Daily Archives: March 1, 2017

Quahog Heat Phase 2 Is Live!

Hey there Private Eyes!

Got your duct tape, piece of gum, random wire, and other odd misc items handy? Time is tick tick ticking. Quahog Heat Phase 2 is now live in our silly games. Just what all is in store for us with the new content? Let’s Dive on in.



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Quahog Heat Character Questline – Erik Estrada

Hey there Addicts, looks like Quagmire has some serious competition in Quahog, as Erik Estrada is now patrolling our roads and keeping a watchful eye on the ladies.

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Quahog Heat Character Questline – Miami Cop Peter

Hey there Addicts, is it just me or are things really heating up in Quahog?

Yeah the temperature is definitely rising as Peter’s about to turn on the charm, as he ‘dons’ his  Miami Cop Peter character costume.

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Where Are You NOW? Event Poll!

Hey there Cops & Robbers!!

Figured with all the comments flying around about how tough this new Quahog Heat event is I would bounce on by to see just where you all are as of now in the Event.

This information is very useful not only to Bunny to see if there is anything else we need to focus on, but it also is information Bunny shares with TinyCo so they can visually see as well just how the Players are getting along in the Event so far. If there are areas of improvement needed, areas working well, etc.

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