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Quahog’s Not So Silent Night – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to my first event review of 2017, where today I’m going to be talking, ok, crying into a giant tissue due to a dose of the holiday blues brought on by pixel pills, triangles, care packages and more. Or to put it simply the event that just was, Quahog’s Not So Silent Night. After 5 weeks of arcade madness it’s all over but for the poll, and hey I know we all uttered Game Over, over and over during this event. Nothing was handed to us as a gift in this, it was one tough event and I’m not sure many of us will be saying victory was ours this time!!!

Still on a high from the well executed Oz event, I must admit I skipped into this event with very high hopes. Retro Arcade characters are back in fashion thanks to movies such as Wreck-It-Ralph and Pixels, and I felt it was only a matter of time before FGQFS did an event featuring them, as so many of the Arcade characters had featured or been parodied on the TV Show.

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The Best of 2016 101: Dart Game/Balloon Pop Booth

Hey there Carnival Geeks!

It’s time to pop all those holiday balloons so grab yourself some darts and let’s get to it.

With the Best of 2016 mini event just launching and options to earn Materials for the Event… I wanted to go over one of the new elements added to the game, Dart Game – Balloon Pop!

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