Best Of 2017 – Week 2 is still coming soon!!!!

Hey there Time Travellers!

Bouncing on by for a moment to tell you that if you had completed the Ghosts of 2017s Past that you may see the Questline complete in your game  but not trigger Week 2 content. Don’t fret your game isnt glitched, it’s just an oops. Week 2 will be with us soon, just keep checking your game!

~ Russian Tigger



7 responses to “Best Of 2017 – Week 2 is still coming soon!!!!

  1. Only 1 character and the rest are costumes for week 2? That stinks, was really hoping to get the Daniel, Johnny & Shonuff.


  2. I’m confused. So I used 75 stars and got Clubber Lang. So he is not my permanent character now that will stay after this event ends? I thought one of your posts mention they go away after the event ends so can you clarify? thanks


    • Once you buy him he will stay in your game. If you don’t buy him beef ore triggering Week 2 he will leave and can no longer be bought. But as you bought him he’s yours forever


  3. All my Bears and red stars disappeared! I had a bunch of salmon ready to get the last 45 stars I needed for the last item in my mystery box. I was just waiting until week 2 started because it said everything was available until January 17. The mystery box is there to purchase, but I don’t have the stars or the capability of getting the stars since the Bears are gone!


    • You can earn red stars still by clearing from clearing Russian Spy Bots. Clicking on the i at the bottom right of mystery box in store should show you how man Red Flags you have


  4. Was surprised to see one questline end without the next one starting > Thank you so very much for letting me know it is not just me!


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