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Kung Pow Quahog Character Profile: Johnny Lawrence

Konbanwa, Martial Artists!

Okay, here’s your first lesson – how to take a fall!

With this new Kung Pow Quahog event, we also get some New Characters. Characters like Johnny Lawrence!


Let’s take a look at what Johnny Lawrence can do in our silly lil games.

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Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Mr Miyagi

Hey there Addicts!!

With Phase 2 of the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing there’s a new Baddie in town and in this post I’m going to talk about Fighting Mr Miyagi. 

In this post I will go over the Basics of defeating Mr Miyagi, you need to do this in order to unlock Johnny Lawrence and to progress in the main Questline Pt 8, but don’t be daunted by the thought of having to defeat him, as it’s very similar to defeating Mr. Washee Washee in Phase 1. Also please be aware you can defeat Mr Miyagi before you reach Pt. 8 of the Questline and it will automatically check off once you get to it, so you can start attacking whenever you’re ready. Continue reading

Kung Pow Quahog Character Profile: Samurai Quagmire

Konnichiwa Addicts!

Samurai dai suki desu… Jyā ne!

With this new Kung Pow Quahog event, we also get some new Character’s Costumes. Like Samurai Quagmire!

Samurai Quagmire

Let’s take a look at what Samurai Quagmire can do in our silly lil games.

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Kung Pow Quahog Premium Character Profile: Ninja Stewie

Who is Ninja? Stewie is Ninja!!!

With this new Kung Pow Quahog event, we are getting some great new Character Costumes. and here’s one I’d karate chop through a hundred mystery boxes to get in my game if I could, Stewie in his Ninja Stewie guise.

Let’s take a look at what Ninja Stewie can do in our silly lil games.

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Kung Pow Quahog Weekly Challenges – Week 2 – You’re Still The Best Around

Let’s get ready to rumble as here it is the second of this events Weekly Challenges!  But wait a minute, breathe, yes, just breathe and let the zen calm you before you step into the weekly challenge arena. Ok, let’s go.


Now in the last couple of events TinyCo seemed to be making these challenges just an eensy weensy teensy bit easier and we were seeing a flourish of happy comments, then they upped the stakes again and they got a little harder, so it’s hard to predict what we will get in this events set of challenges.

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Kung Pow Quahog Premium Character Profile: Tai-Jitsu Lois

Hey Addicts! You wanna learn Tai-Jitsu or do you wanna just kill Bill? 

Well with Lois’ fantastic new  Premium Character Costumes Tai-Jitsu Lois, you can quite literally do both. Want to know more about our bride of the blade then read on, if you think you’re tough enough that is.

So let’s take a look at what Tai-Jitsu Lois can do in our silly lil games.

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Kung Pow Quahog Main Questline: More Mojo in the Dojo

Everybody Meditate Now!! Ummmmm…..

Okay, now you’re relaxed lets talk some more about the latest Phase that has dropped into our silly li’l Quahog’s. Bringing with it some Kung Pow moves….

With the New Phase comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will direct us along the Event. For Kung Pow Quahog, the Main Questline is More Mojo in the Dojo

Let’s take a look at the Phase 2 Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading

Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

Hello There Addicts Asylum Patients!

Having a fun day? Lots of stuff on your mind? Just want to ramble on about anything and everything? WELL TOO BAD!!!

Addicts Asylum Patient Zero

Errr, I mean… Here is the place where you can do it. Have something cool you want to share with your fellow readers/Addicts? Have something on your mind that you just want to get off it? Have a million dollars? Having a mental breakdown like me? Lol.

This post is for open conversation. Pretty much anything and everything goes (as long as it still follows the Addicts Site Guidelines). Feel free to chat it up all you want.

If you are not sure of what to talk about, here are a few subjects to get you started.

What are you up to today? I’m going to chill out with my family, if I’m lucky they might feed and water me before sending me home, lol.

Do anything to celebrate Chinese New Year? TinyCo did, they dropped a dragon into all our Quahog’s.


Remember this post is for FUN!! If you wanna gripe or complain or rant or …well, be mad about something…take it to our WHAT THE DEUCE posts and get it out your system there. 🙂

There you go. Get your typing fingers fired up and yap yap yap away.

What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers!

Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Hey there Addicts!

Looks like TinyCo dropped a little Chinese New Year surprise into our Quahog’s. This magnificent Golden Dragon.

Tapping on the dragon will bring up the following message. What does it all mean? Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now it will just hover above your sidewalks looking fantastic.


Feel free to speculate in the comments on what you think the Golden Dragon may eventually do in the Kung Pow event. Me I’m wondering could  he be the events Big Boss?  Looking forward to hearing what others think.

~ Russian Tigger