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Best Of 2016 Main Questline: The Best and the Rest of 2016

I want some Cotton Candy, that is all.

The New Best of 2016 Event is in our games and with it some previous Event Characters, Buildings, and crazy?

With the New Event comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will direct us along til the next Phase of the Event. For Phase 1, the Main Questline is The Best and the Rest of 2016


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Where the Hell….? Negatron

Robots transforming, all around us, Negatron’s moaning, not having fun, ’tis the season of bots and….., oh sorry there I go again, mind wandering off in any old direction. A bit like Negatron and his negative nelly thinking. Why do I keep going back to Negatron, well apart from the fact thats he’s too negative, he’s only gone and appeared in Quahog as part of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

Now all my fellow gaming geeks probably recognise Negatron is a parody of a very well known Decepticon but just where have we seen him in Family Guy before? Well he was actually created just for the show and has made one appearance to date, in a very, very  funny cutaway.

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