Where the Hell….? Negatron

Robots transforming, all around us, Negatron’s moaning, not having fun, ’tis the season of bots and….., oh sorry there I go again, mind wandering off in any old direction. A bit like Negatron and his negative nelly thinking. Why do I keep going back to Negatron, well apart from the fact thats he’s too negative, he’s only gone and appeared in Quahog as part of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

Now all my fellow gaming geeks probably recognise Negatron is a parody of a very well known Decepticon but just where have we seen him in Family Guy before? Well he was actually created just for the show and has made one appearance to date, in a very, very  funny cutaway.

So join me on a journey as we stroll through his appearance in Family Guy.

Tiegs for Two – Season 9, Episode 14

Brain, our dear, dear Brian has had his heart broken yet again, as his latest crush Denise has given him the not only the cold shoulder but the brush off to boot.  What’s a hound dog to do, well he gets drunk and find himself crying all the time. Looking for sympathy and understanding he decides to bare his soul revealing to Peter he fears he will die old and alone.

Poor, dear, dear Brian you say. Well yes, you may, but Peter certainly doesn’t show his pal any puppy love, instead telling him he needs to drop his negative attitude, as he tells Brian “you’re as bad as Negatron”.  And this of course leads us to the mighty robot himself in a fun Transformers cutaway.


The Decepticons are holding a counsel of war and the mighty Megatron is telling his team they are going to defeat the Autobots on,y for Negatron to continually interrupt with negative and defeatists comments. Megatron tires of this and ridicules Negatron due to the fact he transforms into a canoe.


Negatron retorts by tellin Megatron “when there’s a battle on a gently moving river, you’ll need me”. He then transforms in front of our eyes. Believe me it really is a very funny scene.

Do you remember this episode? Or have you never seen it? Do you now plan to watch It? And do you know why Transformers fan got so excited about this cutaway?

~ Russian Tigger

2 responses to “Where the Hell….? Negatron

  1. no . not gonna work . autobots always win . you think optimus prime is gonna be dead but then he’s not dead hahaha


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