Kung Pow Quahog Phase 2 is LIVE – UPDATED

So here we are sitting watching as Phase 2 hit our games, and I hope after a crazy first phase we’re all still Kung Pow fighting, and progressing fast as lightning.

WARNING: Johhny is timed, repairing the hammer in the island will activate the 7 day timer you have to unlock him. Be aware the main Questline More Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 3 will direct you to the island in the event area where you do the 10 sec repair to bring him into your game, so if you want to delay the timer don’t complete the repair or this part of the Questline until you’re ready.


As a quick aside, a few weeks ago we asked you what you’d like to see on the site and you said you’d like to see the return of an event home page with links to all the events posts, anyway your wish is our command, and you’ll find it HERE. You can also access it from the addicts home page by clicking on the Dojo Peter event icon.

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.36.0 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.
  • You will need to have completed Phase 1 Main Questline Mojo in the Dojo to Pt. 8


Crouching Tiger Statue: 250 Clam Icon Clams. Drops 15 Samurai Headbands every 8 hours

Giggity Geisha House: 120 Clam Icon Clams. Drops 1 Loser Award every 24 hours.


Bamboo Room Divider: 150 Chopsticks

Bonsai Forest: 25 Chopsticks (There are 5 different items to choose from, all cost 25 Chopsticks each)


imageTai-Jitsu Lois: Character Costume, costs 270 Clam Icon Clams. Attack Power 6, Health 8, can attack Samurai

imageSamurai Quagmire: You will find this character costume available to unlock in Al Harringtons at More Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 2, as this is when his side Questline Samurai Hack triggers.
20 Kimon
o (Common) – Clear Karate Kids OR Bruce Try on Kimonos
10 Katana (Rare) – Quahog Wax On Wax Off OR Regular Ninja Warrior building (Sensei Stewie Mystery Box) OR Have Quagmire Polish His Katana
11 Wooden Zori (Rare) – Grabby Sushi Bar OR Lois Join Fight Club

imageNinja Stewie: Character Costume CHANCE to win from the Sensei Stewie Mystery Box. (See more info below) Has a task which always drops Revive Potions, can also fight Nerds.

imageJohnny Lawrence: You will be directed to unlock him at More Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 3, as this is when the side Questline Meet Old Rivals triggers. Once you complete the repair on the island you have only  7 days to unlock him.
Requires –
11 Loser Awards (Always) – Defeat Samurai OR Giggity Geisha House
15 Brooms Uncommon) – Sweep the Leg Maid Services OR Have Mort Sweep the Pharmacy
18 Cobra Kai Gi (Rare) – Cobra Kai Karate Dojo, the Ukiyo-Erotica Print Shop OR the Regular Ninja Warrior building (Sensei Stewie Mystery Box)
Have Samurai Quagmire Meditate
1 King Cobra – defeat Mr. Miyagi

Mr MiyagiMr. Miyagi450 Samurai Bandanas – Defeat Samurai OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box


Sensei Stewie Mystery Boxes can be purchased for 150 Clam Icon clams from the shop and randomly generates one of the following:

– Ninja Stewie (always drops Revive Potions)
– 4 Rice Balls
– 30 White Belts
– 35 Samurai Headbands
– Hussy Wagon (moving deco)
– 175 Clam Icon Clams
– 3 Revive Potions
– 13 Fight Contracts
– Regular Ninja Warrior Building (always drops katanas for Samurai Quagmire)


You will find this in the Event Area. It is the cart with the bowl of noodles with chopsticks above it. Here is where you can exchange white belts for rice balls to purchases prizes in The Temple.

This is what is the exchanges I’ve seen in my game so far:

19 White Belts & 9 Samurai Headbands = 3 Rice Balls

35 White Belts & 6 Samurair Headbands = 2 Rice Balls

28 Samurai Headbands = 6 Rice Balls

31 Samurai Headbands = 6 Rice Balls


Here is your usual location where you can exchange the Rice Balls you collect during the Event for other Items. Please note you do t need to buy all of Phase 1’s prises to access the Phase 2 prizes, just the ones needed to complete the Mojo in the Dojo Questline.

Be aware there seems to be an error showing on placement of the Grabby Sushi Bar.

Cobra Kai Karate Dojo: Costs 4 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Cobra Kai Gi every 6 hours

Quahog Wax On Wax Off: Costs 6 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Katanas every 2 hours

Grabby Sushi Bar: Costs 7 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Wooden Zori every 4 hours

Some Like It Hot Springs: Costs 5 Rice Balls

Sweep the Leg Maid Services: Costs 11 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Brooms every 8 hours

Ukiyo-Erotica Print Shop: Costs 10 Rice Balls, Chance drop of 2 Cobra Kai Gi every 6 hours

Godly Grotto: Costs 11 Rice Balls

Dancing Dragon: Costs 30 Rice Balls – No timer!


White Belts: (Always) Clearing Karate Kids OR Fighting Nerds OR Crane Shrine (Always) OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

Samurai Headbands (Always): Clearing Samurai OR Defeating Mr Miyagi  OR Crouching Tiger Statue (Always) OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

Rice BallsGet from trading in white belts and Samurai Bandanas at the Ramen Cart OR defeat Mr Washee Washee OR defeat Mr Miyagi OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

Fight Contracts (Rare): Get from Squatty Tiger Secret Dragon Lair OR Jerome Sponsor Fighters OR Bonnie Bet on Fights OR Dojo Peter Give Kumite a Try OR Meg Fight for Popularity  OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

Laundry Detergent (Always): Clear Nerds

Paper Cranes (Always): Clear Samurai

Chopsticks: Complete Questline Parts OR Fight Rounds

Revive Potions: Purchase from Store OR Ninja Stewie OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box


Here is another new battle, it’s similar to what we saw in Phase 1 with the Nerds, you need to earn 3 fight contracts and have either Dojo Peter, Tai Jitsu Lois, Samurai Quagmire or Johnny Lawrence in order to clear Samurai. More details coming in a 101 post soon.

Fight Contracts (Rare): Get from Squatty Tiger Secret Dragon Lair OR Jerome Sponsor Fighters OR Bonnie Bet on Fights OR Dojo Peter Give Kumite a Try OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box

**NOTE BUNNY: Meg Fight for Popularity also helps drop Contracts, however it did not show up right away for me. I had to play into the New Phase past triggering the Samurai to see it.

Chance Payout:
32 Samurai Headbands
1 Paper Crane
2X Loser Awards

5X Chopsticks rewarded for rounds where you damage him but don’t fully defeat him.

Depending on your combination of fighters it may take more than one attack to clear the Samural. Also so be aware your fighters will not start to heal until they reach 0 health points.


Please note this isn’t the character unlocked in the game, but a villain to defeat in the battle arena. You will see Mr Miyagi in the event area as you progress in the main Questline, shortly after you start Pt 3. It looks like this:

You need to earn paper cranes and have either Daniel LaRusso, Tai Jitsu Lois, Samurai Quagmire or Johnny Lawrence in order to defeat him. More details coming in a 101 post soon.

4 Paper Cranes (Always): Clear Samurai

Payout: Still verifying Rice Ball payout
64 Samurai Headbands
1 King Cobra

10X Chopsticks rewarded for rounds where you damage him but don’t fully defeat him.

Depending on your combination of fighters it will probably take more than one attack to devent Mr Miyagi.  Also so be aware your fighters will not start to heal until they reach 0 health points.

There you have the overall basics of the second phase of the Kung Pow Event, I’m sorry for the delay but Bunny usually covers these posts, and hasn’t been able to this time, so you got Lotty and I. We’re slower but hey we’re good souls really, lol.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger & Lotty







61 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog Phase 2 is LIVE – UPDATED

  1. Well, having not spent any clams this event I was able to barely get Johnny and the weekly event finished (had about 12 hrs left on Johnny and 5 hrs on the event) 🙂 I haven’t been able to afford buying Mr Washee Washee or Mr M. (sp?) but I should have Washee washee soon at least. Overall quite content at drop rates and whatnot for this event – for both Daniel and Johnny I started them as soon as I could and still unlocked them within the 7 days.

    Even wasting 3-4 contacts on nerds that weren’t registering didn’t break this event 🙂


  2. Im having the crash at load issue. Im on a Galaxy S7 edge. This stinks because I was making really good headway towards unlocking Johnny Lawrence and with plenty of time to stock up on rice balls but now this sets me back.


  3. Ok so I’m on part 6 and it won’t register me taking out the 2 nerds. I have now wasted over 8 contracts trying to complete it using different fighters and it still won’t work. Have told tinyco. I’m not happy. I was progressing nicely and. Ow I feel I have wasted contracts when I could have cleared some samurai for the drops to take out myagi


    • Yes there’s an issue, I had same problem. We’ve reported it to TinyCo.


      • Did tinyco give back the fight contacts?

        I had the same issue, wasted 4 contracts clearing two unnecessary nerds (4 nerds total instead of 2) and I told them about it. Just now tho, still waiting to hear from tinyco support. Not only were the fights against the nerds unwanted victories, but they were being jerks about being defeated. I needed two battles for each one.


  4. Latest update bricked the app. Won’t load keeps crashing. Always great when that happens in the middle of an event.


  5. Why do I have a dragon floating in the air above my roads? 🐉 Did I miss a post somewhere?


    • wildthornberry88

      Looks like TinyCo put a lil something in for Chinese New Year. We’ll update if he does anything special ^_^


    • I love how the dragon Emoji looks like Nessie, but apart from that, I’m loving the dragon, dragons are ultra cool just like dinosaurs. And I’m thinking, guessing and probably wrong, could it be a hint at the next big boss?


    • I was afraid to tap on him but someone else said it just wished them a happy Chinese New Year so it seems to be safe. And i was just glad to find a dragon emoji so wasn’t concerned what he/she looked like. 😊 I am a dragon lover as well.


  6. Anyone else having problems with Part 6 of main quest which requires you to defeat two nerds? I successfully defeated one, came back a few hours later when I had another fight contract and after defeating another the quest did not complete.

    Did this 3 more separate times and it wasn’t until I defeated TWO IN A ROW WITHOUT LEAVING THE GAME that it completed. Such a waste of fight contracts.

    Messaged TC…


    • There was 1 comment I believe last week, but I didn’t encounter the issue.


      • So you were able to complete part 6 this week defeating them separately or without leaving the game?


        • Hi Jess, I was referring to the player who had the issue last week in my comment and me not having a problem then. I’m at Pt. 6 of this weeks Questline just now and am having the issue, I’ve cleared the 2 nerds and only 1 is showing as done, I’ve don’t this both without leaving the game and with leaving and going back in. And no luck either way- I’m going try clearing another nerd using a different character to see if that works. I’ve reported to TinyCo using my in game support also. Hope you’ve heard back as I agree we need those Fight Contracts elsewhere.


    • I am having the same issue. I defeated 3 in a row with Daniel and did not receive credit for any. I also messaged TC, but am stuck until there’s a fix or work-around. Thx


    • Just had this myself… also contacted them.


    • Same problem. I in-game reported it and got the response that nerds are crediting correctly in my game and am I sure I didn’t defeat a samurai by mistake. I replied that I am 100% sure. So far no response. If it is happening to others, then I’m sure they’ll eventually fix it.


  7. On my game the drop rates for fight contracts seem to have dropped down to epic now. Used to get at least 2 for each round of characters sent on task for them and I bought the crouching tiger building to make it 3 per collection. Even with the addition of Meg to the contract collections I’m now only getting my one from the building I purchased since round 2 started with a very rare 1 from a character every 3 collections or so. At this rate I’ll never even be able to fight a samurai let alone collect enough items for quagmire or to fight Mr Miyagi. This seems very off in my game. Up until now things have been pretty smooth this event, dare I say too smooth and enjoyable? My only other gripe is that any of the clam paid characters should be able to battle the big boss. For instance walking Joe should be able to fight Mr Miyagi considering he was a big clam cost character just last week and now he can’t even help in battling the big character this week? Kind of ridiculous. Good thing I bought him because I wanted to see Joe walking around my quahog instead of rolling and didn’t expect that he’d actually be useful past his 2 minutes in this event though I did expect him to be helpful the entire event, not just a few days of the event! Will definitely be taking this into consideration in future purchases during events if tiny Co is out there watching!


    • Keep in mind this is a helpful post and not what the deuce, so try to save the “rants” for those. 😉

      In regards to Contract drops, they are still at the same percentage (I did check, recheck, and quadruple check all games). To me it seems some days the drops are really lucky and others not so much, so it is a balance. In short, % drop is the same… how you visually see it in your game will vary by Player and your individual drop rate luck. 😉


  8. Would anyone recommend holding off on starting the next phase? I have to defeat mr washee to move on and only need that & 1 more paintbrush for daniel with 4D left on the timer. I dont want to wait too long but it always seems with the addition of new materials exchanges become slower/harder. Is it better to wait & try to do more rice exchanges first, or better in the long run to move on?


    • I’ve had no issues moving on, getting exchanges ok but I purchased Tai-Jitsu Lois so can attack Samurai. However the thing I’d advise you try collect is some Fight Contracts, as you need 3 to attack Samurai. Any other players holding back?


    • I’d say that if it’s easy for you to defeat the nerds and get white headbands and in turn get rice balls, then definitely try to get at least 30-40 rice balls before going into phase 2. It’ll make getting the new buildings and characters a lot easier. I got lucky with the drops for Samurai Quagmire and unlocked him about 12 hours ago, so now I have 2 fighters to fight Samurai. I haven’t purchased Tai-Jitsu Lois yet, but I really want to since it’s helpful and looks really cool. 😉 I now only need 1 rice ball to get the 6th building for phase 2. That’s the final building to drop stuff, so after that, I’ll focus on battling Samurai and Miyagi to unlock Johnny Lawrence and earn enough Samurai Headbands to buy Miyagi in the shop. After that, I’ll try to get as many rice balls as I can before finishing the phase 3 questline. That’s my strategy at least, but we’ll see how it goes. 😉 I might hold off on finishing the final part of the questline and check this site to see what phase 3 has in store before moving forward. 😊


  9. Wow can’t believe drop rates for quagmire only need 3 more kimono’s and I’ll have him not bad to say he came into the game yesterday


  10. Over 24 hours into phase 2 and still haven’t been able to attack a samurai as the contracts just aren’t dropping as much.

    Disappointing that Daniel-san and walking Joe can’t fight samurai too.

    I have Mr Washee and Mr Miyagi as characters already so was hoping they would have some more use them just as a villain to fight


  11. Hey its 11pm pacific 1-26 and I’ve been having trouble getting Peter into tasks. Anyone else have the same thing happening? I click on him and put him to the fight contract task, and log off. As soon as I come back he’s wandering the town… not sure what’s up but I’ve been trying to get him working over the last 4 hours to no avail.


    • Try putting him on task then visiting Ollieland, going back to your town, then exit your game. Go back in and see if he’s on his task now.


  12. Yep! That’s why I came here. To see if others are having the same problem. We need more now and they are harder to get. Sigh


  13. Love the warnings about the character timers. It’s always appreciated! So stoked about Johnny!

    While I was disappointed that “Bride” Lois was a premium buy, I couldn’t resist and picked her up. She’ll come in handy.

    This event rocks so far. It’s probably because I love martial arts! I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.


  14. they have in the FAQ that have Meg fight for popularity that drops fight contracts too now, but in my game she doesn’t ??


    • Mine did not show til it was triggered by a task. I will have to go back in SS to see which one… but she is on her task now and the drop does show up now. 🙂


  15. I don’t understand. Danny is of zero use this week? Well then what was the damn point in getting him!?


    • You still need the items the Nerds drop, he easily takes them out in a fight so you don’t waste resources. So… he is still useful. Then you can keep the others free for Samurai and Mr Miyagi.


  16. Just to help out, Meg can also earn fight contracts now, with her task “Fight for popularity”.


  17. Monique symonds

    Meg also drops contracts.


  18. So far with Lois the samarai has missed in three straight battles so even though her health is 8 she has been hard to hit. Not sure if others are having same luck.


  19. Anybody else suspect that TinyCo lowered the drop rate of contracts?


  20. Some Like It Hot Springs: Costs 5 (five) Rice Balls in my game


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