Where the Hell….? Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence & Mr Miyagi

Looks like someone at TinyCo has a serious obsession with the 80’s, as hot on the heels of our 80’s retro arcade inspired event, an iconic 80’s movie, The Karate Kid, has played a big part in the event currently hitting our games, Kung Pow Quahog. This has seen Daniel LaRusso, Johhny Lawrence and Mr Miyagi all available to unlock in our games.

Now this karate crew have appeared in our games you’re thinking have we seen these characters in Quahog before? Well yes, they’ve all appeared in the Family Guy TV show. They’ve actually made quite a few appearances as the movie The Karate Kid has been parodied a few times. So join me on a journey down memory lane as we stroll through their time in Family Guy.Oh and we also get a glimpse of the origin of Tai-Jitsu Lois as a bonus.

Lethal Weapons – Season 3, Episode 7

When Lois takes up a new martial arts hobby, Peter can’t help but mock her Tai-Jitsu teacher by calling him Ralph Macchio. (FYI this is the name of the actor who played Daniel LaRusso in the movies). And you can see Tai-Jitsu Lois in the show is a little different from looking from the one we got in the game, lol.

The Father, The Son and the Holy Fonz- Season 4, Episode 18

I must admit I found this episode highly amusing, possibly because my favourite little guy Stewie takes centre stage for some of the story. Anyway what links Stewie and the karate kid. Well picture this, Francis Griffin has come for a visit and brought his religious fervour with him. On a mission to pass that religious per our to his descendants he convinces Peter they should have Stewie baptised and Peter impulsively agrees. So the three of them head to church and shock, horror they are told Stewie can’t be baptised because he’s the seed of the devil. No, not really, it’s cancelled due to a concern the holy water isn’t safe. However Francis Griffin is having none of it and goes ahead and baptises Stewie anyway.


Big mistake, his belief that there’s no such thing as tainted water turned out to be wrong, and next thing we know Stewie is sick, so sick he needs confined to a sterile bubble to aid his recovery.


Brian takes great delight in teasing Stewie and our Karate Kid reference comes in when a fed up Stewie tells Brian he and his friends at the Cobra Kai will take him down.

We Love You Conrad – Season 7, Episode 14

Here we see Derek Wilcox mimicking Mr Miyagi as he heals an injured waiters arm.

Excellence In Broadcasting – Season 9, Episode 2

And here we see another nod to The Karate Kid when Brian is attacked by a street gang only for Rush Limbaugh to appear and fight off the gang single handed, (ust like the scene in The Karate Kid ), much to Brian’s amazement.


Boops-Dee Bappa Dee – Season 12, Episode 5

An excited Chris, urgh, is desperate to get home from his trip to Italy in order to see The Karate Kid V. This leads to a crazy cutaway where we see an older Daniel LaRusso seeking Mr Miyagi’s wise counsel as he’s having some performance issues, and I don’t mean in the Dojo folks. Wink-Wink! Keeping it PG Bunny, see!!!


The Most Interesting Man In The World – Season 12, Episode 17

The older, wiser, and dare I say it, impotent Daniel LaRusso is back, only this time he’s not looking for advice, but for revenge, as he mouths off at Johnny Lawrence for almost crippling him.

Once Bitten – Season 13, Episode 15

Running through this episode we get various peaks at 80’s life though the cutaways to 80’s Teen Movie at a Realistic High School, and during one of the short cutaways The Karate Kid is ridiculed when a bunch of high school kids state that performing karate makes kids losers.


So there you have it, the characters from The Karate Kid and their Family Guy ties, and of course a little nod to Tai-Jitsu. Do you remember any of these episodes? Or have you never seen them? Do you now plan to watch any of them?

~ Russian Tigger

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  1. Where is the next week? What’s taking so long.


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