Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Mr Washee Washee

Hey there wishy washers!!

With the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing there are some questions arising about Fighting Mr Washee Washee. Again I’m sorry we didn’t get a guide to this up sooner, it was another on Bunny’s to do list but as I said previously she wasn’t able to get her posts together, so I’m going to do another quick guide now.  I hope it will address some of the concerns and questions arising in the comments. And I also want thank players such as Chris K, Cathy Oney, Rach, Christo, Jessica and Schlubadub who have been kindly sharing their experience of the battles etc in the comments to try help answer other players questions that I haven’t been able to straight away. That kind of reader feedback is so appreciated in busy events like this. So thanks again  guys.

In this post I will go over the Basics of the Mr Washee Washee fight, in order to try to help you as you will need to defeat him to unlock Daniel LaRusso and to progress in the main Questline Pt 8, so take a peek below and see if this resolves your questions/issues.

For the Main Event Post, go HERE

For the Main Phase 1 Questline, go HERE

You’ll find a post that will be updated each Phase to include our Foes and who can fight them HERE.


Mr Washee Washee  will appear when you start Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 4, this is when you will see Mr Washee Washee start to show off his battle moves in the event arena.



First, you will need to collect Laundry Detegents, each fight costs 2 Laundry Detergents.

Laundry Detergent (Always): Get from Clearning Nerds

If you do NOT have the amount of Laundry Detergent required, you will see “NEED MORE LAUNDRY DETERGENTS” on the Battle screen no matter what Character you select.

Once you have 2 Laundry Detergents, then “FIGHT” will appear once you select your Character/Characters.


Just tap on Mr Washee Washee in the battle arena, now when the Battle Screen appears you will immediately see where he differs from the Nerds. Firstly on the positive side as you can see you can use up to 3 fighters to attack Mr Washee Washee during an attack, but on the downside you will see he’s not only much stronger than the Nerds but he also packs a more powerful punch. His Health = 16 and his Attack Power = 16. Ouch!!!

Tap on +  to add the Character/Characters you want to use for the current Battle and a check mark will appear on them. If you want just one, that is fine. Then tap on “GO” to take you back to Battle Screen. (If you see a lock on the Character, you do not have them available)

Also remember a character cannot battle whilst busy doing another task. They can however do tasks between battles or whilst healing.


The Characters you can use will depend on WHO you have unlocked…

Dojo Peter: Health 8, Attack Power 4, Critical Hit Chance 20

Walking Joe: Health 8, Attack Power 4, Critical Hit Chance 50

Daniel LaRusso: Health 12, Attack Power 8, Critical Hit Chance 20


Health – The amount of damage you can take before you’re knocked out.

Attack Power – The standard damage you can do to your opponents health during an attack.

Critical Hit Chance– The higher the number the higher the odds of you doing a critical hit to your opponent. These are random, basically look at it like a lucky strike where you do more damage than your standard. These work on chance, you have no control over them, so really don’t think about it too much. Just know that it means you can knockout an opponent with one hit, but on the downside they can also do the same to you.

Now their Health and/or Attack Power it takes to defeat villans may change as the Event progresses, as we may see new villains to battle, as of know I am not sure on this… but we will have to see what happens as the Event progresses.


You can  fight with only one, and this post will be based firstly around using Dojo Peter as that’s the only fighter I have unlocked just now. But I will also show you the combos of fighters that Bunny has used in her test game later.

But if you’ve not purchased Walking Joe, don’t panic as you ONLY NEED ONE CHARACTER TO BATTLE but be aware you will need to do multiple attacks to win unless you strike it lucky with a critical hit to Mr Washee Washee, and I’m thinking the chances of that happening are probably very low, but I’m currently fighting away with just Dojo Peter and progressing okay. However I’m not going to lie, it’s been a lot of work to keep pace playing completely freemium.

Now that you have the Basics, let’s look at a fight so you can see how things go down.


Look in your Event area and you will see him strutting his stuff in the battle arena.

Tap on a him and you will see the Battle Screen, here you will see….

  • How much Damage he can Inflict on your Character (fist) – 16
  • How much Damage it will take to Defeat him (health bar) – 16
  • How much Damage you can inflict on him (fist) – 4
  • How much Damage it will take to defeat you (health bar) – 8
  • The chance of a Critical Hit on him
  • The amount of Laundry Detergents you need to fight – 2
  • The rewards you will get for defeating Mr Washee Washee

So if you use Dojo Peter, you have pretty dreadful odds as Peter can only inflict 4 Damage with each attack and it will take 16 damage to defeat Mr Washee Washee. And the odds are just as bad with regards your health, you only have 8 to Mr Washee Washee’s 16.  Mr Washee Washee can wipe out your health with one attack. So basically you’re attack power and health isn’t going see you win the battle quickly, it will take repeat attacks and healing time unless you get in a critical hit or two. But you can defeat Mr Washee Washee, you’re just going to have to chip away at his health gradually. It’s going to take patience. But don’t panic as he doesn’t heal, like your fighters do.

Now once the fight begins you can only sit back and watch how it progresses, you can’t control anything. You may see your Dojo Peter land a critical hit on Mr Washee Washee and knockout him out, or you may hit him attack and reduce his health by 4, or you may be unlucky and miss him altogether. And the same goes for the Mr Washee Washee, he may hit you and reduce your health by 8 points, which is enough to knockout Dojo Peter but then again he may miss you completely. Watching the fight you will see what happens, but as I say you can do nothing to influence the way it goes.

If you do a critical hit you will have cleared the Mr Washee Washee and you can just collect your rewards. If you miss him or just reduce his health you can attack again once you’ve healed and have enough Laundry Detergenys available.

Basically you need to keep attacking until his health hits 0.  If you do this then you win, and you’ll see this screen. Collect you rewards.


Obviously you increase your chances of defeating Mr Washee Washee by using more than one fighter in the battles, this option is only available to you if you’ve either purchased Walking Joe or/and clam unlocked Daniel LaRusso.

You can battle with 2 or 3 characters and you’ll see the benefits of these choices below.

Here you can see we’ve chosen Dojo Peter and Walking Joe and for the same fight cost of 2 detergents we can send both of them into battle, and you can see although our health is still only at 8 as these cant be combined, the attack power does increase as these can be combined Dojo Peter’s 4 + Walking Joe’s 4 = 8. So we can do more damage in the battle, so you’re odds of defeating Mr Washee Washee quicker are increasing.


You also get to see both your fighters in the arena. And you simply repeat this battle until Mr Washee Washee is defeated.


And again here’s even better odds, this example shows what you can do with a full house of fighters going into battle.


Here you can see we’ve chosen Walking Joe, Dojo Peter and Daniel LaRusso, and for the same fight cost of 2 detergents we can send all three of them into battle, and you can see although our health is still only at 8 and 12 as these cant be combined, the attack power does increase as this can be combined Dojo Peter’s 4 + Walking Joe’s 4 + Daniel LaRusso 8 = 16. So we can do more damage in the battle, so the odds of defeating Mr Washee Washee in one attack are now swinging in your favour.


You also get to see all three of your fighters in the arena. But remember although you should defeat Mr Washee Washee with this combo of attack there is a chance you could miss in an attack and need to battle again.



If you are knocked out and lose all your health then you need to heal your fighter/fighters.


Each time your Character/Characters go into Battle, they will take Damage. Once their health hits 0 in order to be able to use them again they must heal from that back to their full Capacity. Please note your fighter/fighters  will not start to heal if they haveonly lost health, they must be at 0 health.

There are a few ways to Heal your Character/Characters. First tap on any Nerd and then go to the Character Select Screen (tap on +). Here you will see your Character has taken Damage and “HEAL” is showing over them.

You will see the time to heal (7hrs is standard time to restore fighters to full health), and below this a button to allow you to heal them immediately either using premium revive potions bought from the store or if you have no revive potions, you will get a message telling you the clam cost to heal your fighter instantly.



This will depend on where you are in the game but here is a general idea of Payouts.

6 Rice Balls (Always)
1 Ramen Cup  (Always)


  • Collect Laundry Detergents
  • Tap Mr Washee Washee
  • Pick Character/Characters that will cause the most Damage and win the Battle
  • Collect Reward

There you have it, the overall idea of the Mr Washee Washee Battles. Again I’m sorry this has been thrown together later than I’d hoped but I hope it answers some of your questions. Also be aware that players are reporting that once you purchase Meditation Falls from the Temple, Mr Washee Washee vanishes and is no longer available to battle in the arena.

How are you doing in the Battles? Does this help you more? Any other tips you would offer fellow Players? Any more questions on the Battles not covered? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

33 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Mr Washee Washee

  1. Does Mr. Washee Washee heal? I haven’t attacked him yet, but it seems like every once in a while he disappears so I wonder if he’s on some kind of a timer. If i do damage and then he goes away, I wonder if I have to start from scratch when he reappears. Thanks!


  2. is mr. washee-washee present in phase 2? i didnt start yet phase 2, but he is a nice income of rice balls


  3. Since Washee Washee one hits Peter no matter what, and you fight just as good no matter what your health is, it seems that the most effective strategy is to fight a nerd first, then fight Washee Washee when Peter is at 4 health. (If you don’t finish the nerd you can just fight him again later.)


  4. I wasn’t sure where to put this but I can’t get into my game because of this message error. I sent an e-mail to tinyco but they haven’t responded yet.

    Error: Json file, kungfu_wk2_mystery_box_opened_FG_47465_v5.json, not exists. Call FileCacheManager::findFile and assure it exists before looking in JsonCache.


  5. They have this new mystery box, nothing I really liked or wanna except for stewie Ninja and bam got it first time. .dam thats a first for me but woo hoo. I’m actually , so far, digging this event but I must say originally I thought this was going to be a wack event.


  6. They are a bit ridiculous with the clams charges!
    If it were coins, I have 10M I have little use for!


    • I am over 50 million coins now. TinyCo really needs to make available some of the old characters for purchase for 1 million coins each — like Will Riker, Koolaid Man, Bottomtooth, Human Rupert, etc.

      At least have some Mystery Boxes for 1 million coins per try.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Is anyone else having issues with their rice ball totals not displaying correctly? Defeated Washee and was at 30. Went to Ollieland to collect clam, returned and it went down to 24. Support, as usual, is of no help telling me it’s just a visual glitch. But unable to answer when I will get my 6 back. Recommend people take screen shots whenever rice balls get added to your total.


    • We’ve had few players commenting about this, not experienced it myself though, but watching my totals.


    • Yes, it has happened a few times in my game. I have been keeping a close eye on my total ever since. I saw recently that another extra 6 had been added to my total (which I did not earn). After saving my game though, the total adjusted itself. So the game was just correcting itself, not taking ones that I had actually earned away from me.

      It is best to remember how many you have and also keep track each time you gain new rice balls (3 for trading for white belts – 6 for defeating Mr. Washee Washee). If the total ends up more than that – go to Ollieland (the game saves each time you go to Ollieland) and return back to Quahog again. The game should correct itself and show the proper total of rice balls that you actually do have in your game.


    • Yep, I am having that problem. I just finally defeated Mr WW for the first time and it said I had 9 rice balls. I then tried to get the Tweenage Mutant turtle thing which only takes 6, but it was telling me I didn’t have enough, even though it said 9 at the top of my screen. When I reloaded the game, suddenly it said I only have 3 rice balls. Took a screen shot so I wonder if I should send it to tinyco.


  8. I just started my first battle this morning. It’s good to know that the ramen cup is guaranteed. I was a little worried about that. My only other concern is having enough paint brushes for Daniel. Its gonna be close.


  9. I got really lucky last night, I must admit… I had only Peter attacking (4 vs 16), and Mr WW missed, and I guess my Critical Hit did 16 damage to him, so I defeated him with a single Peter battle! Woohoo! Now I just need 1 more Paint Brush to get Daniel, and I’m ready for Phase 2. (Disclaimer: While I am playing Freemium, I do rush tasks with clams, where it helps, but only using clams I earned for free. I have more clams now than when the event started. I have not bought any Premium buildings or characters… yet. ;-))


  10. Mr washee washee has a change to do 8 and 4 damage but it’s a small change. My dojo peter survived a fight with him thanks to the 4 damage


    • Yes, just like you can get a critical hit, you can get a weak or miss hit, it’s completely random but adds a little something to the fight mechanism for me.


  11. i beat him hes back again now not worried about him second time as need to fight nerds 4 brushes


  12. Aww thanks! I do see now that Mr washee has 3+. I guess I assumed you could only use one like with the nerds. I’d been fighting him one at a time. Thanks for the heads up.


  13. Does Mr. Washee-Washee do 16 total spread out over defenders or 16 to each defender? I ask because if it is the former, he has an unknown critical chance as I had all three defenders fully healed (8+8+12=28 health) and he KO’d my whole team.


    • His attack power is 16 against any fighter, so any fighter with less than 16 health can be taken out with one hit from him, so like you saw he can take out your whole team in one attack.


    • I attacked him with 3 defenders and he did a total of 16 damage spread out to the three of them. So all 3 of my defenders lost 5 or 6 hit points each.


  14. I defeated him, but it took 4 battles with just Peter. I’m about to unlock Daniel freemium.


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