Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: Boss Battle – Earth Kaiju

Welcome to the world of Kaiju, where the monsters are in control!

With Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers underway there’s a new monster to battle, the Earth Kaiju. and I’m here to help you defeat him.

Let’s take a look and see exactly how to attack and ultimately defeat him as well as chatting about everything he’ll be dropping during this phase of the event.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


You will start to see the Earth Kaiju in Quahog once you trigger Part 6 of The Family that Cosplays Together. 


The Earth Kaiju will appear in the lower left corner of the Event Area and looks like this.


You will need to attack and defeat the Earth Kaiju at various heart levels, and you will receive different rewards for each level you defeat. The Heart Levels are 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 and you will receive different rewards for each.

You will also notice he has a timer above his head which tells you how long you have to defeat him through all of his 5 heart levels before he goes into a Cool Down and resets to the lowest heart level once again. The total time you have to fully defeat him through his heart levels is 10 hours, so be mindful of this when planning your attacks.


The rewards for defeating him at each Heart Level are as follows.

HEART LEVELS & rewards

Heart Level Rewards
1 5 PowerCon Pins, 4 Power Medals, 1 Green Souvenir Cup
3 8 PowerCon Pins, 8 Power Medals, 2 Green Souvenir Cup
5 12 PowerCon Pins, 12 Power Medals, 4 Green Souvenir Cup
7 18 PowerCon Pins, 16 Power Medals, 6 Green Souvenir Cup
10 24 PowerCon Pins, 20 Power Medals, 8 Green Souvenir Cup

You’ll  also get 1, 3 or 5 PowerCon Pins awarded to you for completing the Attack Task, the amount you get depends on which Attack you’re using.


You need 2 things, first you’ll need at least 3 Red Zeo SubCrystals. You can get these from: Clearing Red Ranger Cosplayers or Purchasing packs from your Store.

***I recommend trying to build up a little stockpile of these before you start attacking, especially if you’re playing freemium***

Once you have these you will need to use them to Combine (energize) your Tyrannosaurus DinoZord in the PowerCon Command Centre, as this is what you use to attack the Earth Kaiju. You’ll find full details on combining your T.Zord in the PowerCon Command Centre post HERE.


Your Tyrannosaurus DinoZord has 3 Tasks that allow you to Attack and ultimately eventually Defeat the Earth Kaiju at his various heart levels, be aware that each task costs a set amount of energy to complete so use the tasks wisely. The tasks are as follows.

Tyrannosaurus DinoZord Task:
Attack Earth Kaiju – 2 Damage
Cost of Task: 3 Energy
Duration of Task: 45 Seconds
Reward for Task Completion: 1 PowerCon Pin & 30xp

Tyrannosaurus DinoZord Task:
Attack Earth Kaiju – 6 Damage
Cost of Task: 6 Energy
Duration of Task: 45 Seconds
Reward for Task Completion: 3 PowerCon Pin & 30xp

Tyrannosaurus DinoZord Task:
Attack Earth Kaiju – 8 Damage
Cost of Task: 10 Energy
Duration of Task: 45 Seconds
Reward for Task Completion: 5 PowerCon Pin & 30xp

And remember if you fully defeat the Earth Kaiju during an attack you will also get the rewards listed for defeating him at the different heart levels in the table further above.


Simply combine your Tyrannosaurus DinoZord and select the most energy efficiencient task from the 3 Attack tasks, basically you want to defeat the Earth Kaiju whilst using up the least amount of energy.

You can select the task in one of two ways, either tap your Tyrannosaurus DinoZord and select the task you want to use from the 3 Attack Earth Kaiju Tasks.

Or simply tap on the Earth Kaiju and you will see the Attack The Earth Kaiju screen pop up.

Then simply click on Attack and you’ll see your Attack options, they are 2 Damage, 6 Damage or 8 Damage. However which Damage amount you will select will depend on the Heart Level you are trying to defeat and the amount of Energy your Tyrannosaurs DinoZord has.

For example for the 1 Heart Meter Earth Kaiju, you only want to select the Attack Earth Kaiju – 2 Damage task. This will result in you fully defeating the Earth Kaiju for the minimum amount of energy, which for this task is 3.

So basically look closely at the Heart Level of the Earth Kaiju and then plan what is the cheapest way to fully defeat him using the various Attack tasks. Personally by stockpiling my Red Zeo SubCrsytals and with only Red Ranger Peter unlocked I defeated the Earth Kaiju at every level to get me enough Green Souvenir Cups to buy everything I needed from the PowerCon Smoothie Bar, now I’ve completely stopped attacking as I’m just stocking up on Red Zeo SubCrystals again until I unlock the Red Ranger, as having both he and Red Ranger Peter will allow me to create the strongest Tyrannosaurus DinoZord for my 3 Red Zeo SubCrystals, this in turn gives me the best return for energy on attacking the Earth Kaiju. However this is just my strategy, and obviously you nay chose to do something different depending on how you’re playing. (Worth noting is I have Rita Repulsa which allows me to build up more Red Zeo SubCrystals and I also reset my tasks around the clock).

Once your chosen task is underway you will see your Tyrannosaurus DinoZord attacking the Earth Kaiju and clicking on him will show you the tine remaining.

And once the Task is complete you simply need to tap the check mark, if you defeated the Earth Kaiju, you can simply collect your rewards. If you just damaged him you will need to attack him again until he is fully defeated.

But remember you only have 10hrs to defeat the Earth Kaiju  up to his highest heart level of 10,  before the Earth Kaiju will go into “Reco very”.  When in recovery, which last 5 hours, he will vanish from your Event Area, and you’ll just see this.

Tapping on the area will bring you up the following box.

This tells you the time until the Earth Kaiju will return, and the clam cost to bring him back immediately, please note this clam cost will vary depending on what heart level he was defeated to when the Recovery initiates. Once he returns from his 5hr Recovery he will be back at Heart Level 1, and you can start trying to defeat him to the top-level again.

And there you have it the all the info about the Earth Kaiju and his drops. How are you getting on attacking the Earth Kaiju. Are you winning the battle or will you be needing re-energised before trying again? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


27 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: Boss Battle – Earth Kaiju

  1. I defeated the earth kaiju on all levels, and he went back into sleep mode and has a timer. Is this supposed to happen? I bet him at 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10. And he immediately went back into recovery. I’m confused..


  2. Worse boss than the Yeti.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know the wrist communicator are extra rare – but I got only 2 by now and just 4 days to go for the red ranger – this makes me insecure if I can unlock him (got of course the cosplay costume shop for more drops)

    How was dropping for you all?


  4. southbeacharchi

    Please help! Hope this post is not too old. I bought crystals and was prepared to fight Kaiju. However, when I combined with Peter and went to fight, every battle options except level one were locked out. Why is this? What do I need to do? This is keeping me from getting a much needed item drop building.
    Thanks much!


    • Each Kaiju has a specific Heart Level that needs to be depleted to Zero. The Zords, when combined, have specific damage they can do. Take a look at what Energy Level your Zord is currently at (the lightning bolts icon) and see how many of those Energy it costs for 2, 3, or more Damage Battle Tasks. If you do not have enough Energy saved up for that task requirement, you will not be able to select it.

      For instance, if the Zord requires 10 Energy to perform a High Damage Battle Task, but your Zord combination is only 3 Energy… that 10 Energy Task will not be an option to you unless you combine the Zord, Peter, and the Ranger.

      Does that help? If not, feel free to ask further questions. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • southbeacharchi

        Sorry…nevermind. Something changed….:) I SWEAR it played out originally how I said..I swear! Thanks so much to you both! Greatly appreciated!


    • The Earth Kaiju Tasks won’t show if the Earth Kaiju is in cool down mode, and if you don’t have enough energy the tasks will show as locked. How much energy does your T.Zord show as having?

      Liked by 1 person

      • southbeacharchi

        Thanks so much for replying Bunny & Tiger (what a great name pair). Zord The Kaiju had 8 hours left, and I had 16 crystals. I thought of both of those items, which I am so perplexed. I bought more crystals (No, No,BAD freemium player! lol. So, in theory, none of them should have been locked, correct? I bought them as I have zero Thunder Slingers.


  5. If you want to see something funny, or if you are Carter Pewterschmidt and just really want to throw clams to the wind, hit the rush button on the red Zord just after starting an attack on a kaiju. 26 clams to end that 44 second task!!!! Zounds!!!!


  6. Normally on battles I can get a few wins in. I’m only able to fight one Kaiju and I run out of time. Laaaame.


  7. I’m pretty astounded that you were able to beat the Earth Kaiju on all levels using only Peter! You must have either bought Rita or bought Crystals from the store. There is no way anyone could get past the 3 Heart Kaiju otherwise, simply because Chris takes 3 hours to get 1 crystal, so it’s 9 hours to get 3. Even if you went in with 3 loaded up and then earned 3 more during the 10 hour window to fight, you’d only beat the kaiju twice. And heck, even with saving up and waiting a couple of days, you’d still have a tough time with Peter since you only get 6 energy and at that higher heart level youd have to power up twice just to beat the kaiju. They really should have had more than Chris collect the Red crystals. I mean, the speed is going ok , I already got Red Ranger and Peter Ranger, but getting those green bottles is taking some real time without spending clams!


    • I have Rita, and basically built up all my crystals apart from few I had to use to clear the parts of the main QuestLine until the Earth Kaiju appeared. I stopped once I had all the Green Souvenir Cups I needed but am about to attack again once I have Red Ranger. However others will attack depending on their resources, that’s why I always say it’s just my strategy. The point to that info was if you wait long enough to stockpile crystals you can attack the Earth Kaiju to the higher levels without the Red Ranger, although as I said I don’t advise doing this once you have all the cups as its costly resource wise, hence I said I’d stopped attacking now until I unlock the Red Ranger.


  8. Hey its 105 am here pacific and every time I try to disconnect Peter from his zord I am crashing. Anyone else having this issue? I sent feedback, but will also log back in for the 5th time and send them a message… I tried clicking on the dinosaur and going back to the Dino generator (whatever it’s called in the event space) and they both caused the crash. Hope they can push a fix fast.


  9. Yup! We love hearing from y’all also! I’m doing ok on the event. Waiting for the next phase to start. I’m still four wrist communicators away from red ranger. Those are tough ones! Thank you for helping me with the attacks. My brain just didn’t want to compute. Your hard work is appreciated greatly!


  10. I lone hearing from you as well.lol : ) Yes,this event is a blast.


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