Best Of 2017 Week 2 is here….. and Vladimir Putin is NOT timed!!!

They say what happened in 2017 should stay buried in the past, but not when it comes to Quahog…. Yup history is repeating itself  as a host of characters and costumes make their comeback in the second part of the latest event to hit our games, Best of 2017.

Yes, the festive frolics of Christmas are but a distant memory and it’s time to pick up a few returning bargains. I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then here’s a list of returning characters to let you decide if you want to hang around in Week 1 a little longer or progress to Week 2. And remember if you want to hang around in Week 1 DON’T complete Pt 7 of the Questline Ghosts of 2017s Past.  So here’s the returning characters and costumes, please note this doesn’t include characters/costumes returning in the week 2 mystery box.

Dojo Peter
Ninja Stewie
Tai-Jitsu Lois
Samurai Quagmire
Golden Dragon
Sumo Chris
Yogi Fighter Brian
Kung Fu Herbert
Walking Joe

As well as there’s a new character to unlock, Vladimir Putin. With less than a week to go I the event here’s obviously no timer on him.

Also worth noting is there’s a new event currency AK-47s. But you can also still collect Red Stars from clearing Russian Spy Bots.

Hope this helps you decide whether to progress or not. And more information is comin in yhe live post.

~ Russian Tigger


40 responses to “Best Of 2017 Week 2 is here….. and Vladimir Putin is NOT timed!!!

  1. I’m working on mrs giant hicken and have about 95 of the 210 stars to get her (and nowhere near enough hammers to get the egg place yet). Should I spend 75 on a character with a shorter task time or just keep saving?


    • Depends how quickly you want to reach Week 2 and try get any that content. Getting another character will net you more salmon but put you further back on Mrs Gisnt Chicken


  2. I got excited when it looked like Kung Pow Quahog was the event from which they were pulling. I had Daniel and Johnny and Mr. Miyagi all ready to go. Alas, none of them were chosen for tasks. At least I fought hard to get the Golden Dragon and he is helping. The first week was fun because of the returning characters that were involved. This one not as much because my hard work during the Kung Pow event isn’t as valued.


  3. I have enough guns to get her, but not sabres. How do I collect sabres? 😜 Yes, I completed week 1 questline. Probably shouldn’t have. 😂


  4. Every time I clear a spy bot it shows progress towards kill bill lois, but I dont see an option for her in al harringtons and when i click on her it takes me there but only has chris, herbert, and stewie’s kung fu costumes. I confirmed that I dont have her unlocked already, anyone else having this issue? I plan on getting Chris and Herbert first since they are tier 1, but im hoping to get all eventually.


  5. I looked at in game faq re Louis on how to collect her swords and it states Jerome and Louis collects them but its not showing on their actions any ideas I’ve checked previous buildings but nothing


  6. Anyone else having difficulties in getting Tai Jitsu Lois? She appears in the store but when I click the create it takes me to Al Harrington’s and she isn’t there?


  7. Do you get a bigger reward if you fight a Russian Spy Bot with Mrs Giant Chicken AND Ninja Stewie instead of only with Mrs Giant Chicken? (i do not have Ninja Stewie at the moment)


  8. The store shows Tai-Jitsu Lois to create, pretty sure I had already unlocked that skin, but when I click on it it takes me to Al Harrington’s with no Tier 2 Lois. Not showing either when I look through her outfits.


  9. Was able to clear week 1. Did poorly during Kung Pow Week, so I don’t have much to work with. (I think that was the 1st event I ever played. Seemed pretty tough.) Will pick up whatever I can, I guess, 🙂


  10. I’m confused. I was 1 star away from getting Lois and now I have to collect guns and sabres ?


  11. No way to collect sickles even thought 2nd week needs it


  12. ugh, I don’t want stinking putin, this is as bad as the Darth Cheetos event as I didn’t want the name we shall not speak .


  13. Week 2 diff from what I expected as there is a very heavy reliance on those with costumes instead of new characters. I had most of the new characters but none of the costumes under Tier 3. Even my beloved Golden Dragon is only in Tier 2. Will be very tough to complete Week 2 I reckon.


  14. Well the FAQ said the part 1 mystery box would be around till Jan 17th so I didn’t rush to open it. Of course it vanished tonight right when I would have gotten enough stars to open it.


  15. I’m still in Week 1, and about nowhere in the quest, to be honest (part five), but I’ve noticed some new stuff !

    – I just got Billy Blanks for free (I didn’t get him in Kung Pow Quahog).
    – there’s a couple of new tasks, for Herbert to get AK47s, and Samurai Quagmire to get CDs.


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