Daily Archives: January 17, 2017

Road to Bollywood Event Ending Soon

Hey there fellows addicts!

I just want to remind everyone that the end is nigh, as TinyCo will soon be calling time on our little road trip to India.

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Road to Bollywood Character Profile: Ganesha

Namaste, Addicts!!

There’s a new god joining the many deities of our Quahogs, and this time it’s the Hindu god of wisdom and learning, and the Remover of Obstacles. See, whoever said gaming wasn’t educational?!

With this new Road to Bollywood event, we also get some new Characters. Like Ganesha!


Let’s take a look at what Ganesha can do in our silly lil games.
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Road to Bollywood Premium Character Questline – Tiger Brian

Hey kitty, kitty!!!

Look out addicts as there’s a big cat on the loose in Quahog, and this one probably didn’t complete tiger training despite having loads of stripes. Yes, it’s Tiger Brian and he’s only gone and brought his own Questline.

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