Quahog Heat Main Questline: Mission Possible

Hey there Members Only!

Got your talking car ready? Looking for some HAWT Cops on Bikes? Enjoy your Ladies running in really really really REALLY slow motion? Got a lifetime supply of Aquanet? Well you may just like this lil Event. Quahog Heat!!

With the New Event comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will direct us along the Mini Event. For Quahog Heat Phase 4 the Main Questline is Mission Possoble.


Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 

For all the Main Event Information, go HERE

Risque Business Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Place the Flashy Sneakers: Costs 4 Detective Badges
Defeat Michael Pulaski 2 Times: Defeat 2 of the Variable HP Michael Pulaski’s  fully to 0 to complete
Check Back Next Week for more Radness!

Completed Task Rewards: 450xp & 5 Boxes of Donuts

Mission Possible Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Tiny Tom & His Punks Are Here!: Tap on “GO” to see the details
Investigate the Snack Bar toFind Punks: Tap on The Snack Bar in the Bowling Alley area to see amount of Police Tape & Characters required
Earn 1 Bowling Ball: Get from Stewie Try to Reach Pinball Machine OR Meg Join a Bowling League OR Confused Dazed Brian Go Bowling OR Suds O Rama Car Wash

Completed Task Rewards: 100xp & 3 Boxes Of Donuts

***Triggers Schol Daze – Confused Dazed Brian side Questline***


Mission Possible Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Clear 1 Punk: Once released from Rooms at the Bowling Alley, use a bowling ball on them to Clear them
Place Dan’s Donuts: Cost 4 Detective Badges

Completed Task Rewards: 150xp & 3 Box Of Donuts


Mission Possible Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Have Bonnie Dlirt With Cops: 4hrs, $50 & 30xp
Have Joe Investigate Counterfeit Goods: 8hrs, $80 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards: 200xp & 4 Boxes Of Donuts

***Triggers Catch A Thief – Side Questline***


Mission Possible Pt. 4

Peter Starts

Fight Tiny Tom 1 Time: Investigate Rooms in the Bowling Alley to find Tiny Tom then attack him once
Trade Bowling Shoes for Badges at the Hot Police Station: Tap on the Hot Police Station to see what exchange options you have

Completed Task Rewards: 250xp & 4 Boxes Of Donuts


Mission Possible Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Place The Bowling Lane: Cost 5 Detective Badges
Have Seamus Emerge From The Shadows: 8hrs, $80 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards: 300xp & 5 Boxes Of Donuts


Mission Possible Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Have Confused Dazed Brian Go Bowling: 8p6hrs, $65, 45xp & Chance 1 Bowling Ball
Place The DNA Evidence Decoder: Cost 4 Detective Badges

Completed Task Rewards: 350xp & 5 Boxes Of Donuts


Mission Possible Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Clear 6 Punks: Once released from Rooms at the Bowling Alley, use a bowling ball on them to Clear 6 of them
Clear 3 Robbers: Once released from Rooms at the Bowling Alley, tap on them to Clear 3 of them

Completed Task Rewards: 400xp & 8 Boxes Of Donuts


Mission Possible Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Defeat Tiny Tom 2 Times: Defeat 2 of the Variable HP Tiny Tom’s  fully to 0 to complete

***The End*** 

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along the 4th and final Phase of the Quahog Heat Event

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

11 responses to “Quahog Heat Main Questline: Mission Possible

  1. All through this whole event my drop rates have been amazing! Going into each week I have had more than enough badges and tape to buy / investigate everything first day. But this last week it seems the drop rates well have dropped because I am getting no tape and when it shows a medium bar for punks or party guys when investigating I come away with more donuts I don’t need . I’ve even purchased almost every new skin and character. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this last quest line and that upsets me . Oh well maybe they’ll do a Futurama cross over event next .


  2. I finished the event and have 110 Police Badges left over. Any chance they will give us a character to buy with them?


  3. I found the drop rate horrific. Plus making a “quest” with a character that is also one of the few that has the possibility of dropping necessary items seems a tad unfair with so many characters available that are never used. It was a cool event, but after a couple weeks of very little progress I just gave up. 😩


  4. I am stuck on MI part 4. I don’t have any of the 3 premium characters required to fight Tiny Tom. Is there any other way without buying clams??


  5. not moving to week 4 but that’s ok .. no regrets .. worst event i ever had ..


  6. i’m bout to be on the phase4 stuff!:, jus defeating Michael Pulaski once more and need 1 more badge to get the “Flashy Sneakers”super stoked cause i was actually beginning to think i was falling way too far behind to even complete phase3😑…got 3days or so to unlock Pamela in which i ONLY need 6more whistles;ALL towels and life preservers, but kinda expecting not to get her in time on OR before Monday..😒 i really enjoyed this event. of course it was difficult SOMETIMES because i always do like a little bit of challenge lol😁


  7. I’ve just started Mission Possible Pt. 7 – the punks will be easy as I need them for the challenge, but I might have to delay Robbers until that’s cleared.


  8. Kristopher R Cardiff

    I have played this game religiously and after two weeks I still cannot get “party guys” to even have a chance. Even after exploring the pool for 3 days all I get is sharks. Not sure if a glitch or whatever but this quest is bad.


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