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Mobsters Event Poll: Where are YOU?

Hey there Mafioso!

I decided I wanted to take a little time today just to see where all the Players on our site are at, so… POLL TIME.

Feel free to take a look at all the questions and answers all those that apply to you and your game play. As for the simple comments options, please keep them to the point. The more extensive comment options, please be specific in your information. Constructive Criticism is VERY helpful. (In other words, don’t just say “this sucks”. Instead explain why something is not working as you feel it should and offer some ways of how you feel it can work better. Even offer some tips of what to do to make it better. We ALL benefit from Constructive Criticism.)

So take a peek below and let us know where YOU are in the Mobsters Event!


Mobster Event Poll: Where are YOU?