Can you feel it coming in the air tonight Aadicts ? Yes the new Quahog Heat Event is here.

The latest event is available, but you’ll need to update through your devices App Store. I’m seeing version 1.39.0 on IOS and I’m updated and off and running in the event but as of now no update showing on Android, Kindle etc. for Bunny & Lotty, so as I gather info all I can put up just now is TinyCo’s FAQ, sorry!!! Remember I play like you guys, I don’t have access to Bunny’s test game, and until update available on Android neither does she. Just remember TinyCo FAQs frequently contain wrong information, that’s why we verify info, as soon as e can we will get you a post full of updated and verified info up.

But for now be aware Erik Estrada is timed, you’ve got 7 days once you place him, which you will be directed to do at Pt 4 of the main Questline The Color of Dirty Money.

You’ll find our LIVE post that’s full of info verified in our games available HERE.

Quahog Heat FAQs

Quahog Heat event end?
Quahog Heat ends on March 20th at 3:00PM (PST).

How do I investigate rooms at the Bank?
Characters can be sent on investigations once you reach The Color of Dirty Money Pt. 2 and have the required amount of Police Tape. Tap on one of the rooms labelled 1, 2, or 3 in the 80s Beach Boardwalk to send characters on an investigation there. Send multiple characters on an investigation to increase your chances of finding Bertram and his Robbers.

How do I get Police Tape?
Police Tape is required to send characters on investigations. It can be purchased from the shop or obtained in the following ways:
– Have Mort Repurpose Police Tape
– Have Chris Investigate Scary Woods
– The Discount Detective Agenc

How do I get Medical Samples?
Medical Samples come from tapping on Robbers and Fighting Bertram. Medical Samples can be exchanged for Detective Badges at The Hot Police Station.

How do I battle Bertram?
To battle Bertram, you must first bust him in either The Security Office or The Vault at the Bank. After finding him, Bertram will wait for you at The Helipad for 24 hours until you defeat him. Tapping on Bertram at The Helipad will give you the option to battle him with Miami Vice Peter or Chopper Cop Quagmire. Once Bertram’s health reaches 0, you will have to bust him at the Bank again.

How do I get Chopper Cop Quagmire?
Chopper Cop Quagmire is an outfit that can be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits for 270 Clams. He can be sent on investigations at the Bank and helps battle Bertram.

How do I get Miami Cop Peter?
Miami Cop Peter Peter can be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits with:
– 10 Shades
– 6 Bronzers
– 12 Police Scanners

How do I get Shades?
Shades can be obtained in the following ways:
– Have Jerome Wear Sunglasses at Night
– Get from The Lush Lagoon Swim-Up Bar

Hoe do I get Bronzer?
Bronzer can be obtained in the following ways:
– Have Bruce Get a Tan
– Have Joe Dress Like a Beach Bum

How do I get Police Scanners?
Police Scanners can be obtained in the following ways:
– Clearing Robbers

How do I unlock Erik Estrada? ***TIMED***
Erik Estrada becomes available after reaching The Color of Dirty Money Pt. 4. Once you activate his timer, you will have 7 days to complete the quest to unlock him. He can be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits with:
– 8 Handcuffs
– 11 Bike Gloves
– 3 Motorcycle Boots
– 6 Fan Mail
– Have Miami Cop Peter Confiscate Evidence

How do I get Handcuffs?
Handcuffs can be obtained in the following ways:
– Investigate the Teller Windows
– Get from Neon Tower

How do I get Bike Gloves?
Bike Gloves can be obtained in the following ways:
– Get from the Beverly Hills Art Gallery
– Have Joe Investigate Low Prices
– Have Herbert Wear Arthritis Gloves

How do I get Motorcycle Boots?
Motorcycle Boots can be obtained in the following ways:
– Defeating Bertram

How do I get Fan Mail?
Fan Mail can be obtained in the following ways:
– Get from Po-Po a Go-Go Bar

How do I get Detective Badges?
Detective Badges are used to purchase items at Luxury Wheels & Deals. They are obtained by exchanging Medical Samples at The Hot Police Station.

How do I get Donuts?
Donuts are special currency which are used to purchase event-specific items in the shop. They can be earned by investigating rooms at the Bank, completing quests and by battling Bertram.

Once again sorry about the delay with verified info, but it’s Bunny’s domain and she’s not managed get the info pulled as no Android update yet, I’ll do it as quick as I can. Until then have fun.

~ Russian Tigger







26 responses to “Quahog Heat – TINYCO FAQ ONLY

  1. As Paul Mentioned in an earlier post, Jerome does indeed collect POLICE TAPE by searching the lost and found (4hr. action) and Bonnie will collect SHADES by Buying shutter shades (6hr. Action).
    On a side note… It seems incredibly difficult to obtain police tape. Not sure why Tiny Co. feels the need to make something so intricate to making any progress within the game a rare drop item. Also the lush lagoon swim up bar isn’t dropping shades on the regular. It’s a 6hr. action that’s only dropping at a 25% rate to this point. So frustrating.


    • I tested out the Shades in my games, they dropped pretty accurate to what they are set at. Sorry your luck is not best. As far as tapes, I have addressed the concerns with TinyCo. 🙂


  2. android users…on your computer, go to google play…request install on your mobile device(even though you have it installed)…go to your mobile….update will install with installation…..strange but it works.


  3. My friend is having problems with the tape dropping I am getting 2/3 a time since this morning. But their getting hardly any at all


  4. For the Android players: You can start the event already if you know someone with an iOS device. Simply log in to your account on their device. This will start of the event (and do 1 or 2 tasks just to be sure). Now log out at your friends device and go back to your own Android device where the event will now be live for you too.


  5. Hooray, this should be easy enough. Looking forward to building lots of Kwik-E-Marts to collect donuts. Oh, no hang on a minute, something ‘aint right… :-/

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I see the people with i phones are already playing the event when will the update be avaliable for ppl with andro_ids?


  7. Android players once again fall behold…

    Curious as to what the bottleneck is this time around…


  8. The Erik Estrada section says 7 days to unlock but the red text section at the top says 7 hours.


  9. Found two TinyCo errors.

    Jerome collects police tape, not shades.

    Bonnie collects shades


    • There’s always some, I’m pulling proper info but I’ve got to snail my way through the Questline like everyone else. Get info up as soon as I can unless Bunny gets something put together.


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