Quahog Heat 101: Luxury Wheels Deals Phase 3

Hey there… Like a bit of wheeling and dealing? Well, look no further.

With Phase 3 of Quahog Heat now live in our games, there’s a lot of new items you can pick up.

For this Event, many of those Items/Buildings are located in Luxury Wheels & Deals in the Event area. In this post, I will be going over each of them, their uses, and their costs.

Let’s take a closer look at Luxury Wheels and Deals. 

For more Event Information, go HERE


You will find Luxury Wheels and Deals located over in your Event Area of your play screen. It will be in the top right of the area. Just tap on it to see what is available currently to you.


In order to unlock the many items in Luxury Deals & Wheels, you will need to collect Detective Badges. This is the current information for them.

Detective Badge: Hot Police Station Exchanges


These are the items on the new Page of Luxury Wheels & Deals that were made available in Phase 3.  None of these items have timers on them.

Sleuth Supply Co.
Earns: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs
Drop: Chance drop of 2x Workout Shoes every 6hrs
Cost: 4 Detective Badges
Size: 4×5
Additional Info: None

Bombdiggity Burgers
Earns: $45 and 30xp every 8hrs
Drop: Chance drop of 2x Boombox every 8hrs
Cost: 6 Detective Badges
Size: 5×6
Additional Info: None.

Macgyver’s Houseboat
Earns: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
Drop: Chance drop of Microphone every 4hrs
Cost: 7 Detective Badges
Size: 5×6
Additional Info: Can be placed on the water.

Rockin’ Roller Rink
Earns: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs
Drop: Chance drop of 2x Swimsuits every 8hrs
Cost: 5 Detective Badges
Size: 5×7
Additional Info: None

Affairmont Hotel
Earns: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
Drop: Chance drop of x2 Towels every 4hrs
Cost: 6 Detective Badges
Size: 5×6
Additional Info: None.

Flashy Sneakers
Earns: n/a
Drop: None
Cost: 4 Detective Badges
Size: 1×1
Additional Info: Animated.

Quahog Public Pool
Earns: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs
Drop: Chance drop of 2x Life Preservers every 6hrs
Cost: 10 Detective Badges
Size: 5×6
Additional Info: None

There you have the overall look of the many Items/Buildings Luxury Wheels & Deals has to offer in Phase 3 along with the amount of Detective Badges you will need to get them all if you so choose.

What have you unlocked so far? Any favorites? Any you would have preferred to pass on? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



10 responses to “Quahog Heat 101: Luxury Wheels Deals Phase 3

  1. Been playing FG since day one and since day one the game has crashed regularly. I wish Tiny Co would fix the darned basics as I’m tired of playing for five minutes, having the game crash, waiting nealy a minute for it to reload and then redoing a load of stuff that the crash lost. I stopped buying clams about a year ago as I refuse to pay to be frustrated.
    This site is the only thing that keeps me coming back. You guys make me smile and provide superb support. If Tiny Co wants my money, then forget the clam pack with three free badges and fix the game!
    I found your Simpsons site and decided to give Tapped Out a try. What a revelation! It is smooth, relaxing and fun play; and no crashes! In just one week I have moved the majority of my attention from FG to Simpsons and I’m not regretting a minute of it!
    Thanks to all the Addicts for such a wonderful site and for finding Simpsons for me!


    • What you’re seeing is the might of EA against the original minuscule TinyCo. Hopefully now they are part of something bigger we will see improvements, and they will learn from the mistakes in this game when they launch the new Futurama Game. With regards Tapped Out, I play it too but despite its faults FGQFS is still my favourite as it’s tougher – I loved Tapped Out but it’s just too easy to get everything, I think it’s the madness of not knowing if I’ll get things that keeps me hooked on FGQFS. I obviously need treatment, lol. But thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.


  2. I have 22 badges going in so I will use them to get as many buildings as I can to hopefully get through this phase despite starting it today 🙂


  3. i am one badge away from getting Aerobics Bonnie& so early this morning i managed to get into phase3 stuff! just on part1 of the main questline so far and now my dilemma is should i get Bonnie’s skin when i get that 1 last badge for her OR speed ahead to buy at least the first 3 buildings of phase3 stuff?!…i cannot decide at all lmao😂🤣🤤😖😇🤔😪


    • Difficult choice I buy all prizes and now with a little effort I think I can buy the bonnie skin the doubt is her help in the investigation for less police plates


      • with the very little time left i probably shouldn’t even think if i’m gonna successfully complete this event all the way through so i am trying to base my decision off of what do i REALLY want after this event is over so i’ll prob jus go head and get her. i wanted some other opinions though nobody has really given me points like pros or cons or whatever lol


        • Pros of her, well it’s a pretty cool costume and she is handy for
          Investigations but not essential. Cons, her animated tasks are nothing spectacular, she’s already got quite few costumes. So as you can see there’s no compelling reason you must get her, so if I were you I’d wait until Phase 4 launches then decide. Nothing worse than spending them, then seeing something you’d have preferred.


          • ahh i went ahead& got her Lol! i jus said screw it since everything is almost over now jus really trying to get the new buildings as many as i can cause i do love those better than new characters/skins imagine that baaha;.,thank you seriously all of you who replied i really appreciate it& should have waited a bit to hear you guys’ opinions.


    • Bonnie only helps with investigating a room. You’re probably better off waiting to get her and using the badges to buy buildings in the next phase. It’s going to be harder to earn badges in the next phase.


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