Do I Want That? Yogi Fighter Brian

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?



Now hold on there a minute. Are you SURE you want that? With all these cool Kung Pow Quahog limited time event items in the game, it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, Clamshell Shock! All gone!

So before you go ahead and buy the Yogi Fighter Brian character costume with your hard earned Clams, here’s a few things you might want to know about him.

Character Costume: Yes
Clam Price: 270 Clam IconClams
Unique: Yes


  • A cracking new costume for Brian.
  • Can help clear/fight Nerds, Saumrai, Sensie & Kung Pow Chicken
  • Fully tasked with Questline.
  • 2 funny permanent animated tasks
  • Will make your progression through Phase 3 that bit easier
  • Attack power of 6
  • Health of 4


  • Frakkin 270 CLAMS!!!
  • It’s a costume, and Brian has quite a few already, but some aren’t as cool as this mind you
  • Won’t be useful after the Event

Although he has no drops remember that the main benefit to having him in your game is his ability to immediately help you clear/fight the foes that are in our games, he can fight ALL of them. These  battles are crucial not only to progress in Phase 3 but also to unlocking Billy Banks.

You’ll find a  quick reminder too of who else can help fight in your game HERE.

But for quickness, for Sensei the other fighters are Samurai Quahog and Billy Banks and for Kung Pow Chicken the other fighters are Dojo Peter, Johnny Lawrence and Billy Banks.

Final Thought:

Personally, I only buy a character costume if it’s something I really want in my game, I rarely buy just because it will help in an event. But I have to say this one tempted me as my premium purchase of Tai-Jitsu Lois really helped in Phase 2, however personally I’m going to pass and see how I go with the fighters I already have. But I have to say if you decide to buy him he will be a massive help in progressing through the phase as it will help in the two of the toughest areas of this Phase, inflicting damage on Sensei and Kung Pow Chicken. If you’re short on time, or like a hand up in events this is a very tempting just like Walking Joe in Phase One and Tai-Jitsu Lois in Phase Two. Although I’ve personally not pulled the trigger and bought this because I continue to think 270 clams is way too much for a costume, and I’ve already bought one, I have to say during this part of the event it will be of more use than most other premium costumes/characters have been during events in the past. We said we wanted premium characters/costumes to be more useful during events, looks like TinyCo has listened with this one again.

With it being part of a Limited Time Event, just make sure you make up your mind as once the event is over it is most likely they will be gone. In the end it’s your call.  What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.  But don’t purchase it until YOU are sure. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

~ Russian Tigger

12 responses to “Do I Want That? Yogi Fighter Brian

  1. I am pretty sure Brian is a him and not a she (ctrl+f for she 😉 )


  2. Been playing this quest freemium, just got to more in the dojo part 8. Thinking of getting the Brian skin is this a good idea or is it too late


    • I purchased Tai-Jitsu Lois and she made a big difference in Phase 2, so I’d imagine Yogi Brian would have a similar impact, but it’s all down to whether you want spend 270 clams


    • I’m freemium as well yet I’m only at More Mojo in the Dojo part 4. The only thing I purchased with clams is 1 Sensei Stevie mystery box. It didn’t really help that much. Now I have <300 clams left. Couldn't buy a premium skin if I wanted to.


  3. I have Giant Chicken in my game, and YES, Brian can fight him. (Brian, Peter, Johnny, and Billy.)


  4. Here is the chicken information:

    Kung Pow Chicken can be defeated by:
    Brian – AP 6/ CHC 25 and 4,
    Johnny Lawrence – 6 AP / 20 CHC and 8,
    Peter – AP 4/ CHC 20 and 8,
    Billy Banks AP 6/ CHC 20
    The Chicken – AP 20 and It takes 32 to defeat the chicken!


  5. Another costume……for 270 clams…… WHERE are the premium characters!? Im still trying to fill my resort to get evil monkey, and wont happen without characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The characters have all been unlock able this event, for freemium players that’s a positive with this event, but for premiums looking fill Tan Lines not so much.


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