Quahog Heat Phase 3 Is LIVE

Hey Addicts. The Heat Is Still On!!!

Yes, fellow addict investigators there’s a new event in town and it’s full on believe me. So let’s take a look at what Quahog Heat Phase 3 has in store for us.

WARNING: Pamela Anderson is timed, completing Part 3 of the main Questline will activate the 7 day timer, you then only have 7 days to unlock her. Be aware the main Questline is Risque Business and as I say Pt 3 will direct you to place her, so if you want to delay the timer don’t complete this part of the Questline until you’re ready.


As a quick aside, a few weeks ago we asked you what you’d like to see on the site and you said you’d like to see the return of an event home page with links to all the events posts, anyway your wish is our command, and you’ll find it HERE soon. You can also access it from the addicts home page by clicking on the Miami Peter event icon.

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.40.0 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more. 
  • You will need to have completed Pt. 8 of the Phase 2 Main Questline Let’s Play Some Cards.




Clam Icon

Pinched Parts Getaway Van: 200 Clam IconClams. Always Drops 4 Pants every 12 hrs

Best Pails Beach Toys: 125 Clam IconClams. Always Drops 2 Weights & 2X Life Preservers every 6 hrs


Dan’s Donut Sign: 75 Donuts

End less Summer Banner: 25 Donuts

St Elmos Clam (building skin): 75 Donuts


David Hasselhoff: Character Costume is 250 Clam IconClams. Can be sent on investigations at the Yacht Club and helps battle Michael Pulaski.

Workout Bruce: You will find this character costume available to unlock in Al Harringtons after Risque Business Pt. 1 starts.
5 Boomboxes (Common):  Get from Brian Rock Out to 80’s Anthems OR Bombdiggity Burgers
15 Weights (Always): Get from Clearing Party Guys OR Best Pails Beach Toys
7 Workout Shoes (Rare):
 Get from Herbert Go For A Stroll OR Sleuth Supply Co
7 Workout Tapes (Rare): Get from Meg Exercise To Workout Videos OR Bruce Sweat To The Oldies

Pamela Anderson:  ***TIMED***  You will be directed to place her at Pt. 3 of the main Questline Risque Business. Once you have done this you only have 7 days to unlock Pamela Anderson.

5 Life Preservers (Always):  Get from Quahog Public Pool OR Best Pails Beach Toys
14 Swimsuits (Common): Get from Connie Go Skinny Dipping OR Meg Try On Tankinis OR Rockin’ Roller Rink
6 Towels (Uncommon):
 Get from Affairmont Hotel OR Investigate The Bar
25 Whistles (Rare): Get from Stewie Learn To Whistle OR Dr Hartman Whistle At Patients
Task: Have Workout Bruce Feel The Burn


This is where you will complete investigations in order to drop items, release robbers and bust Bertram. You will see 3 areas you can investigate, 1: The Bar, 2: The Prom Patio and 3: The Pool, although where you can investigate will depend on the characters you have available to you. The characters that can do investigations are Miami Cop Peter, Lifeguard Lois, Aerobics Bonnie, Workout Bruce, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, so for now if you’re playing freemium I’d keep Peter, Lois and Bonnie free if I were you.

To investigate you will need to collect police tapes.

Police Tape (Rare): Get from Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Erik Estrada Snack On Chips OR Brian Bury Evidence (Phase 3 task) OR Discount Detective Agency OR Purchase from store


1: The Bar: requires 3 police tape and David Hasselhoff and/or Pamela Anderson to investigate. Rewards are a chance drop of 3 Party Guys, 1 Towel or Michael Pulaski, and an always drop of 3 donuts.  Investigation takes 1hr  30 mins.

2: The Prom Patio: requires 4 police tape and Aerobics Bonnie  and/or Workout Bruce to investigate. Rewards are a chance drop of 5 Robbers, 5 Cards Sharks or Michael Pulaski, and an always drop of 3 donuts. Investigation takes 1hr 30 mins.

3: Party Pool:  requires 5 police tape and Miami Cop Peter and/or Lifeguard Lois to investigate. Rewards are a chance drop of 3 Party Guys or 4 Card Sharks, and an always drop of 3 donuts. Investigation takes 1hr 30 mins.


Here is the new little baddie to clear, they will appear to release at Pt. 1 of Risque Business, you then need to release them by completing investigations in the Yacht Club, then use Microphones to clear them, similar to what we did for the Card Sharks in Phase 2. You will see details of Investigating the Yacht Club above.

Microphones: (Common) Get from Joe Practice Karaoke OR Lifeguard Lois Sing 80’s Karaoke OR MacGyver Houseboat

Chance Payout:
3 Pants (Always)
1 Weights (Always)


You will find this in the Event Area. Here is where you can exchange medical supplies for detective badges to purchases prizes in the Luxury Wheels and Deals.

This is the exchanges we’ve seen in our games so far:

8 Pants  = 4 Detective Badges
10 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
13 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
16 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
12 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
13 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
10 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
11 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
13 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
12 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
20 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
17 Pants = 4 Detective Badges
22 Pants = 4 Detective Badges

7 Pants & 8 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
9 Pants & 12 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
10 Pants & 9 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
5 Pants & 7 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
8 Pants & 8 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
6 Pants & 10 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
7 Pants & 12 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
9 Pants & 10 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges
10 Pants & 6 Medical Supplies = 3 Detective Badges

10 Pants & 14 Old Fish = 7 Detective Badges
13 Pants & 16 Old Fish = 7 Detective Badges
15 Pants & 16 Old Fish = 7 Detective Badges
16 Pants & 18 Old Fish = 7 Detective Badges
15 Pants & 20 Old Fish = 7 Detective Badges


Here is your usual location where you can exchange the Police Badges you collect during the Event for other Items.

Sleuth Supply Co Costs 4 Detective Badges. Chance drop of 2 Workout Shoes every 6 hrs

Bombdiggity Burgers: Costs 6 Detective Badges, Chance drop of 2 Boomboxes every 4 hrs

MacGyver Houseboat: Costs 7 Detective Badges. Chance drop of 1 Microphone every 4 hrs

Rockin Roller Rink:  Costs 5 Detective Badges. Chance drop of 2 Swimsuits every 8 hrs

Aflairmont Hotel: Costs 6 Detective Badges. Chance Drop of 2 Tow els every 4 hrs.

Fash Sneakers:   Costs 4 Detective Badges.

Quahog Public Pool: Costs 10 Detective Badges. Chance drop of 2 Life Preservers every 6 hrs


Medical Supplies: (Always) Clearing Robbers OR Fighting Bertram OR Stolen Sample Getaway Van

Old Fish: (Always) Clearing Card Sharks OR Hot Pursuit Mystery Box OR Fish Delivery Van

Pants: (Always) Clearing Party Guys OR Fighting Michael Pulaski  OR Pinched Pants Getaway Van

Police BadgesGet from trading in medical supplies at the Hot Police Station 

Police Tape (Rare)Get from Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Brian Bury Evidence (Phase 3 task) OR Dis count Detective Agency OR Purchase from store

Donuts: (Always) Investigating Bank Rooms OR Fighting Bertram OR Competing Questline Parts OR Various Character Tasks


Here is another new battle, it’s similar to what we’ve seen in the previous boss battles in this event, Bertram and Kingpin Consuela.

Basically you need to bust Michael Pulaski during an investigation in either of the following Yacht Club Rooms, The Bar or The Prom Patio. If you find him he will appear over at the helipad in the event area. Above him will be a timer and a heart meter.

Now the heart meter can vary between strengths and there is no set rule as to the order, it’s completely random what strength Michael Pulaski will appear. The heart meter level I’ve seen so far is 3  To defeat Michael Pulaski you need to get his heart meter to 0.

Now you’ve 24 hours to fully deplete his heart meter, and you do so by attacking him with any of the following David Hasselhoff, Moustache P.I. Joe, MacGyver, Miami Cop Peter or Chopper Cop Quagmire.

MacGyver’s ATTACK MICHAEL PULASKI task has a damage score of 2, so that’s what he will reduce Michael Pulaski’s heart meter by. It takes 2 hours to complete the task and do the damage.

David Hasselhoff’s ATTACK MICHAEL PULSAKI task has a damage score of 3,  so that’s what he will reduce Michael Pulaski’s heart meter by. It takes 2 hours to complete the task and do the damage.

Moustache P.I. Joe’s ATTACK MICHAEL PULSAKI task has a damage score of 3, so that’s what he will reduce Bertram’s heart meter by. It takes 2 hours to complete the task and do the damage.

Miami Cop Peter’s ATTACK MICHAEL PULSAKI task has a damage score of 1, so that’s what he will reduce Michael Pulaski’s heart meter by. It takes 2 hours to complete the task and do the damage.

Chopper Cop Quagmire’s ATTACK MICHAEL PULASKI task has a damage score of 2, so that’s what he will reduce Michael Pulaski’s heart meter by. It takes 2 hours to complete the task and do the damage.

Now once you get Michael Pulaski’s heart meter to zero he will vanish, you will get your rewards and then start investigating rooms to bust him to attack again. He will be a very good source of Pants.

The rewards per Michael Pulaski levels are as follows:

Heart Meter 3 – 13 Pants
Heart Meter 6 – 26 Pants
Heart Meter 9 – 38 Pants

***There will be other Heart Meter Levels, but until we see them in our game I can’t give any info on payouts***

There you have what I can verify of the overall basics of the third phase of the Quahog Heat Event, I’m sorry for the delay but Bunny usually covers these posts, and hasn’t been able to this time . I’ll fill in the areas that show they are still in progress ASAP and if course have full 101 posts up soon as I can. But if you have any verified info please share it in the comments.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

49 responses to “Quahog Heat Phase 3 Is LIVE

  1. After a week I’m STILL stuck on phase 2 because not one freakin robber will drop! Uhhhg!


  2. When does phase 4 start?


  3. strange just got mystery box offering pusher Mort (who fights a character not in the game) and bowling shoes as rewards which aren’t even in the game yet


  4. Just to keep the stupid going for this event, i’ve now done the 5 hour search for party guys 3 times, the most ive been able to with the crappy police tape drops, and have got donughts, donughts and sharks. ARRRRGH


  5. Phase 3 is a huge improvement. Got Bruce yesterday and have finished everything for Pamela except for 11 Whistles.

    Part 6 of the quest is where it may fall apart with needing to get Sharks but I’m being hopeful.


  6. Walk though part 4 (for those not there yet)

    – Place Dan’s Donut sign
    – Clear 6 party guys
    – Chris pop a pimple


  7. Got a good jump start on week 3. While being stuck earning shells for Lois I managed to stock up enough badges to buy the first 5 buildings straight away after the help from the donut mystery box. Since managed to get enough to get the last two and started the timer on Pammie. Should be able to get Bruce in the next day or so, but I think the whistles are going to be a sticking point.


    • I’ve 8 already whistles and I just started timer on Pamela Thursday morning, hope that gives you hope.


      • It’s looking good for phase three. 36 hours gone on the timer and have earned 9 of the 25 whistles, everything else cleared. Being able to get all the buildings early was a big help.


  8. I have not yet seen Consuela once this entire event. so I can’t move onto phase 3. This even is driving me just batty! I did get lois unlocked at least, but holy cow I’ve never had an event just so badly done on drops – the random chance of not getting police tape, combined with the randomness of who comes out of the room is just aggravating. I’ve wasted more than 25 tapes on the 5 tape room trying to get Consuela. Super aggravating!

    Oh, and having Chris, one of the few who can get tape, have to do a 21 hour task to advance the questline is just another kick in the pants.

    I have told Tinyco this, mostly just venting at you wonderful people!


  9. Pamela Anderson doesn’t look good .. why are her eyes weird ?
    I’m one shell away from getting Baywatch Lois (waiting for some shark drops) .. and i’m battling Consuela (she has 9 lives) for fish .. i still need 6 badges for Aerobics Bonnie .. then i’ll move to phase 3 but i’m not sure i want either Pam or workout Bruce …


  10. Is the Brian task to get police tape new to part 3?


  11. I’m also still on phase 2. I notice there is not a walkthrough for phase 2 or characters who drop stuff. I hit the event button and only week one comes up. It’s terribly frustrating to navigate this blog and I thought the event tab was the new place to go.


    • RussianTigger

      The walkthrough and Character That Drops went up when Phase 2 started a week ago. The event tab has all the links, or if you’re having issues using that use the search feature. You’ll find what you’re looking for easily either way.


  12. I have Bonnie & Lois… still stuck on Part 5 waiting for robbers to drop 😦


  13. question…im not phase 3…still on 2 part 5…but joe and beach lois have the tasks that do the microphones….lois just completed one….will it save them up for phase 3? if not I can send off lois to at least do a few of her new questline actions.


  14. Anyone skipping Aerobics Bonnie?…


  15. Still on part 6 of Phase 2. The good thing though is that Joe and Lifeguard Lois are already dropping micorphones. Plenty of time to stock up.


  16. Haha I’m not even on phase 2 yet for this event. I’ve played since day one – and this has to be the worst event in terms of drops and moving on. I still have 8 hours left to get my chips guy. I still need 3 handcuffs – those have been horrible and I need to defeat Bertram 1 more time to move onto phase 2 – but I’ve delayed that trying to get handcuffs. Oh well, not interested in this event at all. If the next event runs like this I’ll have to consider moving on with my life. As always though – thanks for all of the updated info – always appreciated and helpful


    • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! I also just lost out on Erik Estrada this afternoon, I was two handcuffs short. This event is the worst and that’s really saying something. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I’m done after this, which is sad since this used to be my favorite game. But it’s slowly been going downhill and I’ve finally gotten sick of it.


    • It’s been the same for me too. I really struggled with handcuffs for Erik (I even messaged TinyCo about how bad it was and they said they understood drop rates were frustrating and they’d pass my comments onto the developers… but that didn’t really help me). Thankfully I got 2 in a row after that (did the messaging help.. who knows) but then I couldn’t get Bertram to come back for days.

      I finally moved onto Phase 2 only a day ago and now I’m struggling with getting sharks to appear. I rarely finish an event but usually I make it to and/or finish the last phase, I’ll be lucky to make to Phase 3 before this one ends.

      I echo many other players/commenters here in saying this is quite possibly the worst event I’ve partook in (in regards to drop rates). Love the premise and idea behind it, 80s Miami = brilliant. but the gameplay has really let it down.
      Sadly even the guides on the sites aren’t helping me this time round because drops have been so unkind.


  17. MacGuyver’s Houseboat crashes the game. Every time I try to earn it, crash. Anyone else or anyone know how to not get it to crash?


    • I’m playing on IOS and had no issues placing it. Anyone else having issues?


      • Apparently the solution was to put a ton of stuff into storage. Never had this issue until now. Strange. iPhone 6 Plus. Had messaged them in game and this was their solution.


        • RussianTigger

          The game is memory hungry, TinyCo don’t seem to be able solve this issue. But glad you’re sorted even if it’s frustrating having to store what you work so hard for.


  18. I am only on Part 5 of Phase 2 and still need 9 shells for Lois…this is probably a stupid question, but, if for some miracle, I make it through to Phase 3 before unlocking Lois, is there any mechanism in Phase 3 that would drop shells, or does the disappearance of sharks means she can no longer be obtained? (Another stupid question, if sharks never appear, can they actually disappear? OK, JK, LOL, frustrating event, to say the least…)


    • RussianTigger

      You can’t get to Phase 3 without unlocking Lipfegard Lois, she’s needed to complete the Phase 2 Questline

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, I’m not sure I’ve been this far behind in an event since I started playing FGTQFS…still on Phase 2, Part 5, been there for three days, can only earn enough tapes to investigate one or two times per day, no sign of a single robber yet,,,and I thought sharks were bad…


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