Where the Hell….? Yogi Fighter Brian, Mr Washee Washee and more….

Take a little Kung, add a little Pow, mix it all together and what do you get? The Kung Pow Quahog event, that’s what. And with the event came Yogi Fighter Brian, “Street Fighting” and the return of Mr Washee Washee . Yes this latest event certainly brought some interesting stuff to our games didn’t it?

Now anyone with a little knowledge of 1990’s gaming will recognise the Street Fighter brand when they see it, and I think it’s very safe to say the Kung Pow Quahog event was influenced by this game franchise. This is obvious from the fight screens right through to some of the character costumes released during the event, there can be no doubt these costumes are based on some very well known Street Fighters. Yogi Fighter Brian is definitely Dhalism in disguise whilst Kung Pow Chicken is a finger licking good parody of Akuma. And finally although Peter was seen in his GI gear in the Family Guy episode Believe it or not, Joe’s walking on air, TinyCo have obviously given him an upgrade, modelling him on the Street Fighter Ryu. But don’t take my word for it, just look at the images below to see what I see.


But where have we seen these characters and more before? Well some of them were in the Family Guy TV show of course. Yogi Fighter Brian, Mr Washee Washee and a Street Fighter parody have all appeared in the show, so join me on a journey down memory lane as we stroll through their Family Guy appearances.

Sibling Rivalry – Season 4, Episode 22

Peter is in a panic, he’s worried that Lois might be pregnant again, and it would appear the fear of number four has affected Peter’s memory as he lists his kids he not only includes a host of well know TV characters but also a bunch of Street Fighters, namely Blanka, Zangief, Chun-Li, Guile and E. Honda. Guess this is where we can make an “I am your father” joke or two, lol

Tiegs For Two – Season 9, Episode 14

All the drama starts when Peter gets it into his head that Lois’ trusted dry cleaner, Mr Washee Washee, has stolen his white shirt. By the way Peter reacts you’d think it was the actual shirt off his back, oh wait a minute it was wasn’t it?


No matter how much Mr Washee Washee proclaims his innocence, Peter is having none of it, even Lois can’t convince him to let it go and a simmering feud develops which leads to one of Family Guy’s funniest moments in my opinion, an epic battle between Peter and Mr Washee Washee Street Fighter II style. And any eagle eyed Street Fighter fans will probably recognise the arena as that of E. Honda’s.


Anyway much to our amusement Mr Washee Washee kicks Peter’s butt, and just to add to his misery Peter then finds himself arrested and locked up. And it was all over a white shirt. Wow.

Road To India – Season 14, Episode 20

There’s a quick nod to Street Fighter in the credits of this crazy episode that inspired the recent Bollywood Event. And it’s here we get the first glimpse of Yogi Fighter Brian, as he appears dressed as Dhalism alongside Stewie in a Street Fighter battle mode pose.


So there you have it, the origins of Yogi Fighter Brian and Mr Washee Washee, with a little bit of Street Fighter thrown in. Do you remember these episodes? Or have you never seen them? Do you now plan to watch them?

~ Russian Tigger

3 responses to “Where the Hell….? Yogi Fighter Brian, Mr Washee Washee and more….

  1. A bit unrelated but the next event will be a valentines event called “undercover gigg-elo”
    Just got a ad ingame for a stewie pimp skin for the next event.


  2. Was the golden dragon in an episode or was he just made up for this event? He’s hilarious!


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