Quahog Heat Character Profile: Aerobics Bonnie

Ok Addicts, let’s get physical, physical……Let me see you’re Bonnie rock….

Yes, with the new Quahog Heat event, we are getting some new Premium Character’s Costumes and Aerobics Bonnie is one of them.

Let’s take a look at what Aerobics Bonnie can do in our silly lil games.

Aerobics Bonnie is a new frikkin hard Character Costume added during Phase 2 of the Quahog Heat event.

Aerobics Bonnie is the final prize in Phase 2’s Luxury Wheels & Deals page, and she costs 20  Detective Badges. Once you purchase her you’ll find the costume in Al Harrington’s to create.

Once you purchase her you’ll find the costume in Al Harrington’s to create. Once you do this the costume will be unlocked and ready to use.

She does come with a Questline, Jazzed Up, more on that in another post.

Aerobics Bonnie does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP! At the time of writing this her only event actions are that she can go on investigations in the Casino Lounge!

Let’s take a look at some of Aerobics Bonnie‘s Tasks:

Task Time Earns Drops/
Clapper Board Work Out 4hrs 50  30 
Clapper Board Stay Hydrated 6hrs 65  45 
Watch Informercials 8hrs 80 50
Do Jumping Jacks 10hrs 90 59
Take A Nap 12hrs 100  65 

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends.

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Aerobics Bonnie!

What do you think of Aerobics Bonnie? Did you get her? What do you think of he tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~ Russian Tigger












6 responses to “Quahog Heat Character Profile: Aerobics Bonnie

  1. just unlocked her 🙂


  2. I can’t get past phase one, events get more challenging to accomplish without buying clams.


  3. Oooh!! I sooooo want this outfit but I think I should hoard my badges towards next weeks content! What to do…..what to do!
    At least we’ve not got those horrible timers so maybe there’s time to come back to this towards the end of the event? The party yacht is still available from week 1 so hopefully this will hang around as well!


    • RussianTigger

      Yeah it’s good when there isn’t a timer, so you can hold off on these decisions as at the moment she doesn’t help much, that might change next Phase, I don’t know. But waiting and seeing is a good call. And it is a fun costume, I agree.


  4. I am hoarding my badges for the next level


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