Happy Chinese New Year

Hey there Addicts!

Looks like TinyCo dropped a little Chinese New Year surprise into our Quahog’s. This magnificent Golden Dragon.

Tapping on the dragon will bring up the following message. What does it all mean? Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now it will just hover above your sidewalks looking fantastic.


Feel free to speculate in the comments on what you think the Golden Dragon may eventually do in the Kung Pow event. Me I’m wondering could  he be the events Big Boss?  Looking forward to hearing what others think.

~ Russian Tigger


30 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year

  1. They could scatter out 7 star balls around the town, but in order to collect them have the event characters use a star ball scanner like in the programme to collect the star balls.
    This sounds like it could work to a ‘T’. Then its wish made.


  2. It looks like the dragon from dragonball z, except its yellow instead of green… in this they had to collect 7 star balls to summon it to make a wish, maybe it will make it a event were you collect 7 items to make a wish and unlock characters from past events or items from another mystery box.


  3. I am having problems with this game. I don’t get any clams :(.

    Hubby can watch adds but I can’t why?


  4. We know Billy Blanks is coming as a character per the app update blurb. Personally, if we don’t get Dalton from Road House added to the game during this event I’ll be disappointed.


  5. Since it’s the year of the Rooster…. And the dragon is yellow and not green or red….. Might have something to do with the Giant Chicken…


  6. I just hope the yellow dragon doesnt “capture” and make some of our characters useless like some past events have with tornados, etc.

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  7. It could be martial arts expert Bruce Lee, hence Enter The Dragon. And Bruce did wear a yellow outfit too.


  8. Yes, it does look like it could be a boss to battle. There is usually always a boss in these longer events. These bosses can dragon sometimes as well. Something tells me that it could take a few days and knights to defeat it.


  9. This new character looks. Awesome.


  10. My guess it’s another boss with a multiplier up to 5x we have to collect 3 different items for and then either fight or offer to the dragon, kind of like with Ganesha.


  11. Prolly a boss with chance of it’s char like the Joker or Lex Luthor 🙂


  12. I’ve got to agree – have to think we will need to fight the big mighty dragon – how many bandanas will it cost to kept it? I hope it’s maneagable.


  13. Maybe it’s a parody of Shenron from Dragon Ball and it will grant us a wish.


  14. I am thinking a rocket target. Either a three variety escalation (1, then 2, then 4 etc) or maybe a wandering target that needs to be hit numerous times before it is taken down (similar to the ranged targeting).


  15. My source tells me that’s it’s going to be a new character in Week Three.


  16. Well, it is the year of the rooster, Maybe something with the evil chicken?


  17. Year of the rooster…. maybe the giant chicken will be involved somehow?

    BTW, thanks a lot for all the work you all do keeping us updated on this wacky little game.


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