Best Of 2016 Mini Event is Live!

Update 1/7 – There is an update in your App Store for Android users – Version 1.35.1 – should sort the “Error: basic_string::_S_create” error many of you were experiencing!!! Let us know if it doesn’t.

Hey there…. ummm… whatevers? Lol (I am out of it and still in bed medicated. You’re all puffy clouds to me right now.)

It is that time of year when TinyCo reintroduces us to some of the most favorite Characters offered throughout the previous years Events. Yup, BEST OF TIME!!! 



Bonnie CheerleaderGiant Chicken

Let’s hop in in and see what this Best Of brought to our games for us to pick n choose from. 


There is a known issue on Android they are currently working on…

“Error: basic_string::_S_create”

I will let you know if I can when it is resolved. Just know they are aware and trying to correct as fast as possible.



You will have to update your game to the 1.35.0 Version in the App Markets. (It was in Google and iOS when I checked. Unable to verify others.)

I have the Characters, so this one I will be flying blind in a way. I will pull what I can from my other test games and get as much details from them as I can. Feel free to let me know if you see something we missed.

You WILL be required to spend Clams on the majority of the items. What you spend though is, as always, YOUR choice to do so. Think it over well.



Here are the items inside you have a Chance at for 150 Clams a try.

Hercules (drops Giant Chicken Tokens)
Cowboy Astronaut Millionaire Peter (drops Jim Kaplan Tokens)
Minstrel Bruce (drops Jim Kaplan Tokens)
Fairy Godmayer West (drops Giant Chicken Tokens)
Centaur Joe (drops R. R. Stewie Tokens)
Dino Chris (drops Darts)
Cheerleader Bonnie (drops Ollie Williams Tokens)
Fat Brian  (drops R. R. Stewie Tokens)
Neil Goldman (drops Building Tokens)


****Still updating… more coming***


Here is what will be required to unlock Jim Kaplan…

You will first need to place Jim’s Volcano Insurance Agency for $1000, once you do you can start to unlock Jim Kaplan.

20 Kaplan Tokens: 45 Clams Each OR Carnival Pack OR Cowboy Astronaut Millionaire Peter Reminisce About 2016 OR Minstrel Bruce Reminisce About 2016
Have Giant Chicken Chicken Fight: 4hr Task (Or pay Clams to bypass Task)
Have Little Red Riding Hood Stewie Pack for a Picnic: 4hr Task (Or pay Clams to bypass Task)
Have Ollie Williams Scare Birds: 4hr Task (Or pay Clams to bypass Task)



Giant Chicken

Here is what will be required to unlock Giant Chicken…

You will first need to place the Giant Chicken Pollo Restaurant for $750, then you will see requirements

20 Giant Chicken Tokens: 40 Clam Buy OR Carnival Pack OR Hercules Reminisce About 2016 OR Fairy Godmayor West Reminisce About 2016




Here is what will be required to unlock Ollie Williams…

You will first need to place the Water Bay for $500, then you will see requirements

15 Ollie Tokens:  40 Clam Buy OR Carnival Pack OR Cheerleader Bonnie Reminisce About 2016 



Little Red Riding Hood Stewie

Here is what will be required to unlock Little Red Riding Hood Stewie…

You will first need to place the Happily Ever After Rainbow for $250, then you will see requirements

20 R. R. Stewie Tokens: 40 Clam Buy OR Carnival Pack OR Joe Reminisce About 2016 OR Centaur Joe Reminisce About 2016 OR Fat Brian Reminisce About 2016



To be able play the Dart game, you will need to buy the Balloon Pop Game fro $250 from the Shopping Cart. Once placed, tapping on it will open the Dart Game.

You will need Darts to play the Dart Game. (Shortcut to see who drops Darts is by clicking the Best of 2016 Icon in lower right corner). It is an Aim & Shoot Game. You move your target circle around the screen to different color Balloons until the circle turns Green. Then “THROW!” a Dart. Yes, you can hit more than one Balloon with One Dart. (Most I got so far playing around is 4 at a time.)

Darts: Jerome Play Darts OR Bonnie Play Darts OR Chris Play Carnival Games OR Lois Play Carnival Games OR Clam Purchase OR Questlines

Chance Payout:
+1 Ticket per Balloon (per my game)



This is an item you can open by using Tickets you collect. You will find it in the Shopping Cart Menu

Tickets: Dart Game

Chance of 3 Random Items from list… 
Jim Kaplan Token
Giant Chicken Token
Ollie Williams Token
Little Red Riding Hood Token
Building Token



These can be used as “currency” to purchase items from the Shopping Cart.

Building Tokens: Carnival Pack OR Neil Goldman Reminisce About 2016

Items you can Buy with Building Tokens:

Jumbotron: 1 Building Token

Prince Charming’s Castle: 5 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

Mount Olympus: 10 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

Argo Ship: 6 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

Magic Candy Utopia: 3 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

Mauisaurus Water Show: 7 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

McBurgertown in Space: 2 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

The Lost City: 6 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

Poison Plant Nursery: 4 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

The Jolly Roger: 9 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

Charming Cove: 8 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs

Neverland: 10 Building Tokens, $180 &  120xp every 24hrs



Again, these are in MY main test game… still verifying if anymore. Let me know if you notice items not listed here or in the Tokens/Sections above.

Jim’s Volcana Insurance Agency w/Jim Kaplan: $1000, $10 & 10xp every 4hrs

Giant Chicken’s Pollo Restaurant w/Giant Chicken: $750

Water Bay w/Ollie: $500

Happily Ever After Rainbow w/ R R Stewie: $250


Balloon Pop Game: $250, this will trigger the Dart Game



Small Dart Box (6): 80 Clams

Medium Dart Box (12): 152 Clams

Large Dart Box (24): 286 Clams


There you have an overall look at the Best Of 2016 Mini Event.

Any items look interesting to you? Any Characters brought back YOU want? Tried you luck on the Mystery Box yet? If so, results? Let us know.


178 responses to “Best Of 2016 Mini Event is Live!

  1. I just signed into my game to find that Mother Maggie was waiting to be collected, not only her but Penelope as well. Unlocking the pair made the Farmed Out task reappear.
    I had read numerous comments saying about Billy Finn, so I had a look amongst my old buildings and he was there. Nice when something works in our favour, rather than against


  2. I’ve now purchased all the buildings. Some oddities here compared to the originals, such as Mount Olympus previously a decoration, now being a building instead, but even stranger the new Charming Cove is land only instead of sea only! lol


  3. did anyone randomly get a character? i just opened my app to see my darts and i got a little pop up and it was PENELOPE unlocked. so random??? anyone else?


  4. Only had one to collect for, and all went smooth until I got to 17/20 tokens. After that, four packages have only been giving building tokens. If that continues, I won’t get Jim Kaplan.


  5. Do you think there will be a challenge dropping later today? I’m wondering if I should stockpile my darts…


    • My gut says probably not, but my brain says you never know with TinyCo. Sorry can’t give a definite yes or no.


    • No challenge but a 2nd Clam Mystery Box is in the game now.


      • Hmm. At this point if I was inclined to spend clams I would use them on a token or two if I get close enough to giant chicken or rr stewie not some random character/costume. Thanks for the info!


  6. my game locked up after I did the darts how do I fix this I’ve tried to delete the game and reinstall and even updated my phone still the same problem


  7. I have RR Stewie, Ollie, and Giant Chicken, just working on Kaplan. Just opened my 7th carnival pack and so far have only got one Kaplan token and 20 building tokens. That is a ridiculous drop rate considering the only other way I can get tokens is minstrel Bruce and that’s 24 hours. Is anyone else finding the drop rate brutal?


    • I thought I had it bad. I have eight Kaplan tokens (I have the rest of the characters) in 18 tries (46 building tokens). One out of seven is way worse. Regardless, no chance of completing this by Wednesday which just makes no sense. Why even put it out there as an event when it is designed to not be collectable?


  8. The main issue with this event, intentional issue, is that it is supposed to help us get missing characters. However, the more missing characters you have, the lower the odds of getting one. Not having any of the characters means that the only free way to get one is with the dart game, and then all tokens won are split among all characters. It would have been better to have a blank token that could be used on any character.

    Other than that, it is a simple event that helps get missed characters and finally gives us a break to finish questlines.


    • I agree I think there should have just have been one token, a Best of a Token, then you could decide who you wanted to unlock with those tokens up to the amount you had picked up during the event. Think that would eased a lot of the concern for players who are trying get tokens for multiple characters.


  9. 2 more packs opened and 6 more building tokens, that’s 14/15 and I need chicken and Kaplan… so that’s just unreal really…
    what’s the point?


  10. I can finally get in! Yay.

    Any chance you can sweet talk the game people to giving affected android users like 10 free darts? That would essentially offset the time most of us lost. I’m not hopeful but it would be fair…


  11. So this quEstion is probably a bit early in He event but if I get all the Ollie tokens I need will the tokens stop dropping hopefully increasing the tokens received for the other characters?


  12. Finally there was an update for Android today, only to crash constantly.
    I rebooted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the game, now it’s little a better but still crashes a lot (like I can play for a minute maybe lol).


  13. Couldn’t get in still on my android tablet, so I decided to reinstall. Said I was attached to facebook, but started up at the beginning instead of my level in the 60’s. Eek! ??? Now I can’t get in again. Report sent to Tiny Co.


  14. yesterday all 4 of my characters dropped darts consistently, now suddenly I only get 1 dart out of 4, what the heck is going on? and yeah, only 2 kaplan tokens to all the rest building tokens,which I have all of them, so yet another aggravating event… mini tho it is, I am not mini aggravated!


  15. I have Giant Chicken quests, but I got him last year. Is this a bug? These are beyond what you need for Kaplan.


  16. Still nothing on the s string error? There seriously hasn’t been any kind of indication whether or when they will fix it?? There’s only 5 days left… why bother at this point. I hope they react faster when refunding clams that were purchased.


  17. The drops for the tokens are as usual disproportionate…. 5 building tokens to 1 character token… previous batch was 3 to 0….. this should be a relaxing slow down… quiet before the storm of the next event!!!! This is really getting tedious.
    Please tell me I am not alone?


  18. Haven’t heard much from Facebook players, which I am, but in case any of those players are like me and haven’t had the mini-event drop, I just heard back from them. This is the message I sent and what they replied:

    January 06, 2017, 00:48 +0000
    The new mini-event has not dropped for me, yet. With only a week to complete, and what I assume will be TinyCo’s usual terrible drop rate, I need all the time I can get. Please help. Thank you.

    January 06, 2017, 18:16 +0000
    Hi there! We apologize for the slowness of the update for our Facebook users. As of yet we haven’t rolled it out, but rest assured this is because we want to make sure it is working properly first! We’ll have you playing in Quahog soon!


  19. Any word on when a fix is coming. The event ends in 5 days & I have yet to get into the game


  20. So…. about that error fix? 😛

    No updates eh?


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