App Version 1.61.1 hitting App stores now….

Hey there Masters, and Mistresses, of the Universe!!!

An update is starting to hit the App Markets, so make sure you journey on over to your App Store and download App version 1.61.1 when it becomes available. I’m currently seeing it on IOS.

Downloading the latest update will ensure you’re ready to play the new event which appears to be based around iconic 80’s cartoons, including He-Man, She-Ra and more. And just look at Stewie!!! Yes, Peter and the Masters of the Universe is on its way and I’ll let you know when it launches. But it HASN’T launched yet, this update is just to prepare your game for when it does. TinyCo still need to push the event live at their side, so be patient.

Now as I said it’s not live yet and there’s no word on an exact time when the event will go live, just keep checking your game. And whilst you waiting check out the Best In Beau end of event poll HERE.

What do you think of the new event theme? See a few characters or costumes in the new splash screen you fancy?

~ Russian Tigger


19 responses to “App Version 1.61.1 hitting App stores now….

  1. Just checked Amazon for the Kindle update, nothing yet.
    Although, I am seeing some of the decorations and buildings. Funny, click on GO, of course nothing happens.
    The last time I was in, the cover page has changed to the new event.
    Should be seeing the event soon! Hopefully.


  2. Is She-Ra timed?


  3. My game update was available at 7:30 pm Pacific Time. The new event started at 9:00 PM Pacific time.It took 6 minutes to load. The game ends on Feb 21, 2018. I have 27 days 17 hours to complete the game. Jan 25 to Feb 21 is 28 days. As usual, TinyCO has already cheated me out of 7 hours of game play, due to the way that they push the game. Anyone else want to comment? That all depends if my comments are available for others to see. So far my comments have been censored.


    • Comments are moderated, that’s how the original Addicts set things up. But in fairness to TinyCo, at no point did TinyCo say this event would start at 3PM Pacific, that was only when previous event ended.


    • Your complaining about being cheated out of a few perceived hours??? Kindle and Facebook users are lucky only lose a few days. Two events didn’t update in my Kindle for a week!
      Every time I see an update on my load screen and links to Google Play, I know I’m in trouble!


  4. i keep getting a connection lost every time i go to play it for 5 minutes. it started right when i reloaded the game to start the event. has anyone else got this? i tried to let tinyco know but i cant because of the lost connection popup


  5. It’s live. Does anyone know if She-Ra is timed?


  6. I have several new decorations and buildings listed for sale, but they do nothing when I click on them. (Facebook)


  7. It’s live on Android!!


  8. Nothing showing up for me in iOS…


  9. Once again, it appears, those of us on the Kindle Fire will have to wait for this update.

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    • If you have a PC you can install an Android emulator like BlueStacks and start playing immediately. Just so long as you’ve signed in to an account on your Kindle (and you’d be crazy not to) then you can sign in with the same one on the Android emulator (in Family Guy, not Android itself) and your progress with sync between them. But you would need to wait for the Kindle update to come out before you try to play on there again i.e. only play on Android until it’s updated.


    • I have a Kindle, but I use an APK of the Android version so I can play sooner. ClamTV works better too.


  10. They should have let the last quest go until the new update went live. But they did not. Yet there are still old questlines clogging up the menu. Sweet. Gonna play passively (read- not spend any real money) going forward till the next Christmas event. I just unlocked the Lazarus portal which should keep me playing passively till December! And clam digging. Clams. Yum.


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