Kung Pow Quahog Phase 2 – TINYCO FAQ ONLY

Just to let you guys know that Phase 2 of Kung Pow Quahog is now live!

In order to participate in Week 2 of Kung Pow Quahog!, players need to complete the quest ‘Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 8’.

Note RussianTigger: Just want to re-iterate what Lotty has said, the info below is only the TinyCo FAQ, it is NOT information we’ve been able to verify in our games – I’m at Phase 2 but I’m locked out my game due to an error, Lotty hasn’t got to Phase 2 yet, and we have NO access to Bunny’s test game. Just remember TinyCo FAQs frequently contain wrong information, that’s why we verify info, as soon as e can we will updated info up. But please do not take the info below as gospel especially if your planning to buy premium items, check the info in your game and in our verified info once it’s available. Sorry for the delay, I know there’s a lot going on in this event and you’re looking for info, we will get it up as soon as we can, and of course keep the comments coming, if you see something is different in your game let other players know that way.

Note Lotty: Please bear with RT & myself whilst we work to verify the below FAQ and work on getting you more in-depth info.


Crouching Tiger Statue: 250 Clam Icon Clams.

Giggity Geisha House: 120 Clam Icon Clams.


Sensei Stewie Mystery Boxes can be purchased for 150 Clam Icon clams from the shop and randomly generates one of the following:

– Ninja Stewie (always drops Revive Potions)
– 4 Rice Balls
– 30 White Belts
– 35 Samurai Bandanas
– Hussy Wagon (moving deco)
– 175 Clam Icon Clams
– 3 Revive Potions
– 13 Fight Contracts
– Regular Ninja Warrior Building (always drops katanas for Samurai Quagmire)


Tai-Jitsu Lois: Character Costume is 270 Clam Icon Clams. Has 24 health and can defeat Samurai. Find her in Al Harrington’s.

Samurai Quagmire: You will find this character costume available to unlock in Al Harringtons after ???
– 20 Kimono
– Clear Karate Kids OR Bruce Try on Kimonos
– 14 Katana – Quahog Wax On Wax Off OR Regular Ninja Warrior building (Sensei Stewie Mystery Box) OR Have Quagmire Polish His Katana
– 11 Wooden Zori – Grabby Sushi Bar OR Lois Join Fight Club


Ninja Stewie: Character Costume CHANCE awarded from the Sensei Stewie Mystery Box. Fights and has an action which always drops Revive Potions.


Johnny Lawrence: You will be directed to unlock him once you begin the quest “Meet Old Rivals” in Week 2 of Kung Pow Quahog. Once activated, you will have *** 7 days *** to unlock him.
– 11 Loser Awards – Defeat Samurai
– 15 Brooms – Sweep the Leg Maid Services OR Have Mort Sweep the Pharmacy
– 18 Cobra Kai Gi – Cobra Kai Karate Dojo, the Ukiyo-Erotica Print Shop OR the Regular Ninja Warrior building (Sensei Stewie Mystery Box)
– Have Samurai Quagmire Meditate
– 1 King Cobra – defeat Mr. Miyagi


Mr. Miyagi: If you haven’t already recruited Mr. Miyagi, he’s back in Quahog! After defeating him in the tournament, you may convince him to stay in Quahog if you have enough Samurai Bandanas. Look for him in the shop. He’s asking for 450 Samurai Bandanas (Defeat Samurai OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box)!

How do I get Rice Balls?

Rice Balls are obtained by exchanging White Belts and Samurai Bandanas at the Ramen Cart.

Note: A few players have reported missing rice balls. It looks like this a visual glitch where after defeating Mr. Washee Washee, double the amount is added to your totals. After restarting the game or visiting Ollieland your counter will reset to the correct amount. (Thanks also to Jacob for tested this.)

How do I clear Samurai?

Tapping on Samurai gives you the option to defeat them with the following characters:

– Dojo Peter
– Tai-Jitsu Lois
– Samurai Quagmire
– Johnny Lawrence

When defeated, Samurai drop Chopsticks, Paper Cranes, and Samurai Bandanas. Fighting Samurai requires 3 Fight Contracts (Squatting Tiger OR Secret Dragon Lair OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box OR Jerome Sponsor Fighters OR Bonnie Bet On Fights OR Peter Give Kumite a Try OR Meg Fight for Popularity)


Here is your usual location where you can exchange the Rice Balls you collect during the Event for other Items.

Cobra Kai Karate Dojo: Costs 4 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Cobra Kai Gi every 6 hours

Quahog Wax On Wax Off: Costs 6 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Katanas every 2 hours

Grabby Sushi Bar: Costs 6 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Wooden Zori every 4 hours

Some Like It Hot SpringsCosts 5 Rice Balls (ocean deco)

Sweep the Leg Maid Services: Costs 11 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Brooms every 8 hours

Ukiyo-Erotica Print Shop:  Costs 10 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Cobra Kai Gi every 6 hours

Godly Grotto: Costs 11 Rice Balls

Dancing Dragon: Costs 30 Rice Balls – No timer!







31 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog Phase 2 – TINYCO FAQ ONLY

  1. Got a late start due to Amazon release for the Kindle update being two days behind the iOS release.
    Not sweating this event.


  2. By the way the final prize the “Dancing Dragon” is a moving decoration. I already have it as it took me 2600 clams to get the Stewie costume out of the mystery box so I had lots of bonus materials 😐


  3. I’m really not feeling this event already. 2 days to defeat Mr Washee Washee is quite cumbersome. Hopefully it will get better if I can get Daniel, but that’s still another 4-5 days away. Hopefully I can move onto Phase 2 in another 12 hours or so…


  4. I did the mystery box 20 times and still didn’t get stewie


  5. Really hoping Daniel and Joe can help defeat Miyagi. If not, they are practically useless this week. Especially considering how many fight contracts are needed to battle Samurai.


  6. Wish we could buy Mr. Myiagi… I’d definitely pay for him.


    • You can earn him with Samurai Headbands. So… in a way… you kinda can depending where you spend your Clams.


      • The headbands are needed elsewhere, maybe nearer the end of the event… I’d like to just buy him for 250 clams!


        • You could buy the Crouching Tiger Premium Building for 250 clams as that gives you 15 Headbands every 8 hours, so 45 a day, 10 days of collections and you’ve got Mr Migayi for the 250 clams you said you’d be happy to spend.

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Ollie speaks now, too! (I’m an unhealthy amount of excited about that).

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wow. Never seen so many roadblocks in an event. I don’t anticipate much progress at all without coughing up wads of cash, which ain’t gonna happen.

    What fun!


  9. Just bought Tai-Jitsu Lois, but she only has 8 health and not 24 😦


  10. Samurai Quagmire only needs 10 katanas, at least in my game. 😊 I’m happy I had 26 🍙 (rice balls) left over from last week. Now I’m a bit ahead in the temple and hopefully I can save most of the Samurai Headbands for Mr. Myiagi. 😃


    • Thanks, I’m locked out my game with an error and we don’t have access to Bunny test game so taking us bit longer get the info verified. Thanks for letting us know the TinyCo FAQ is wrong, yet again, lol.


    • Did you have premium items and buy all the buildings? I am still in Phase 1, with 2 buildings left to buy and 3 rice balls. I’ll probably have 6 balls in another 4 hours. I’m just puzzled how people can be so far ahead already


      • I got through Phase 1 on time freemium, but it was work I have to say. I’ve got Tai-Jitsu Lois this Phase so see how much quicker I progress compared to Phase 1… Remember you don’t need to buy all the buildings in Phase 1, just what’s needed for character unlock and main Questline so don’t waste 28 Rice Balls on ?Meditation Falls, you can access this weeks prizes without having that.


        • Yeah, I didn’t buy the falls… but I still started Phase 2 with 3 rice balls and 2 days late. I have no idea how I got so far behind as I’ve had my timer going off every 4 hours (except 7 hours sleep per night)


          • 7 hours per night? Try 7 minutes if you want keep pace with me. Lol. No seriously it took a lot to stay with the pace last week freemium.

            Liked by 1 person

            • haha aww 😦 I struggled with insomnia a few years ago, so I know how much it sucks (assuming it’s insomnia). I unlocked Daniel last night, so I finally understood how he could be so far ahead… I was able to do 5 attacks in a row (got lucky with some misses) which brought in a tonne of the white belts. I would’ve had heaps more rice balls if I hadn’t already moved onto week 2 :\


              • Insomnia it is, sure helps in this game mind you, lol. Daniel is a good fighter but watch using up those those fight contracts on nerds as you need 3 for each samurai.

                Liked by 1 person

      • I bought Walking Joe, but nothing else. I think I got lucky with some of the drops as well. I finished the phase 1 quest line about 4-5 hours before the new phase hit. I had 26 rice balls to use for the new buildings, but I still haven’t bought the last building for phase 1 as it’s just a decoration. I’d rather spend the materials for the buildings that really help with the event. 😊


        • Smart move holding off on the last building until new if really needed to buy it, gives you good wee head start in Phase 2. Walking Joe was a great buy for those who got him.


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