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Where the Hell….? Yogi Fighter Brian, Mr Washee Washee and more….

Take a little Kung, add a little Pow, mix it all together and what do you get? The Kung Pow Quahog event, that’s what. And with the event came Yogi Fighter Brian, “Street Fighting” and the return of Mr Washee Washee . Yes this latest event certainly brought some interesting stuff to our games didn’t it?

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Kung Pow Quahog – Foes & Fighters

Hey there Foe Fighters!!

With the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing I thought it was time we had a post where we could pull all the info on our Foes and of course, our Fighters, together.

In this post we will chart each Foe and the Fighters who can battle them. I will update it each Phase so you have a complete guide to who can fight who. But remember some foes were limited to a particular phase only – their Phase is noted in their info). Continue reading

Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Mr Washee Washee

Hey there wishy washers!!

With the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing there are some questions arising about Fighting Mr Washee Washee. Again I’m sorry we didn’t get a guide to this up sooner, it was another on Bunny’s to do list but as I said previously she wasn’t able to get her posts together, so I’m going to do another quick guide now.  I hope it will address some of the concerns and questions arising in the comments. And I also want thank players such as Chris K, Cathy Oney, Rach, Christo, Jessica and Schlubadub who have been kindly sharing their experience of the battles etc in the comments to try help answer other players questions that I haven’t been able to straight away. That kind of reader feedback is so appreciated in busy events like this. So thanks again  guys.

In this post I will go over the Basics of the Mr Washee Washee fight, in order to try to help you as you will need to defeat him to unlock Daniel LaRusso and to progress in the main Questline Pt 8, so take a peek below and see if this resolves your questions/issues. Continue reading

Character Profile: Mr Washee Washee

Washee’s Back! Back Again!

Yes, Mr Washee Washee is making his third appearance, and unlike his second coming this time he’s back as a freemium unlockable character in our games.

Let’s take a look at what Mr Washee Washee can do in our silly lil games.
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Do I Want That? Walking Joe

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?



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Kung Pow Quahog Is LIVE – Updated & Complete

And suddenly addicts are Kung Pow fighting, and spending resources faster than lightning. Yes, fellow karate kids, there’s a new event in town and it’s full on believe me. So let’s take a look at what Kung Pow Quahog has in store for us.

WARNING: Daniel Larusso is timed, repairing the cherry tree will activate the 7 day timer you have to unlock him. Be aware the main Questline Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 4 will direct you to the cherry tree, so if you want to delay the timer don’t complete this part of the Questline until you’re ready.


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Mobsters Event Poll: Where are YOU?

Hey there Mafioso!

I decided I wanted to take a little time today just to see where all the Players on our site are at, so… POLL TIME.

Feel free to take a look at all the questions and answers all those that apply to you and your game play. As for the simple comments options, please keep them to the point. The more extensive comment options, please be specific in your information. Constructive Criticism is VERY helpful. (In other words, don’t just say “this sucks”. Instead explain why something is not working as you feel it should and offer some ways of how you feel it can work better. Even offer some tips of what to do to make it better. We ALL benefit from Constructive Criticism.)

So take a peek below and let us know where YOU are in the Mobsters Event!


Mobster Event Poll: Where are YOU? 


3rd Challenge Live In Game: Legal Eagle

UPDATE 6/29: Getting reports the Challenge hit… again… but changed. But will wait for more clarification from TinyCo on it. Will Update once I get the results. 

The New Challenge is now… 

6 Armored Trucks

7 Gurl Scouts

5 Cookie Couriers
Have Mr. Washee Washee Mr. Washee Street Fight

I have already passed on my thoughts for the Challenge directly to TinyCo. Feel free to do so as well directly from your game messaging. 


Side Note: Mr Sulu Tapes will now be and ALWAYS drop from Couriers!! WOOHOO!!

Hey there Mafioso!

We now have another Challenge in our games. As usual, Peter will have a ! over his head. Tapping on him will start it.

The 3rd Challenge:  LEGAL EAGLE! 

Legal Eagle

Back with more of a Break Down and my thoughts in just a bit…

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