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Kung Pow Quahog – Foes & Fighters

Hey there Foe Fighters!!

With the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing I thought it was time we had a post where we could pull all the info on our Foes and of course, our Fighters, together.

In this post we will chart each Foe and the Fighters who can battle them. I will update it each Phase so you have a complete guide to who can fight who. But remember some foes were limited to a particular phase only – their Phase is noted in their info). Continue reading

Kung Pow Quahog Premium Character Questlines – Tai-Jitsu Lois & Ninja Stewie

Here comes the……Questlines!!!

If your name’s Bill, I’d watch out, as Tai-Jitsu Lois is wandering Quahog and looking for something to do. And if that’s not bad dnough she’s got her very own karate kid in tow, Ninja Stewie. Maybe we can distract them with a Questline as we all know behind every great costume, lies a great Questline.


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Kung Pow Quahog Premium Character Profile: Ninja Stewie

Who is Ninja? Stewie is Ninja!!!

With this new Kung Pow Quahog event, we are getting some great new Character Costumes. and here’s one I’d karate chop through a hundred mystery boxes to get in my game if I could, Stewie in his Ninja Stewie guise.

Let’s take a look at what Ninja Stewie can do in our silly lil games.

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Kung Pow Quahog 101: Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

Hey there Risk Takers!

With the New Phase 2 up and running in our silly lil games, we now also have one of your FAVORITE items too (right?). The Sensei Stewie Mystery Box!

Now I know many of you are curious about the items inside and just what you are taking a risk in getting by spending those precious Clams, so let’s jump on in and take a closer look.


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Kung Pow Quahog Phase 2 is LIVE – UPDATED

So here we are sitting watching as Phase 2 hit our games, and I hope after a crazy first phase we’re all still Kung Pow fighting, and progressing fast as lightning.

WARNING: Johhny is timed, repairing the hammer in the island will activate the 7 day timer you have to unlock him. Be aware the main Questline More Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 3 will direct you to the island in the event area where you do the 10 sec repair to bring him into your game, so if you want to delay the timer don’t complete the repair or this part of the Questline until you’re ready.


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Kung Pow Quahog Phase 2 – TINYCO FAQ ONLY

Just to let you guys know that Phase 2 of Kung Pow Quahog is now live!

In order to participate in Week 2 of Kung Pow Quahog!, players need to complete the quest ‘Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 8’.

Note RussianTigger: Just want to re-iterate what Lotty has said, the info below is only the TinyCo FAQ, it is NOT information we’ve been able to verify in our games – I’m at Phase 2 but I’m locked out my game due to an error, Lotty hasn’t got to Phase 2 yet, and we have NO access to Bunny’s test game. Just remember TinyCo FAQs frequently contain wrong information, that’s why we verify info, as soon as e can we will updated info up. But please do not take the info below as gospel especially if your planning to buy premium items, check the info in your game and in our verified info once it’s available. Sorry for the delay, I know there’s a lot going on in this event and you’re looking for info, we will get it up as soon as we can, and of course keep the comments coming, if you see something is different in your game let other players know that way.

Note Lotty: Please bear with RT & myself whilst we work to verify the below FAQ and work on getting you more in-depth info.

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