New Event Teaser – Undercover Gigg-Olo

For a minute I thought TinyCo had lost their minds and had decided to bring Elton John into our games, but then I put on my not so big glasses and realised what I was seeing was just little ole Pimp Stewie.

Yes, it looks like our Valentine Gift from TinyCo has arrived, and rather than give us chocolates and flowers, they’ve chosen to tease us with a little glimpse into the future and a discount on a new premium character costume.

The first thing that happens with any new event teaser is we get a chorus of Who, What, Where and When in the comments. Well I don’t know anymore than what the in-game teaser is telling us, and that’s that a new event, Undercover Gigg-olo, is coming to our games soon. And if TinyCo are true to form we might see it shortly after Kung Pow Quahog leaves our games on the 15th February. But that’s just me speculating, we really just need to wait and see.

And to pique our interest even more they’ve pre-released one of the upcoming character costumes from the event at a reduced price. Yes Pimp Stewie is available for 48 hours only at the discounted price of 200 clams, that’s a saving of 20%, his price after the 48hrs this will be 250 clams. So if you want him, get him now. You can see full details by tapping on the offer button at the bottom right of your screens.


Tapping this will bring you up the Valentine’s Day Sneak Peek screen. You can purchase Pimp Stewie from here or through your character tab in your shopping cart. But remember the reduced price is a limited time offer.


However be aware TinyCo give no indications of how useful he will be in the event. But it’s Stewie so I’ve dropped the clams and he’s now doing some Night Fever moves in my game.


What do you think of the teaser? And what about Pimp Stewie, are you going to ‘pick’ him up? Did you already? If so, thoughts on him? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


31 responses to “New Event Teaser – Undercover Gigg-Olo

  1. Looks like pimp stewie will actually be pretty helpful. Take a look at the help. Info posted already. Event ends 2/22.


  2. When will the next event start


  3. I got him. I’ll buy any Stewie outfit. His actions for this one are funny. I still put him in the duck outfit from time to time to hear “Quak Quaaaaaaaaak”.


  4. I might buy this one.Im just hoping its going to be useful,but its looks pretty cool.


  5. what ever happenend to that choice of ending events early think was only given to us once


  6. don’t buy it just a skin not character like pac man


  7. “However, be aware TinyCo give no indications of how useful he will be in the event.” Ugh, that’s the scary part – I’m not against paying for a costume if it will help make the event fun and is a critical character…but…

    The only reason I think he might be useful is that Stewie has been really underutilized during the last few events, but that’s pure speculation…hmmmm…shoot…and for you Seinfeld fans, imagine Jerry grimacing as he balls up his fist…”TinyCo!”


  8. so wait rhe next event is going to be about Valentine’s Day? after actual Valentine’s Day? Lol🤔🤔🤔🤔


  9. Handsome Peter skin coming too… if you go into Facespace and click on it, it says “Get from Love Out of this world!”


    • Handsome Peter was released as part of 2015 Valentine event then again last year in the Love Is Out Of This World Mystery Box. It’s not a new costume.


  10. 200 clams for a skin and they call this a gift? Wow how times have changed…!

    I assume it’s a skin only, no separate character right? Think I’m gonna pass on that one.

    But I do really like the current event and the fact that there were six reasonably easy to get freemium characters. Let’s hope this is a precursor of future events and not a statistical blip 😉


  11. Is he a char or just a skin? Even discounted, 200 clams is crazy for a skin.


  12. told ya it’s gonna be valentin-y 🙂


  13. Thanks for the rundown … Interesting is the only word that comes to mind.
    Not something that I’m totally excited about but that’s because I have no idea with what’s coming next so I can’t judge … Will have to wait and see!
    I was thinking … Do you know how you play TSTO on and off, have you ever done a ‘TSTO VS FGTQFS’ post? – With pros, cons and a conclusion. If not, you should.


    • I play TSTO regular and I’ve actually wrote a series comparing the games, just not had time to final prep the finished poststo use them anywhere yet, been busy with event posts here.

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    • I play both, so if you don’t mind, I will just give my two cents.

      Both are quite different games, in terms of difficulty (FG is more difficult in terms of completing challenges, events, and getting new characters), and beautification (FG is less flexible, in the sense that it does not have rivers, monorails, but has tons of decorations). A third difference is that you have to be a partially premium player to complete all events, and get all characters, but on the other hand, this is very possible to be achieved for TSTO, as long as you log in every 4 hours, or so. The race against time factor in FG is much more critical than TSTO, so stress level is higher, in my view.

      Conclusion, there is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ game, but depends on your support for either FG or TSTO. Likelihood is that you will play the game more if you are a fan of the show. For me, I grew up watching Simpsons, so its just ilke rekindling old memories. In my recent years, I watched FG, and appreciate its humor and sarcasm. So, I split my time evenly between these 2 games. But if there’s a character I wanted to get (badly), like Golden Dragon in the recent event, I would dedicate much more time to FG.

      End of the day, just try not to neglect your actual life, though your mind could be unconsciously geared towards a 4-hour cycle to log in and tap. Most important, is to have fun and enjoy the game!

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