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App Version 1.61.1 hitting App stores now….

Hey there Masters, and Mistresses, of the Universe!!!

An update is starting to hit the App Markets, so make sure you journey on over to your App Store and download App version 1.61.1 when it becomes available. I’m currently seeing it on IOS.

Downloading the latest update will ensure you’re ready to play the new event which appears to be based around iconic 80’s cartoons, including He-Man, She-Ra and more. And just look at Stewie!!! Yes, Peter and the Masters of the Universe is on its way and I’ll let you know when it launches. But it HASN’T launched yet, this update is just to prepare your game for when it does. TinyCo still need to push the event live at their side, so be patient.

Now as I said it’s not live yet and there’s no word on an exact time when the event will go live, just keep checking your game. And whilst you waiting check out the Best In Beau end of event poll HERE.

What do you think of the new event theme? See a few characters or costumes in the new splash screen you fancy?

~ Russian Tigger

Best In Beau – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to this fur raising story, where today I’m going to be talking about the event that just was, Best In Beau. After a quick week of trying not to stray it’s all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out if this event saw your tail wagging or teeth showing.

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Warning!!! The End Is Coming…. Best In Beau

Worry not Clammers!!!

It’s not the end of days. Nor is it the end of the world. It’s only the end of the Best In Beau event, and as much as you’re probably thinking “I need more time”, I’m afraid to say it’s running out.

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