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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Phase 3 is Live – TINYCO FAQ ONLY

Go! Go! Power Addicts….

The third Phase of Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers is available, but at this moment Bunny isn’t and it’s going to take Lotty & I time to pull all the verified info we can, so all I can put up just now is TinyCo’s FAQ, sorry!!! Just remember TinyCo FAQs frequently contain wrong information, that’s why we verify info, as soon as we can we will get you a post full of updated and verified info. But as I say please do not take the info below as gospel especially if your planning to buy premium items. And of course keep the comments coming, if you see something is different in your game you can let other players know that way.

But please be aware the Blue Ranger is  timed, Part 2 of the Main Questline Ranger Danger will direct you to find him, once you repair him you only have 7 days to unlock him fully.

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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Character Questline – Goldar Brian

Go, Go Goldar Brian!!!

Oh yes, Brain is looking rather splendiforous as he’s putting on his new character costume to become Goldar Brian.

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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Character Questline – Pink Ranger Lois

Go, Go Power Pinky!!!

Oh yes, pink is the colour for Lois, or in this case the colour of her Power Ranger, as she’s putting on her new Lycra character costume to become Pink Ranger Lois.

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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Premium Character Questline – Alpha 5

Danger! Danger! Nah, it’s only the Alpha 5 Robot Ranger…. Yes, Alpha 5 is now with us, ready to tidy up our towns and put poor Consuela out of a job.

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