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Best Of 2017 Week 2 is here….. and Vladimir Putin is NOT timed!!!

They say what happened in 2017 should stay buried in the past, but not when it comes to Quahog…. Yup history is repeating itself  as a host of characters and costumes make their comeback in the second part of the latest event to hit our games, Best of 2017.

Yes, the festive frolics of Christmas are but a distant memory and it’s time to pick up a few returning bargains. I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then here’s a list of returning characters to let you decide if you want to hang around in Week 1 a little longer or progress to Week 2. And remember if you want to hang around in Week 1 DON’T complete Pt 7 of the Questline Ghosts of 2017s Past.  So here’s the returning characters and costumes, please note this doesn’t include characters/costumes returning in the week 2 mystery box.

Dojo Peter
Ninja Stewie
Tai-Jitsu Lois
Samurai Quagmire
Golden Dragon
Sumo Chris
Yogi Fighter Brian
Kung Fu Herbert
Walking Joe

As well as there’s a new character to unlock, Vladimir Putin. With less than a week to go I the event here’s obviously no timer on him.

Also worth noting is there’s a new event currency AK-47s. But you can also still collect Red Stars from clearing Russian Spy Bots.

Hope this helps you decide whether to progress or not. And more information is comin in yhe live post.

~ Russian Tigger

Kung Pow Quahog – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the poll results many of you were keen to see.

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Kung Pow Quahog Phase 4 is LIVE **UPDATED**

It’s the Eye of the Tiger… errr… Dragon??

Phase 4 is now in our silly lil games. How many more “bad” Karate movies can be tossed into the mix? How many more cliche catchphrases? How many more planks of wood? (Giggity)


Let’s dive into Phase 4

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Kung Pow Quahog Character Questline – Golden Dragon

Hey there Dragon Slayers!!!

Look out there’s a dragon winging its way into Quahog, and it’s not any old dragon but the coveted Golden Dragon, a brand new character that will have you laughing as you watch it tie itself in knots.

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Kung Pow Quahog Character Profile: Golden Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year, Addicts!!

Ok so I’m a lil late, shhh… but look! Quahog has got its very own Chinese dragon ready to welcome in the Year of the Rooster and we have the opportunity to persuade him to stay!

With this new Kung Pow Quahog event, we also get some new Characters. Like Golden Dragon!


Let’s take a look at what Golden Dragon can do in our silly lil games.
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Kung Pow Quahog 101: Boss Battle – Golden Dragon

Hey there Dragon trainers!

With Phase 3 of the Kung Pow Quahog event underway, you might feel there’s something breathing fire down your necks. And you would be right, as there’s a new Boss  to battle as the Golden Dragon has descended upon us, and I’m here to help you appease him.

The arrival of this new Boss isn’t a surprise as it was hinted at during Chinese New Year, but he’s going to be tough to appease at the higher levels as you need a variety of resources to give as offerings. But appeasing him at 1X – 3X should be achievable quite quickly freemium. I’ve already managed this and don’t yet have all the buildings that drop offerings, so that’s a positive, but on the downside if you want to appease at anything above this well you’re going to need to delay attacking while you build resources, unlock  Billy Banks or have all the drop buildings.

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Kung Pow Quahog – Characters & Buildings That Drop Stuff Phase 3

Hey there Hong Kong Phooeys!!!

With Phase 3 of the Kung Pow Quahog now live in our games, many characters and buildings having tasks to help us earn even more stuff, so keep reading to learn what’s dropping this week.


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Kung Pow Quahog Phase 3 is LIVE **UPDATED**


Phase 3 is now in our silly lil games. What more Kung Phoey Madness can arrive? Let’s bounce on in and see what all TinyCo has tempted us with this round.


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Happy Chinese New Year

Hey there Addicts!

Looks like TinyCo dropped a little Chinese New Year surprise into our Quahog’s. This magnificent Golden Dragon.

Tapping on the dragon will bring up the following message. What does it all mean? Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now it will just hover above your sidewalks looking fantastic.


Feel free to speculate in the comments on what you think the Golden Dragon may eventually do in the Kung Pow event. Me I’m wondering could  he be the events Big Boss?  Looking forward to hearing what others think.

~ Russian Tigger