Tell US what you want, what you really, really want!?!

Greetings fellow Addicts

I know many of you will be chilling out and enjoying your weekend, but sorry  I’m going to have to ask you to put down that relaxing cool drink and sit up for a moment as I ask you to give me your input in another poll.


I know you’ve been answering polls left, right and centre lately but this one will help me a lot. You’ve probably noticed lately that most of the posts on here are by me, I am flying solo much of the time as Bunny takes time out and Lotty has stopped playing the game we love to hate. And to be honest sometimes I’m finding with the quick turnaround of events there’s just too much to do in too little time, especially in a way that gets you the info you want ASAP.

I know you’re all looking to the FG Addicts site more than ever now the other FGQFS sites are taking some downtime, so I wanted to ask you to rate the posts we do in order of importance to you, this will allow me to know what you want and try to prioritize those posts. I already try to do this by thinking what info I’d be looking for, but just want to be sure I’m getting it right and we’re all getting what we want from the site.

And as ever feel free to use the comments for any post ideas or anything else you’d like to see here. And of course incase you can’t see the poll below here’s the direct link.

Thanks in advance

~ Russian Tigger


32 responses to “Tell US what you want, what you really, really want!?!

  1. What is the deal with the Spin N Win? It will land on say, 150 coins, but it will give me the prize that is after the 150 coins on the wheel. Does that make sense? Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve hit the “jackpot”, or whatever, like 4 times since I started playing again within the past 3 months or so and I always receive the prize that’s listed after whatever the thing lands on. I couldn’t find an article about it on the site.


    • RussianTigger

      There’s no article as because we’re long term players none of us have it in our game to play around with and write a post. However best thing to do is take a SS of where it lands then send it to TinyCo stating that’s what you should have got but didn’t


  2. Stop writing. And by that I mean stop writing articles like you’d see in a newspaper or magazine and just present the facts. You’ll get done a lot faster that way. A bare bones list of things we need to do is all that’s necessary. It also save US on reading time, trying to sift the facts out of the blah, blah, blah.
    Just the facts, ma’am. (Are you old enough to have seen that show? Or the reboot? Or the second reboot?)


    • Unfortunately if it’s just going to be throwing facts and figures on a page, that wouldn’t encourage me to want to “write” for this blog, I’d have to say goodbye. I don’t know the quote but just checked where it’s from 😀


  3. I did this poll just to click “Essential, couldn’t play without” for Futurama. That game is in dire need for an addicts site.


  4. Other than the main quest line, details on the side quest lines are of little value unless they are needed to earn characters. I usually ignore them until the event is over and then clean them out before the next event. Those side quests usually tie up characters that are needed for the main event. I like to know which characters earn which items or the which new characters are timed. Also strategies on mini-games.


  5. Hi RT,
    I am extremely glad that you decided to do this Poll, because I can feel your desire to continue to engage this tiny FG Addicts community, but getting burned out from the non-stop release of the events. I can certainly empathize your pain as you try and capture all these very useful information for all of us, while playing your game. I think I can say on behalf of everyone here that we all truly enjoy reading your posts and greatly appreciate all your personal time and efforts spent on this site to keep it going, in the absence of your two compatriots. Therefore, if you don’t mind, I will just offer my blunt views, not varnished.

    Top Essentials – Event Live Post (your two cents on How To Play, not the FAQ version), Quest Lines (to let us know what decorations we should buy), Strategies (think ‘camp wars’), Glitches (to share our misery and what we can do to fix), and last but not least, all kinds of Polls (most unique way not found at other sites to keep this community engaged).

    Lowest Priority – Should I Buy, Mystery Boxes, Event FAQ, Character Quest Lines. For most of us players, who have been playing the game for more than a year, should already have a sense of what is a ‘good buy’ versus ‘a bad one’. As for character quest lines, we already struggle to keep up with the event quest lines, and would go to complete these character quest lines only at the sides.

    For your last question, my answer is a resounding ‘yes’. If this blog is no longer maintained, I won’t continue playing as the challenges of keeping up are just insurmountable for me to play alone. I started playing FG during the Apocalypse Event, and it was a terrible culture shock despite having about a year plus of playing TSTO. I recalled Bunny advising not to expect to get all rewards and prizes, but just play what we can to enjoy the game. Took me some time to finally calibrate my expectations for FG. This allowed me to appreciate the game more. I also recalled you had provided great encouragement and shared your own views (on how to defeat and earn the Golden Dragon). Without your ‘goading’, I would not have taken a leap of faith and eventually got the Dragon (who always reminds me of you). Truth is, this Addicts site made the difference for me.

    As a last word of appeal, please do prioritize what you need to post, so that you can sustain as long as you can. Even for me, I do take an occasional time-out if I don’t like a particular event. While you have your insomnia to ‘thank for’ to stay ahead in the game, do take care of your own health, and get more sleep (read: rest). A BIG Thank You.


    • RussianTigger

      Thanks, really appreciate all that. Golden Dragon reminds me of you also, you were so chuffed to get it. Good start to the year, hope it’s continued for you 😀

      And great feedback on posts, that’s exactly what I wanted, no sugar coating.


  6. Thank you RB for all your hard work in maintaining what for me and many like me is an indispensable blog.


    • RussianTigger

      You’re welcome. It certainly brings a new dynamic to my play, knowing I’m playing along with you all, I’m not suffering alone 😀


  7. I have already quit playing another tinyco game because of a lack of access to similar information. I figure out a lot through following the quest lines but sometimes things are as clear as mud. I love having a place to come to find more detailed answers to questions when I’m lost (and usually stuck). Your help has saved me from harassing the programmers with the many questions I end up pondering. You’ve saved me from starting a timer before I met enough requirements to actually have a chance to complete the tasks in time. You’ve helped be get on track when I was lost and stay on track when I wasn’t. . On top of that you’ve given me a place where I can add my two cents AND vent. I haven’t posted in what the Duce yet but that’s mostly because I found answers to my frustrations in the quest line help. I often read the posts there though.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for all of the effort you give. If you have to give less I will understand even if no one else does.

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  8. i enjoy everything you post .. it’s a tremendous help for me .. i played this game for a few months before finding this blog and i remember my first event was peterpalooza and i had no idea what i was doing so i missed most characters (only got avril lavigne) .. the most helpful posts are the LIVE event posts and the Timed Character warnings …


  9. I agree with Whitney. Nothing you do is useless. We just need to weed out what is not necessarily necessary to save you time. I notice we don’t get a lot of comments on the character quests. Sorry, but I never look at those. I do them as I can, if they are not needed for resources. Since its not part of the main quest, I think it’s just doing the tasks to clear it from the queue.

    I’m curious, how long does it take to post the different posts that you do?

    I also like your personnel posts, such as your thoughts and such. I know I already put in my $.02 but I really wanted to agree that the term “useless” is harsh. Your time and effort are never, ever useless. I hope you get good results from this poll letting you know what you can do to save yourself time out of your life!

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    • RussianTigger

      Thanks, perhaps I was harsh using “useless”. Creating the posts, well the time varies, between getting the info then cleaning up images from screenshots of the game, some don’t take too long but likes of the live post the other day, I spent many hours playing through my game, pulling images, cleaning/editing them, then collating the info. So it can get full on, especially when n event generates a lot of help me requests in the comments. But it’s a lot of fun too, especially as there’s a little core community building up. That’s something that’s been a struggle to generate here, not due to the people but due to the game alienating and frustrating players, over at TSTO Addicts, the community built quick and easy, mainly because Tapped Out was easy going. All the chat didn’t have to centre round how to get drops or glitches. Lol. It’s nice see but of that developing here.


  10. I think the main event quest line is the most important! I was very happy to see it early on this time. It’s really nice to be able to plan ahead. I realize you can’t get it up as fast as bunny did since you play right along with us. That does ease the pain, cause, you are playing right along with us. I really had a hard time answering if I’d stop playing. I feel like we are a nice little community, and we are playing together. I think I’d be bored to tears without this community. We laugh and cry! It would be so lonely. I’m really stuck in my house a lot due to a failed neck fusion, so I’m alone so much of the day, I really enjoy reading your posts. I actually think that was a great question. I’m hard pressed to fully commit to an answer.

    I like the polls, being able to compare is nice. It’s a good indication as to how fair/unfair the game play is going.
    The tinyco posts are at the bottom of my needs personally. It is easy access and see why some would like it. If it’s easy to pull together, it may be worth it. If it’s a pain, I’d axe it.

    As for futurama, I’d love a place like this for it. I log into it every few days at this point. Can’t really seem to get into it. Maybe because it’s confusing? I don’t know. Maybe it goes back to the reason I enjoy FGQFS, we are playing together. I’m all alone in Futurama.

    Thank you, you already know how much we appreciate all you do. It’s a full time job, with only our thanks as compensation.
    Nonetheless, THANK YOU!


    • RussianTigger

      Thanks, great feedback, and way too kind as ever. I’m glad we can pass a little of your time as it can be a long day when your stuck indoors.

      Getting great feedback and response to this poll, and it’s heartening to see the responses are in line with my thinking as to what should be prioritised, but is great to hear it from the readers rather me just assuming. And hopefully once Bunny is back things will balance out again.

      But it’s been great how players have jumped in to help others during this event, it really makes doing this worthwhile.


  11. Useless seems harsh. But I voted useless for the types of posts that I rarely read. I love this site, especially the event is live posts and main questline posts. I read comments a lot when I’m stuck and trying to figure out what to do

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    • RussianTigger

      Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.


    • I totally agree with Whitney – I look for the post with a lot of comments and go to those first as I know addicts find them relevant. I like Cathy’s comment that the character posts generate very few comments, so it’s encouraging to see everyone who has commented here is pretty much on the same page…

      Great post, RT and a good time for it.


      • RussianTigger

        Thanks Chris, I just felt with a full on event full of twists and turns it might be good time to find out what’s helping most. Had a great response


  12. I actually struggled on the last question of would I stop playing if there were no blogs. I finally chose yes. The way that this game plays with everything, good coding, bad coding, good CS, bad CS, clear gameplay, confusing gameplay…

    You just kind of need a place to go to figure things out and be part of a community trying to do so. You here are my home for that and without it, I don’t think I would last much longer in this game.

    Being a numbers person, I love the polls you do. They give me a really good comparison to see how I’m doing and allay any fears of “I can’t believe how far I am behind” or make me feel grateful to not be experiencing whatever melee of glitches is going on.

    You also help design a lot of my gameplay by telling me much needed info about what future steps are. Like what achievement task or quest is next in the list. That little bit of planning ahead can save mountains of precious time.

    Keep up the good work… please. 🙂


  13. HI RT –

    You are doing a great job, IMHO, and we really appreciate it. To that end, I completely agree with you needing to work efficiently rather than just put out a volume of information, so here’s my thoughts (and they are just mine):

    – I like the polls, if they are not too much work for you, it’s good to see where fellow addicts are in event;

    – Personally, I depend upon the Event Live posts as, when I know an event is upcoming, I check this site frequently so I can go update my device…saves me from having to check the Google store which can be annoying…

    – Anything related to the main questline, buildings/characters/costumes that drop stuff, IMHO, is very helpful as it allows me to plan ahead…same for character side quests as we know TinyCo loves to torture us by assigning multiple (and many times, competing) tasks to finish multiple questlines, so that really allows us to see where that character’s time is best spent…

    – Glitches and Issues posts are important as it keeps us up-to-date as well as providing a public forum which (I hope) TinyCo monitors periodically to gage game play issues…

    – What The Deuce…gotta have the WTD posts, only once a week and a great place to vent…

    – I do like the “Do I Want That Posts” as you really do a great job of calculating and presenting how a premium purchase may benefit a player, BU, I know those are a lot of work, and frankly, many players probably have a philosophy already about how they handle those purchases anyway, so while interesting, I would personally think those could be given a lower priority…with ONE MAIN EXCEPTION: The clam-generating purchases posts are important as those are the few (if any) investments TinyCo offers with a positive clam-‘cash’-flow return…

    – Mystery Box posts are interesting, especially when Bunny is able to provide her statistics, but while interesting, shouldn’t be high priority as again, I think most addicts have a philosophy or approach to those…mine is to avoid them in general…the exception would be if they offer a special mystery box, i.e., characters-only, etc.

    – Finally (I know, when is this guy going to shut up?!? LOL!), the ones I find least interesting are the non-event posts, the Futurama posts and the show-off posts…not to say to discontinue them all together, but as you have time, or between events (HA! Like that’s happening anytime soon – do we need to define a ‘break’ for you again, TinyCo?!?). I like the Speculating with Stewie post as they can be pretty funny, but again, I see those as “as-you-can”, not high priority…

    You are doing a great job, so any information you can provide is alway appreciated, but you have to balance your life with the needs of the addicts, LOL!

    I don’t know if I would stop playing if there was no addict site to support me, but it would certainly take away from the fun which may eventually cause me to give up…tough question – a good one, but a tough one…


    • RussianTigger

      Thanks Chris, I really appreciate the time some of you have spent putting together these great feedback comments, not only great info but makes me feel appreciated. You’re opinions are echoing what I’m seeing in the responses to the poll. So I think we are all on the same wavelength, which helps enormously.


  14. i want you to do futurama worlds of tomorrow addict


  15. I’m playing Futurama too and what I’m enjoying about it is everything is progress. There’s no time issues. No events to complete quest lines in a week to get to the next part; no timer to unlock characters. This is how FG:TQFS started off too.

    What makes this site useful is helping with strategies when the game gets more complex and to warn us of timed characters.


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