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Undercover Gigg-Olo Character Profile: Charmisse

Hey Addicts who wants to give a character a home? 

Well if you do then look no further than the new premium character, Charmisse

So let’s take a look at what Charmisse can do in our silly lil games.

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New Event Teaser – Undercover Gigg-Olo

For a minute I thought TinyCo had lost their minds and had decided to bring Elton John into our games, but then I put on my not so big glasses and realised what I was seeing was just little ole Pimp Stewie.

Yes, it looks like our Valentine Gift from TinyCo has arrived, and rather than give us chocolates and flowers, they’ve chosen to tease us with a little glimpse into the future and a discount on a new premium character costume.

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