpass SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOIS expectations. And as always you’re all extremely helpful through any and all rough patches so please keep up the good work guys.


  2. Update hit the iOS app store but no new quests have hit once I launched the game


  3. I already got Long John Peter, I hope that will be considered and not make me go through 15 quests to get the same character…


  4. I just went to my iPad app store and the downloaded the update but when i launched the game there were no quests just let


  5. You know what’d be cool? If they gave us sea squares to put some new ‘buildings’ (ships) on. Uses the land perimeter we already have and all. But I’m definitely excited for pirates.

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  6. What time is the event starting


  7. The next event should be family guy star war cus u are ready did star trak so the next one should be star war


  8. I like the sound of a pirate event! I just hope I can get further than I did in the superheroes event.

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  9. how about the pirates of penzance? or the pittsburgh pirates.


  10. wildthornberry88

    Can I just say thanks for being so on top of everything? Sorry I feel a bit useless atm lol. Hope I can help more with the pirate event. Looking forward to it!


    • Don’t sell yourself short….. you could only do what your game progress allowed, I was just lucky to have progressed on time.


      • wildthornberry88

        Hopefully the pirate event will be a bit kinder to me lol. Had to give up on captain cold and lex, ah well. I’m a marvel fan so I’ll survive 😛

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  11. I’m predicting that Jack Sparrow will be a premium character, but I would love to see some One Piece involved.


  12. Fat Guy Strangler

    Adrian Beaky! And the pirate from The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists, maybe?

    Since Peter’s pirate costume is one of the permanent ones you can get, might that be used in the event? Or will there be a new pirate costume you can get sooner, since the DC event added new superhero costumes and made the old ones mystery box drops?


  13. Arrgg… let’s go…!


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