Kung Pow Quahog Phase 4 is LIVE **UPDATED**

It’s the Eye of the Tiger… errr… Dragon??

Phase 4 is now in our silly lil games. How many more “bad” Karate movies can be tossed into the mix? How many more cliche catchphrases? How many more planks of wood? (Giggity)


Let’s dive into Phase 4

For the Main Event Information, go HERE. (You can also access it from the addicts home page by clicking on the Dojo Peter event icon.)

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.37.5 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will have needed to complete the Main Questline for Phase 3, The Most Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 8
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.

Back with more in a bit…



Sumo Panda Statue: 250Clam Icon Clams, Always Drops 33 Sumo Belts every 10hrs

Sumo Size It Buffet: 120 Clam IconClams, Always Drops Eggs (after Killer Chicken triggered) & 1 Butter



Junk Boat (Water): 50ChopsticksChopsticks

Incense Shrine: 200 ChopsticksChopsticks

Fists of Fury Boxing Machine: 300 ChopsticksChopsticks



kung-fu-master-herbertKung Fu Master Herbert: 250Clam IconClams, Comes with Questline, fully tasked, Tasks that ALWAYS drop Black Belts, White Belts, Sumo Belts, and Samurai Headbands

sumo-chrisSumo Chris (Costume):
butter   26 Butter (Always): Clear Sensei OR Master Brian Mystery Box OR Sumo Size It Buffet OR Rumble Royale Island
adult-diaper17 Diapers (Uncommon): Mort Stock XXXL Diapers OR Mulan Rouge Clinic
snack-cake7 Snack Cakes (Rare): Meg Shame Eat OR Emporer’s Palace
baby-powder4 Baby Powder (Rare): Taiko Tower




The New Bad Guy to battle. These will appear right at start of the New Phase Questline, Takin’ It to the Streets Pt. 1

Characters Used:
Yogi Fighter Brian
Billy Blanks
Sumo Chris
Kung Fu Herbert

1 Fight Contract

Chance Payout:
egg+1 Egg (after Killer Chicken triggered)
sumo-belt+16 Sumo Belts

NO WIN Payout:
Chopsticks10 Chopsticks




The Golden Dragon will no longer be around in Phase 4 (at least he disappeared in my game as soon as I started the New Phase). I believe I no longer have him due to I already won all I needed to unlock his Character 😦

Instead you will be Battling the Killer Kung Pow Chicken

The Golden Dragon Boss will still be available to attack for those still needing Red Envelopes to unlock the Golden Dragon character in Phase 4. 




Until he triggers in my game, this is information only. Once I can verify after getting him to trigger, I will update

Once he triggers in your game, you will have 24hrs to fully defeat his 48 Strength down to zero in order to get the full payout.

Characters Used:
Yogi Fighter Brian
Dojo Peter
Samurai Quagmire
Tai- Jitsu Lois
Walking Joe
Sumo Chris
Kung Fu Herbert

egg1 Egg

Chance Payout:
sumo-belt+16 Sumo Belts
feather+1 Feather

NON WIN Payout:
Chopsticks20 Chopsticks
1 Fortune Cookie
1 Gold
1 Incense

24hr Timer to Defeat him fully before he resets back to full strength


eggEgg: Defeat Sensei OR OR Defeat Samurai OR Defeat Sumo OR Sumo Size It Buffet




This will be an outfit for Giant Chicken. NOTE: for those that do NOT own Giant Chicken already, earning the Feathers and unlocking him in Al’s will give you BOTH the Character & Costume for Giant Chicken

Requires: 8 featherFeathers

featherFeathers: Defeat Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken



You will find this in the Event Area. It is the cart with the bowl of noodles with chopsticks above it. Here is where you can exchange white belts for rice balls to purchases prizes in The Temple.

This is what is the exchanges I’ve seen so far for Phase 4, more details coming in separate post:

Still verifying

Black Belt9 Black Belts & samurai-headbands19 Samurai Headbands & sumo-belt18 Sumo Belts = rice-ball-1 10 Rice Balls

samurai-headbands33 Samurai Headbands & sumo-belt13 Sumo Belts = rice-ball-1 7 Rice Balls
samurai-headbands35 Samurai Headbands & sumo-belt11 Sumo Belts = rice-ball-1 7 Rice Balls

Black Belt9 Black Belts & sumo-belt9 Sumo Belts = rice-ball-1 4 Rice Balls

sumo-belt15 Sumo Belts =  rice-ball-1 5 Rice Balls
sumo-belt20 Sumo Belts =  rice-ball-1 5 Rice Balls


CHOPSTICK EXCHANGE: This Phase, you can also exchange some Materials to get more Chopsticks if you want. These are the options I saw in my game.

white-belts25 White Belts = Chopsticks25 Chopsticks

white-belts250 White Belts = Chopsticks250 Chopsticks



Here is your usual location where you can exchange the Rice Balls you collect during the Event for other Items. Please note you don’t need to buy all of Phase 1 & 2 Prizes to access the Phase 3 prizes, just the ones needed to complete the Main Questline.

Still verifying

Mulan Rouge Clinic: $20 & 10 every 6hrs,  Chance Drop x2 Diapers
rice-ball-1 16 Rice Balls

Taiko Tower: $30 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drop x2 Baby Powder
rice-ball-1 19 Rice Balls

Rumble Royale Island: $40 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drop x2 Butter
rice-ball-1 26 Rice Balls

Emperor’s Palace: Chance $20 & 10xp every 8hrs, Drop x2 Snack Cakes
rice-ball-1 17 Rice Balls

Posh Pagoda: $45 & 25xp every 8hrs
rice-ball-1 22 Rice Balls

Dr. Ling’s Acupuncture Clinic: $50 & 25xp every 6hrs
rice-ball-1  18 Rice Balls

Pachinko Palace: $30 & 15xp every 24hrs, Always drops 1 Revive Potion
rice-ball-1 28 Rice Balls

Pit of Spikes:
rice-ball-1 90 Rice Balls



white-beltsWhite Belts: (Always) Clearing Karate Kids OR Fighting Nerds OR Crane Shrine (Always) OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

samurai-headbandsSamurai Headbands (Always): Clearing Samurai OR Defeating Mr Miyagi  OR Crouching Tiger Statue (Always) OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

Black BeltBlack Belts (Always): Clear Sensei OR Dragon Warrior Statue OR Clear Kung Pow Chicken

sumo-beltSumo Belts (Rare): Clear Sumo Wrestler OR Kung Fu Master Herbert Practice Martial Arts OR Sumo Panda Statue OR Master Brian Mystery Box OR Clear Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken

rice-ball-1Rice BallsGet from exchanges at the Ramen Cart OR Defeat Mr Washee Washee OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

ContractFight Contracts (Rare): Get from Squatty Tiger Secret Dragon Lair OR Jerome Sponsor Fighters OR Bonnie Bet on Fights OR Dojo Peter Give Kumite a Try OR Meg Fight for Popularity  OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

Laundry DetergentLaundry Detergent (Always): Clear Nerds

imagePaper Cranes (Always): Clear Samurai

ChopsticksChopsticks: Complete Questline Parts OR Fight Rounds

revive-potionRevive Potions: Purchase from Store OR Ninja Stewie OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box



Another Mystery Box has been dropped into the Event full of all sorts of goodies. Here is a list of what you might get if you want to take a chance with 150 Clams a try.

Sumo Hall (Building): Always Drops Butter
Sho’nuff (Character): Fights Big Bosses (like Washee Washee and Giant Chicken) with 16 Damage
Dragon Digs (Building): Always Drops Revive Potions
175 Clams
3 Revive Potions
13 Fight Contracts

20 Sumo Belts
18 Black Belts
4 Rice Balls
35 Samurai Headbands


There you have the overall basics of Phase 4 of the Kung Pow Event and all the new goodies in store for you.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.








87 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog Phase 4 is LIVE **UPDATED**

  1. “The Golden Dragon will no longer be around in Phase 4 (at least he disappeared in my game as soon as I started the New Phase). I believe I no longer have him due to I already won all I needed to unlock his Character 😦”

    Please update: He disappears when his character is unlocked (and probably when the event ends), not when Phase 4 starts.


  2. Must have ‘fixed’ the free chicken when you put the restaurant out. Put the restaurant out and reloaded and no padlock. tried it on android and windows facebook game.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. someone wrote that they unlocked the Giant Chicken and he was GONE from the fighting arena so i waited until i defeated him and moved on to phase 4 and the Giant Chicken is GONE from infront the Pollo restaurant !!! WTF ?!!


    • You should’ve unlocked him when you had the chance…


      • I think the fear was they’d then be unable to progression the event, so I can understand why they hesitated, I probably would have too. I think they should just give him to everyone now, keep things fair.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I didn’t even blink when I saw the unlock icon… I haven’t had any issues with the arena chicken, but I also didn’t read anything about it beforehand so it wasn’t something I thought required hesitation haha. I will be pissed if they take him away as I got 18/20 tokens for him during the “best of” event


      • they’ll most probably take him away again


        • Bunny | February 9, 2017 at 12:34 am | Reply
          He goes away once you unlock him I believe… as I unlocked him and now the “battle” him portion is all gone. 😦

          now i remember why i was afraid to unlock him … it was BUNNY who wrote this … I trust her … !!!


          • I’m sure that comment from Bunny was regarding the Golden Dragon, reiterating when you got enough Red Envelopes and unlocked the Golden Dragon character the Dragon Boss would leave our games and you couldn’t battle him anymore, as you didn’t need to.


  4. Increased number of misses in my game. Making it too difficult to defeat fighters and a waste of contracts. Wasn’t like this last week.


  5. Is it possible to collect 8 feathers freemium? I’ve run the math. It seems 3 or 4 might be doable, but not 8. It looks like you must have Sumo Chris to win against the chicken freemium. With heal times and probably 3 fights per feather, I don’t see how 8 is possible. What do you think? I’d be happy to stand corrected. Thanks.


  6. Has anyone else defeated Killer Chicken? I only got one feather. How will I get more for the costume? I’m on Takin’ It To The Streets Pt. 5


  7. So confused about chicken. I already have the character. I beat the fighting one today and got a feather. Now what? I don’t see a costume for him in Harringtons. Do I have to earn 8 feathers to unlock good costume? Thanks!


    • Jeez I got they feather this morning and his costume was NOT available. As soon as I posted this I opened the game again and his costume was there. I’ve been in and out of the game all day! But 8 feathers? Yes, super freaking hard. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I wasn’t able to unlock Giant Chicken during the best of 2016 event but just noticed he was back (and unlocked) standing outside Giant Chicken’s Pollo Restaurant. It seems if you got the restaurant you don’t need to unlock his costume to unlock him.


    • Thanks so much for mentioning that you got the Chicken free by placing the building – Giant Chicken’s Pollo Restaurant. I keep wondering how so many people were able to get the Chicken free, and wanted to get it myself. Now I realized its because I started playing only last year during Apocalypse event, so did not have this building – Giant Chicken’s Pollo Restaurant from Wrestlemania event. Ah well, good for all of you.


    • Same happened to me. I left it out because it pays 180 coins a day. Cool. Free chicken!


  9. For the first time in well over a year I attempted a Mystery Box. Sho-Nuff just seemed like a fun character to add to the game. I wish he had been able to purchase flat out though, 7 attempts and no Sho-Nuff. 😦


  10. Is it right that the timer for the giant killer kung pow chicken starts as soon as he appears rather than when you first attack him like with the previous chicken.


    • Yup. But for me it started when I entered the game for first time after he returned. So it’s not like I came in and he was at 18hrs. He was just starting to time down.


  11. Got giant chicken unlocked in my game he’s on tasks as I type he’s on face space as well hope it’s not a cruel trick or glitch “here’s what ya could’ve won” lol the golden Dragon is still available to unlock in phase 4 only need a few more to unlock him 🙂


  12. I also got the opened golden padlock (shown below outfits store) it appeared as soon as the game loaded and lo, one Giant Chicken.
    Just hope he doesn’t pass me any bad coupons… 🍗⁉️


  13. am I alone? this morning was able to unlock without doing anything the Giant Chicken ? just a unlock padlock over a building, press on it, .. and voila it was available to do with chores


  14. i have the chicken ready to unlock but im scared ill lose him if i did .. im on phase 3 last part and i wana fight him as soon as i unlock billy


  15. YES!!! Giant Chicken free unlock for me too 🙂

    After seeing some ppl had the chicken unlock I went into my buildings inventory and brought out all buildings associated with the chicken but it never offered me a unlocked padlock. Thought never mind, went away thinking I’ll have to unlock him in Phase 4. Just re-opened my game now after 2hrs away and right above one of the buildings was the unlock icon. Tap, boom, no nonsense chicken unlock!!

    For me it was the ‘Giant Chicken’s Pollo Restaurant’. I had 2 types of this building and the one that unlocked was the one with the 24hr timer.
    Worth a try for anyone else wanting this chicken but may not necessarily get round to unlocking later on.


  16. I already had the Giant Chicken character from a previous event, so all this week has to offer is two new costumes. Meh.

    So I won’t be too bothered about getting to that week and instead focus on getting the remaining envelopes for the dragon. Then I’ll have all six freemium characters from this event, nice 🙂


    • I’m thinking the same. Only really worth me getting ten more tickets for the dragon and trying to get Mr Miyagi. I’ll just let the chips fall where they may for Chris’s costume. I was able to purchase all his needed buildings. I just don’t care for costumes, I want the characters for tan lines mainly.


    • Same for me – unlocked the dragon yesterday, he was the last one. Drops for Sumo Chris have been pretty good, so if I get another costume, great, if not, it’s OK. I’ve unlocked all of the buildings with the exception of 3 of the 4 freakin’ hard decos on each page, so I’ll battle the Chicken as I can just to collect ‘stuff’…I have to say, in my limited experience (a year) with this game, this has been a pretty well designed event…I like the fact the characters were obtainable for good value/good play, we can put any character (except Peter) in Tan Lines, drops haven’t been crazy hard, the fights have been fun…and the fact you can use some of the week-to-week currency to get event currency at the end is a nice touch…having traveled throughout China and Japan for business over the years, I’m kind of a sucker for Asian decos, so, whether I’ll ever put them out or not, I’ve purchased a bunch of decos for my inventory…

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Is Kung Fu Herbert just a skin?


  18. So few comments posted.. Must be many like me who are also not done with Phase 3. Can anyone in phase 4 who has NOT unlocked the dragon confirm if he sticks around during phase 4 until unlocked? I will stay in Phase 3 to unlock him if not! Thanks! And thanks to Bunny and friends for always keeping us updated :))


    • Another player has commented Golden Dragon stayed in their game when they moved into Phase 4. I’ve already unlocked it, but I will see if Lotty can confirm as she was still working on it. Will reply again ASAP.


    • Count your blessings. I’m still in the middle of Phase 2…. at least I should be able to get Johnny (missed Daniel). But with just a few days left, Phase 3 looks too complicated to make any progress.

      This will be at least the fourth time I’ve missed getting Giant Chicken. Their plan must be to continually dangle him in front of us, just out of reach. I can see myself on my deathbed, begging the nurse to hold my phone so I can feebly tap to try one last time for the big guy….


      • Lol, think you’ll need find a new plan for your deathbed scene now. Which hopefully won’t be for a very long time…😀😀😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • I choose to think TinyCo personally took pity on me and gave me Giant Chicken for free soon after my mournful prediction. I am sure they somehow were responding to many other sad stories in handing out the freebie big guy. There is probably a Giant Chicken Depression Syndrome monitor built into our games and it was reaching a dangerous level.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Lotty has confirmed Golden Dragon still available to unlock in Phase 4.


  19. I logged in today and noticed an unlocked gold padlock so I clicked on it. I got the giant chicken. It was a surprise. I have no idea which building he is from

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lucky…. Enjoy


    • Also noticed the giant chicken as a free gift and yes the dragon does stay around into phase 4 as well as the other characters that you could unlock in previous phases


    • Shawn Heidingsfelder

      I got him that way, too. Always pays to look at parts of your town that you’re not currently using for the event.


    • I pulled out his chicken restaurant a couple of hours ago after seeing these posts (I think after updating, though I’m still in phase 2) and when I quit and relaunched, there was the Big Guy with an open padlock. Clicked and he was in my game. I hope they don’t take him away and it’s basically a Participation Ribbon. If we have the restaurant, it means we’ve tried and failed several times before… I deserve Giant Chicken because I’ve already collected so much stuff for him in my failed attempts!


  20. Happy that I had 150 rice balls saved up at start of phase 4 – so I was quickly able to unlock first seven buildings – up to the one that drops revive potions. So hopefully doing that all now should help to get sumo Chris soon. Now I just have to get to the point to start fighting the chicken again to start getting feathers.

    Nice job getting so much info out there so quickly.


  21. Golden Dragon is still in my Quahog after week 4 started. I havent cleared a sumo yet for the quest line so when does kung pow chicken activate through the quest line? maybe thats it?


  22. Not sure if it was a glitch, but I just got the Giant Chicken for free, and I’m still on Phase 3.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. I think the Pit of Spikes in the Temple is 90 Rice Balls, not 50.


  24. Wasn’t too fond of this event over all. For the first time in my history of playing this game, I haven’t won a single weekly challenge. If the Golden Dragon goes away, then I think I’ll just stick around in phase 3. The Golden Dragon is the only actual character I have genuinely been excited for. So I refuse to not unlock him.


    • He goes away once you unlock him I believe… as I unlocked him and now the “battle” him portion is all gone. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will be glad to get to phase 4 as my little pavement area now has two golden dragons floating above it. More of a nuisance now as his battle form seems to have grown a larger hit box and everyone is under him, using him for shelter. So I can’t seem to activate a mini-battle without trying to battle the dragon first (before it was the other way around, try for dragon fight, got a mini-battle).😝😝


  25. Woohoo! I was just given the Giant Chicken 😀


  26. I think you may have rushed this post out a little. The actual details are missing. Having said that…can I just ask…

    Am I the meanest?
    Am I the baddest?

    Gotta love it!


    • Notice that it says “Back with more in a bit…” Come on, you know by now how I ALWAYS run the updates. I verify it all live, update post as I do so… then tag it “updated” when I am finished. 😉


      • Any chance you folks could put a time stamp on your posts? I think you already do that at least sometimes with updated portions. But it would also be helpful if we knew the time of the original posts. It could probably be made automatic.


        • I think only issue here would be time zones, the time the post says will be specific to one time zone, not the time zone the reader is in, so not sure how much it would help readers. Let’s see what others think? Addicts, your opinion on whether a time should be on a post.


          • You could just add the time zone indicator (EST, CET, etc.) and we can do the math…. 🙂 Hey, we could standardize on Quahog time!

            I do read international forums with the time for all posts localized to the reader’s time zone, though, so there must be some standard way to localize it if you want to go that route. How are comments handled? I’ve assumed those are all localized time stamps on them. Maybe Word Press does it automatically already and you just have to enable it?


            • P.S. I actually set up the cities where I have clients in my phone’s world clock. So I just have to glance at that list to see what time it is wherever they are. I used to have to go to websites that give the time anywhere in the world.


            • What specifically are you asking for with a “time stamp”? Do you mean time note EVERY update to a post we make? Or do you mean the original post itself? I ask because the first would be EXTREMELY difficult to do, and the 2nd is already done by WordPress

              Like if you highlight over the date portion on a post
              Posted on February 8, 2017
              It will show you the time in Eastern it was posted (1107PM). WordPress is autoset to Eastern for the entire site. Changing that would mess up sooooo many things on the site it just is not worth it. 😉


              • Well hush my puppies! It does show the time when you point to the date…
                I was going to say that I thought this time stamp was a good idea, but this is essentially the same thing, so I am happy. 🙂


                • I’m adjusting to being in UK and blogging on a US time zone – I think I need time stamped on my hand to stop me getting confused, lol


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