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Best Of 2016 Mini Event is Live!

Update 1/7 – There is an update in your App Store for Android users – Version 1.35.1 – should sort the “Error: basic_string::_S_create” error many of you were experiencing!!! Let us know if it doesn’t.

Hey there…. ummm… whatevers? Lol (I am out of it and still in bed medicated. You’re all puffy clouds to me right now.)

It is that time of year when TinyCo reintroduces us to some of the most favorite Characters offered throughout the previous years Events. Yup, BEST OF TIME!!! 



Bonnie CheerleaderGiant Chicken

Let’s hop in in and see what this Best Of brought to our games for us to pick n choose from.  Continue reading

Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Character Questlines – Onesie Mayor West

Hey there Onesie wearers!!

It looks like our Mayor is as tired as the rest of us as he’s put on his Onesie in order to have a little rest and relaxation. Yes Onesie Mayor West has decreed we all chill out,or was that just wishful thinking on my behalf.

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Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Premium Character Questline: Negatron

Hey there all you robots in disguise!!!

Crash, Bang, Wallop and Voila you’ve got yourself a canoe as Negatron has brought his depressing hulk of nuts and bolts to town.

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Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Premium Character Questline: Toy Car Joe

Hey there all you guys & gals in blue!!!

In a burst of flashing lights Joe has driven into Quahog in his new character costume Toy Car Joe.

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