Quahog Heat 101: Bank Rooms & Investigations

Hey there Addicts, fancy a bit of snooping?

It’s time to play a game of cops and robbers on a host of investigations to see who you can catch. Hopefully there won’t be any nasty surprises and just lots of robbers and a Boss Bertram to boot.

In this post, I will be going over the Basics of the Bank area, the Rooms, and the various Rewards.

For more information on the Main Event, go to the Event Page HERE


In order to gain access to all the Bank Rooms in the Event Area you need to be at Pt. 2 of the main Questline The Color Of Dirty Money.


There will be 3 Rooms available to you.  You’ll find more info on each room later in the post.

The rooms are: 1: Window Tellers; 2: Security Office and 3: The Vault.


In order to send your characters on Investigations to the various Rooms, you will need to earn Police Tape.  Here is where you can get it.

 Police Tape (Rare): Get from Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Erik Estrada Snack On Chips OR Discount Detective Agency OR Purchase from Store


Angry Lois  image image Chopper Cop Quagmire

There are 4 characters, 3 are freemium and 1 is premium.

They are: Lois, Miami Cop Peter, Erik Estrada and Chopper Cop Quagmire (premium). Different characters can go on Investigations to different rooms, more on that later.


Each Room has a different Cost and can use different Characters that will be used to go on the Investigation and gain Rewards. However they all take the same time to complete, 1 hour and 30 minutes. You send the character/s off, and then wait the 1 hour and 30 minutes to see what they find.  While they are gone, the Characters cannot be used for anything else as they are essentially on a “Task” and vice versa. Each Room has a Guarantee to give you at least 3 Donuts for the Investigation.


As soon as you go to the bank in the event area you will be able to choose one of the 3 rooms. Tap on the Room Number, (here I’ve chosen 3, The Vault), and you will see the Investigation Screen with the time listed. But as I said they all take 1 hour and 30 minutes of our precious time.


As soon as you tap on a Room you’ll be taken to the Rooms Main Screen. From here you can you will see the possible Rewards that Room has a “Chance” at dropping and below this the always drop of Donuts.


As soon as you tap on a room you will be taken to the Rooms Main Screen. From here will see at the very bottom center the Amount of Police Tape you will need in order to go on an Investigation in that Room.

You can also see to the left of this the amount of Police Tape “Owned” at the time.


As soon as you tap on a Room you will be taken to the Rooms Main Screen where you will see on the Left Side of the Screen the list of Characters you can use for the Investigation. You will see you need at least 1 character but there are 3 spots that can be filled, allowing you to send 2 characters if you have them. You will see a tick against any character you’ve chosen to send and they will appear in one of the spots in the middle of the screen.

If the Character has a lock symbol, it is due to you not having them in the game yet. If the Character is grayed out, it is because they are busy on another Task and can’t be used.


As soon as you tap on a Room. you will see off to the Left the Characters that can be used on the Investigation and in the Right of the Screen the Items you have a “Chance” of getting. Each is set right away at a specific “Chance” of Low, Medium, or High.

As you tap on a Character and add them to the Investigation, you can see if that increases the “Chance”of the item you want to a better rating. The higher rating, the better Chance you have of them bringing that Item back from the Investigation.

In the end, it is still just Chance of what you will get. See what Character Combos work best for YOU and give you the results you want.


Once you tap “START” when you have the Characters you want and the correct amount of Police Tape, you will see another screen appear recapping all you have just picked and the results.

It will list how much longer until the Characters return, what Characters were sent, what you have a “Chance” at getting and the degree of “Chance”, the Guaranteed Reward in case you get nothing else, and the Clam cost to complete the Investigation right now.

During the Investigation time you won’t be able to access the room and will see a clock above it.


And once the Investigation is complete a check mark will appear, click on this to finish up the job.



You can see the Reward they brought back by tapping on the Room. Tapping on “RAD” will bring those Rewards into your game.

Now let’s take an overall look at the individual Rooms.


Teller Windows
Cost of Investigation – 2 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Lois
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
4 Robbers (Chance)
1 Handcuffs – Will only show once you’ve placed Erik Estrada to unlock (Chance)


Security Office
Cost of Investigation – 3 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Lois OR/AND Miami Cop Peter
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
6 Robbers (Chance)
Boss Bertram (Chance)


The Vault
Cost of Investigation – 1 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Chopper Cop Quagmire OR/AND Erik Estrada
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
6 Donuts (Always)
4 Robbers (Chance)
Boss Bertram (Chance)

There you have the Basics of the Bank Room Investigations and all they can offer you for the Event.

What do you think of the Bank? Have you tried your luck at it yet? What results did you get from what combos?

~ Russian Tigger


45 responses to “Quahog Heat 101: Bank Rooms & Investigations

  1. PLMCSBGriffin

    Enjoying it on the whole but what the hell are this bloody donuts for that keep getting dropped with everything?!? They seem to me to be pretty useless! I can’t use them for anything! Am I being stupid or are they actually pointless?


  2. which is better ? to send each of Lois and Peter to a different room or to send them both to the second room ??


    • RussianTigger

      Depends on your priority, if you’re trying do bit everything, handcuffs, robbers, Betram then splitting them is probably only way to keep at the handcuffs. Of course a lot will depend on the Police Tape you have available to you. Once you have Erik, then the Vault becomes best room to Investugate cost wise.


  3. I’ve collected exactly six Police Tapes since Thursday morning. Two of Lois’s three trips to the Window Tellers have resulted in Donuts only. This game isn’t rewarding; it sets you up to fail.


  4. Update for Android was ready when I got up this morning (UK).Not so keen on this one. The gameplay seems almost identical to Kung-Pow Quahog, and again we have a ‘rare’ drop to make progress (Police Tape). I got the 2 ‘free’ ones, and 2 more after 8 hours (one per 4-hour round) since. I’m not going to activate Erik until I have more buildings, which looks like it could take a few days at this rate. Miami Cop Peter seems to be coming on quite well – almost halfway there on day 1. If I’m going to buy stuff with clams I’d rather it was a premium character with drops throughout the event rather than more buildings. We’ll see how it goes…


  5. just 2 police tapes from 2 tries (8 hrs) … Lois is in the bank teller room right now .. let’s hope i get some robbers so i can get to collecting items …


  6. I’m having an issue where progress isn’t being recorded. By that I mean I sent the 3 characters off to collect tape, 4hrs later (almost to the minute) I opened the game, collected tape (albeit only 1/3), sent them all back on the task, realised I had enough to send Lois to a room so did and then left my phone to lock itself.
    2hrs later I came back to see how the glasses or suntan lotion characters were getting on, then I see that all 3 tape characters were available to collect again and Lois wasn’t in the room – so it’s like the game/server forgot my progress/actions.

    3 times this has happened to me now over the past 2 days. I’ve even been doing the going to see Ollie and back trick to try and force the game to save my progress but doesn’t always seem to work.
    This only started happening in this event. Anyone else seen this or is it just me?


    • Sounds like your game is not syncing up. This can happen if you leave too soon, or do not make actions that force the game to save your progress (sometimes limited and/or low memory can impact this). My best suggestion is if you are seeing this, FORCE the game to sync before you leave. Travel to a neighbors or Ollie Land so it updates the progress.

      Also try some basic troubleshooting tips we offer on the site under a search of “crashing and lagging” to see if it helps too. 🙂


      • Traveling to Ollie land doesn’t really work, it can still fail to sync. The only way of forcing it to sync is to hit back, when the pop up appears to close the game press cancel, repeat 3 times. It’s the only way to make sure that the characters are doing their tasks and the app doesn’t hang.
        Constantly had problems until I started doing this, since then, no problems at all.


  7. Firstly, this is a really helpful and informative site. Thanks.
    As a relatively new player (I’ve not got Stewie yet!) I’ve already lost interest in this event due to the lack of any stuff being dropped. I’d prefer a better balance of being able to get involved in the game for free and choosing to pay for additional content if desired – not being forced to pay to take part in an event especially when it looks like we’d be spending hours on it for very little return.
    IMO the Gigg-Olo mini event was a lot better than this.


    • You will find each Event will have its ups n downs. The best I can offer is just to play and see how it goes. The game changes and adapts from one minute to the next, so things can seem impossible but then get better as you continue to play.

      This really is a thinking and strategy game. Something always challenging. Not a simple tap n go. So if that is the kind of game you are used to, this won’t be it. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂

      In short, the trick is to not try to get everything. Instead set small goals to get one item, then another, then another… fully knowing in the end that you may not get it all and be OK with that. We will always try to help players see what is ahead and help with strategy we see that will assist you to get items. As well as warn of items that are timed or that you probably want to stay away from unless you want to personally pay to get them. Overall, this has not ever been nor will ever be a simple game. Just got to see if it is one suited for you and you will enjoy it. If not, that’s OK. 🙂


    • Have been playing freemium since the game was first introduced. My experience has been to accept the fact I won’t be able to earn anything introduced in definitely in the last phase of every event & often things introduced in the second to last phase. Although this game can be fun to play, the frustration that comes with each event keeps me from spending money. I find it can be worth some of my free time, but so far, not worth my entertainment dollars.


  8. I’m sorry Charmisse. Can you tell I’m irritated!? Lol


  9. Yeah I’m not liking this one either. I mean really? I go 4 hours and first time around all 3 got nothing. Not one police tape! So next 4 hours I get 2 outta 3. Send Lois for 1 1/2 hr. Nothing. Wait the remaining 2 1/2 hrs. Again 2 outta 3 tapes. Let’s see what Lois gets this time. Oh and I’ve managed to get 1 pair of sunglasses. That’s it!!

    I love the theme but this get this (maybe) to get this (maybe) to get that (another maybe) is ridiculous!! I would rather stay in the mini game with Charlamain. Or whatever her name was. Least I was getting somewhere. Lol.


    • I got 0/3, 0/3, 1/3, 1/3, 0/3 – TinyCo need to make some quick tweak to get the event ff and running


      • Agree, I;m 1/9, only Chris has dropped a single tape, this one is off to a bad start…


      • I did message TinyCo to let them know that they have a lot of angry customers on their hands now, don’t know if that will do anything, but they need to know people (myself included) are pretty discouraged…which is not what they want…


      • I agree, it’s the same problem again. But normally they fix it at some point so keep fingers crossed.

        But I’m also getting event fatigue big time now, this is the tenth or so event that follows exactly the same scheme, I mean exactly to the last bit of programming code, except that it’s a different theme. I have basically stopped playing this event now, it’s just too boring to do the same over and over and over again.

        I think they really need to do some new programming and come up with a new event type rather than recycling the same old bits of programming code forever and ever 😉

        So good luck to all players and I’ll see you on the other side.


        • It would be good to see a few new event structures appear, one to add new elements to our play and second to stop the coding errors and glitches from previous events simply moving into the next event this format is used for. I believe this is where some of the issues come from and why they keep being repeated.


          • Couldn’t agree more, hope they listen. 🙂


            • PS on the plus side it’s actually quite nice not going for an event for once, I’m much more relaxed knowing I only need to log in once a day to collect the TV clams, the daily tan lines quest and Black Jesus’ task. Maybe that rehab could be useful to others too? 😉


              • You thinking of starting a little time out group 😀😀. Glad you’re still popping in with comments


                • Haha I think a separate group is a bit OTT but maybe write a guest article? I mentioned this to others before, I think people tend to get way too stressed about this game. So having a break (and a kit kat) might be the right thing to calm down again.

                  And yes I’m still following the site, you need to know what’s going on right 😉


                  • RussianTigger

                    You’re just watching to make sure were behaving, after all while the Chris is away, the addicts will play 😀

                    And seriously Bunny is always open to guest posts, it’s how I ended up here, so send her your thoughts to familyguyaddicts@gmail.com


  10. 2nd try at the Teller Window room and nothing. i’ve got nothig at all so far No robbers or anything. jus wasted police tape and an hour and a hour and a half twice lol Booo


  11. I am so glad I checked here. I bought the Quagmire skin and have not been using it! Now I know that the Vault is the bestplace I should be doing stuff (when the task to battle Bertram popped up, it was sending me to Room #2).

    Thank you!


  12. Another epic fail, do this for a chance of that, trade said items that you done worked for for that chance of getting another item that you need to go forward. Go back to the good ol days TCO,. Stop forcing ppl to pay to play. Sorry Addicts, just wanted to vent.


  13. How do I get police scanners for Miami Cop Peter? In the game it says they come from investigating the teller windows, but I didn’t get any from doing that and you don’t list it here. Where do I get police scanners from?


  14. so i need 2 or 3 police tapes (4hrs task – rare drop) to investigate the bank for 1hr30 to find robbers (chance?) who give me medical samples (chance?) that i can use to get police badges which i can then use to get buildings ?? that’s way too complicated !!


  15. Can anyone confirm if the scanners needed for Miami Cop Peter are indeed dropping when investigating the Teller Window? It doesn’t seem to show up as one of the possible drops. I’ve only done it twice, and haven’t gotten any, but it might just be me.


    • Click on the little robber chance box in the Teller Window or other room, you will see it’s actually the Robbers that drop them not the room.


  16. Just FYI, the 1.39.0 update hasn’t reached the Kindle Appstore yet.


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