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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Phase 4 FAQ

Hey there Clammers!

I’m in midst of boxception at the moment. Internet still not installed. No TV. Power company says they can’t find it on a map as a location. YAY!!!

In short, I can’t pull info til I get back to humanity. Here is the FAQ per TinyCo, just keep in mind it is NOT VERIFIED LIVE FOR ACCURACY YET!

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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Character Questline – Blue Ranger

Hey there Addicts, looks like there’s a new hero come to town as the Blue Ranger has followed evil Rita Repulsa to Quahog.

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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Character Questline – Blue Ranger Joe

Go, Go Wheelchair Ranger!!!

Oh yes, Joe’s not sitting around feeling blue, oh no, instead  he’s chosen blues that the colour for his Power Ranger, as he’s putting on his new Lycra character costume to become Blue Ranger Joe.

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Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Premium Character Questline – Yellow Ranger Bonnie

Go Go Yellow Ranger!!! Well actually, technically speaking it’s only Bonnie pretending to be the Yellow Ranger, but it’s better than nothing I guess. Yes, Yellow Ranger Bonnie is joining Lois to send Rita Repulsa packing.

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