Wet Hot Quahog Summer: Update Now Available

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Camp Chaos we go!!!

TinyCo have dropped a long, hot, summer kind of Event into our silly lil games and it’s stuffed full of all sorts of goodies to get us all hot and bothered. And now finally they’ve dropped the much-needed update into our stores!

So head over to your App Store, Play Stire, whatever and update to the latest version, it’s 1.50.1 and hopefully it will sort out some of the issues I’ll talk more about below. And a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who shared tips, advice, glitch info with us in the last few days, believe me when I say I appreciate it very much.


Infirmary & Campers 101 – Click Here
Camp Store 101 – Click Here
Camp Wars 101 – Click Here
Camp Mess Hall – Click Here
Main Questline – Click Here

And maybe the most important quick link of this event to date – WHAT THE DEUCE!!!


Ok, I just updated and then immediately won Streak 8 Camp War, I had no crashing and the visuals seemed fine, but the issues with this have been coming and going so I can’t say if I just got lucky or whether TinyCo have made some permanent fixes. Time will tell, as will what you report back in the comments.

However they have not fixed the font issue so be mindful the 1 & 7 are very similar, so if you think you’ve enough of something it might be due to you reading 75 as 15 or such.

With regards to Crashing, I just played through a Camp War with no issues, but I wasn’t having the same crashing issues others reported so it’s hard to say if that is resolved, maybe those who were experiencing the issue can tell us if this update has helped in the comments.

TinyCo also released a Video Demo to try help explain things a few days ago and I’ll post it again here for those who may have missed it.


Hard to know if they’ve made changes to this, I’m thinking possibly something as my Streak 8 battle lasted a long while, rather than me simply being overrun and defeated in seconds like my previous attempt. Put it this way I was able to use my Water Cannon 8 times and I won the battle. So it could be they’ve tweaked something or it could be I got lucky. Now some of you are stuck at Streak 5, my advice is look down the comments in the Camp Wars post, you’ll find a Quick Link to it above, a few players have shared successful strategies, try them, unfortunately due to the random nature of the game there isn’t a strategy that works for everyone, but there’s a few there in the comments for you to try. Kid Quagmire seems to make a difference as suddenly the Water Cannon actually works with him but I know some of you need to win battles to get buildings that drop for him, so not a lot help.  But I’m also finding more and more using just the Camp Pranksters and Popular Girls, with maybe 1 or 2 Campfire Men and upgrading the energy meter to max is working for me. Remember to think about Defence – Popular Girls, Attack – Camp Pranksters/Campfire Man & Water Cannon. Defending can be the key to getting time to build attackers so use Popular Girls to try hold the rival campers back whilst you build your attacker numbers. And if you’re also attempting the Weekly Challenge once you push the rival campers into their own area don’t rush to finish, instead slowly defeat them in order you can use your Water Cannon a few more times. Also bear in mind to complete this weeks main Questline you only need to defeat up to and including Streak 5. So don’t panic if you’re reading about players being at Streak 10 and thinking I’ll never manage that.

I don’t know if it’s due to the update or Weekly Challenge dropping last night but I’ve seen a significant improvement, I got 5 out of the last 6 drops, whereas in the 24 hours before I got 2 water balloons total. Hope others see the same improvement.

Happened to me again yesterday but TinyCo have said the update will resolve this issue. I’m testing it as we speak. However I’m still using my in-game support to request they credit me the packages I lost, I urge others to do the same. Just pushing a fix isn’t enough when players have lost valuable resources like these.

This is not resolved with the update, so be careful if you’re buying the final Camp Mess Hall prize, the Arts & Farts & Crafts Cabin, as when you go into the Camp Mess Hall the Talking vegetable Can is still there after you’ve purchased it, and that’s what you default on to, so be careful you don’t buy another one of these rather than the last item. Personally as it’s not required I’ve held off buying the Arts & Farts & Crafts Cabin until I see what’s coming next.

Braces are an extra rare drop so don’t expect quick drops on these, They came slowly but surely in my game.

Many of you are reporting you’ve had this Questline pop up, and you cannot complete it as you already installed the game. Well I just got the task this morning and cleared it by tapping Go on the download task, this took me to my App Store where it showed I already had the game so I opened the game straight away through my App Store and this cleared the task for me, I can only verify this worked on IOS.

There you have the overall update I can give you on the issues that are hampering Wet Hot Quahog Summer.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


41 responses to “Wet Hot Quahog Summer: Update Now Available

  1. Don’t think the update has happened on the android side. still cant clear futurama and braces are ridiculous. everything completed except I only have 5 of 8 braces after a week. one thing, just tried the facebook app on windows and the futurama cleared when I clicked go and started to download the iTunes update. might try to play the game on facebook to see if braces are better.


  2. The disappearing package bug is still happening to me. Updated last night, lost packages overnight and this morning.

    After careful observation, I believe I can accurately describe the disappearing care packages bug.

    You have a six slot queue for care packages, but when when a package is ready to open, it stays in the queue. The bug is that the game REMOVES (as in DELETES) one unopened care package for every finished, ready-to-open package. So if you queue up six packages and check on it six hours later, two packages will be ready to open while two empty slots have been created. Thus you’ve gone from six unopened to two ready-to-open and two unopened.

    The big problem is that if enough time has passed for all three to be ready, the queue is then emptied entirely for some reason. (Have not confirmed this problem since the update.)

    So, for however long the bug has been affecting my game (for me, I don’t know if it was from the get-go or started later on), it’s been costing me two packages to open one (as long as I don’t leave it alone long enough to lose all of them).


  3. After level 10 it goes to Bonus levels, these seem much easier…


  4. I don’t like to be negative, and i never complain about the many issues in every event because the people at Tiny Co are people too, and we’ve all had our good days & bad days at work, days where we’ve been more efficient than others, and nowadays people feel so unnecessarily entitled & get very offensive over the tiniest of issues. If a person has a concern they should address it with respect & compassion, and be articulate, rather than freak out like a petulant child. The few times I’ve messaged Tiny Co with issues, they’ve been great – & have appreciated my humor, so I can’t say anything about their “service” side (but that’s just MY experience pertaining to the specific issues that I’ve had).

    I WAS going to message them about the issues I have been having, most of which addressed above, but,
    1) there were too many issues for me to bothered spending a half hour typing in great detail to outline each one, and
    2) I’ve come to be so disappointed, discouraged, frustrated etc. with this event that I’ve come to hate it, and I’ve given up trying to get Kid Quagmire, win streak 5 etc. I’m done wasting clams to speed things up on this ridiculously & unnecessarily complicated event.

    However, let’s all keep in mind that this is a game, and nothing more. Let’s just hope that will go down as a learning experience for Tiny Co. Ya can’t win em all, right? We’re all different people & I’m sure there are many who love this event.

    I also wanted to point out that Bunny & the others that maintain this site deserve MAJOR credit. The amount of time they put into detailing and outlining EVERY LAST GOD D*MN DETAIL to facilitate gameplay & maximize the most productive strategies to help ALL OF US progress as efficiently as possible, they deserve WAY more than a “thank you” – ESPECIALLY when a problematic event like this comes around. Think of it; the more glitches & problems there are, the more feedback they get, and they are SO thorough at responding to every single comment/issue.
    Honestly, Tiny Co SHOULD be offering THEM a contract to work for them with a more-than-deserving pay grade – we all know Tiny Co has had its bumps in the road & have undergone changes in attempt to improve in multiple areas, & it’s people like Bunny & the others that maintain this site [sorry! I forget their name(s)!] that Tiny Co should be recruiting.
    Part of my job over the years as a corporate trainer for a large restaurant chain in Canada has been to travel to locations on the brink of bankruptcy and/or that need restructuring, and fixing those issues, which usually involves restaffing, & make them profitable locations again. I helped turn the 2nd worst ranked location out of 98 stores, and help turn it into the top first & second ranked consistently for several years, and it has broke 2 million dollars in sales each year since, whereas beforehand, it wasn’t making enough money to sustain itself, so I know how difficult it can be to find the right staff to drastically improve a business, and for that reason, I feel for Tiny Co when they have struggles like this, and for that reason, I know it’s people with the same level of devotion and loyalty like Bunny & co. that they really really need to work for them.

    Let’s not forget to give credit where due! A few more ‘pleases & thank yous’ wouldn’t go unnoticed I’m sure. Thanks Bunny & co. for you’re hard work, you guys don’t get enough credit. You rock!

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  5. Generic_kezza

    I wonder if the whole problem with not being able to see camp wars could be to do with using “low memory graphics, has anyone tried out both ways, i know in my game the backgrounds got all messed up in the excellent adventure other play spaces when i tried them


  6. im just happy to be getting clams again if they keep going like this ill be stocked up in no time.


  7. after the update the last braces dropped for me (from Chris) and i used Kid Quagmire as a cannon leader and i won streak 5 but it didn’t give me a checkmark in Questline part 8 … isn’t streak 5 called “the battle continues” ?? im now on streak 6 and it’s entitled “tides of tug – o – war” … waiting for Quagmire to rest …


  8. This update did nothing. Still stuck on streak 5. Still don’t have Quagmire. Still loosing the Camp battles cuz they are impossible. TinyCo is really just trying to loose players at this point. What’s the point of a game that isn’t fun? So frustrating constantly loosing. I can’t make any progress at all in this event.

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    • I’d lost several games at Streak 5 until I tried a different strategy I saw in another post. I let the first two opposing campers across without resistance while I leveled up my energy twice. Then I started sending out my campers. No real strategy there, just sending guys, girls and fire as quickly as I could. Finally beat the opposing campers back after about a minute or so.


    • Update on my complaint about the update:
      Got my last braces, finally got Quagmire, and FINALLY got past streak 5! Now I can progress in the event.. I think Quagmire made the difference, and a bit of complaining lol


  9. Installed the update and I still can’t see any campers. Restarted, shut down all background programs, and fired up FGQFS. Instead of board walk made of wood planks, I’ve got a boardwalk made of green tree background. WHEEEE!!!

    Are all my campers falling into the woods and getting lost? Will they find a bread crumb trail or Grandma’s house? How will I explain this to their parents?

    (Sorry to go on,but I’m bored and need an outlet)

    Here is the pic I sent to tinyco


  10. I downloaded the update. No improvement. I still can not see my team members during battle. In fact, the update seemed to make no difference or impact on my game whatsoever (or at least that I can see). 😒


  11. I didn’t have any visual glitches (at least none I noticed) prior to the update but since I’m only seeing come of the campers in the mini game so I’m actually worse off now.


  12. I am now on day 5 trying to collect braces with a minimum of 5 hits per day. I have not received a single drop from Chris – that is not extra rare, that is NEVER!!!! I have only received one drop from Herbert in the same time frame. I got the girls cabin 3 days ago and it has dropped twice – why is there such a difference in the drops between characters and then again between characters and buildings? I have sent a ticket into support regarding this but they haven’t responded to any of my tickets regarding issues for the past 4 events so not holding my breath waiting for anything this time.


  13. I have lost 2 battles due to the game freezing in the middle of it. The only thing I can do then is close and re-open which then results in defeat for me. I have contacted support with the issue and asked that they reimburse me for the lost water balloons. And with my defeat in level 6 due to freezing I also lost the ability to use Peter to man the cannons for 3 hours even though I never got the chance to actually use him, and neither did I get credit on the Gone Glamping challenge for use. It is very frustrating that these glitches continually occur and then the non-response from support regarding these issues. The least they can do is credit/reimburse us for our losses due to their issues.


  14. After the update, I’ve tried 3 times and still can’t get past Streak 5. My prankster is lvl 3 now. 3 different strategies, still nothing. My score still goes from 7/7 to 0/7, with no gradual decline. I don’t even know what’s slowing them down and what isn’t.
    With that said, I’d like to thank RussianTigger. I’m done with this event.


    • RussianTigger

      Sorry you’re still having same issue, I’m honestly scratching my head trying think anything else to help players that are stuck. Hope you’ll come back for the next event.


    • Don’t be discouraged! I tried 8 times before succeeded. Followed Annabelle strategy. Send 2 Pranksters, 1 girl, then upgrade. Repeat 2 more times. Then release 1 Campfire Man. Remem to use cannon once u have 3 or more in your red zone. Needed some luck but it’s gratifying when you finally succeed. Oh, remem don’t panic. Don’t look at visuals esp when opposing campers are in your area. Focus on your own actions.


  15. I decided to pass on this event, before I even knew what it was going to be. I’m kind of glad I did, reading about all the problems going on with it, I know now I would just be extremely frustrated and I don’t need that in my life.


  16. Still have problems on visuals on Camp Wars.


  17. Seems like the crashing issue was fixed, but visuals are still a hot mess. Never see my team until they are kicking butt and crossing bridge. I’ve asked to be compensated for all the water balloons and Care Packages I’ve lost, but not holding my breath with Stingy Co.


  18. What is the water cannon supposed to do? I fire it once, it doesnt change anything, and i lose before it can recharge ( to do nothing again i’m assuming with the way this event is going ) is it supposed to knock people off the bridge? Help move my players?


    • RussianTigger

      It damages the rival campers but only if they are in the red target zone of the Water Cannon, and in my game only if you’ve Kid Quagmire on the Cannon not Scoutmaster Peter, as he seemed to do no damage as Leader


  19. well….there are so many problems with this game……BRACES NOT DROPPING- can’t get kid quagmire….CARE PACKAGES DISAPPEARING- and not being replaced- support said “we will check into it” that was all they said……FUTURAMA: WORLDS OF TOMORROW IS HERE SIDE QUEST WONT CLEAR- just crashes with everything I try…….CANNOT WIN CAMP WARS- just cannot win, and yes I did the update……I just cannot continue with this game, I will check in for a few days to see if there are any changes, but… I think I am done with this game.


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