Hot Wet Quahog Summer: Camp Mess Hall Phase 2

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Camp we go!!!

But that doesn’t mean you can skip lessons, so welcome to your next Phase 2 Camp 101 which covers The Camp Mess Hall.


This is where you will go to purchase Event Items. Clicking it will bring you up a screen that you can scroll along to show you all the items you can purchase this Phase. (Also any items from the previous phase will show).


In order to unlock (craft) the many items in the Camp Mess Hall you will need to collect Firewood and Participant Badges. This is the current information for them.

Firewood: Chance Drop from Okay Care Package OR Premium Care Package OR Standard Care Package OR Camp Pranks OR Camp Wars OR Complete Questline Parts OR Amateur Peter Wood Carving (Always) OR Skilled Peter Wood Carving (Always) OR Expert Peter Wood Carving (Always)

Participant Badges (Chance): Drop from Okay Care Package OR Premium Care Package OR Counselor Andy Patch Up His Jean Jacket OR Camp Pranks

Eating Contest Badges (Chance): Drop from Standard Care Package OR Premium Care Package OR Camp Pranks OR Fat Camp Chris OR R. Lee Ermey


These are the items that were made available in Phase 2. None of these items have timers on them.

What A Mess Hall
Earns: $30 & 20xp every 4 hours
Drop: None
Cost: 50 Firewood
Size: 4×5
Additional Info: None

Weigh In Station
Earns: $30 & 20xp every 4 hours
Drop: Chance of 2x Fridges every 4 hours
Cost: 65 Firewood & 6 Eating Contest Badges
Size: 4×4
Additional Info: None

Overloaded Canoe
Earns: Nothing
Drop: None
Cost: 20 Firewood & 10 Participant Badges
Size: 3×2
Additional Info: Can be placed in the water

Secret Snack Stash
Earns: $45 & 30xp every 8 hours
Drop: Chance of 2x Fondue  every 8 hours
Cost: 40 Firewood & 14 Eating Contest Badges
Size: 3×3
Additional Info: None

Boys Cabin
Earns: $40 & 25xp every 6 hours
Drop: Chance of 2x Sweaters every 6 hours
Cost: 120 Firewood, 5 Eating Contest Badges & 17 Participant Badges
Size: 4×6
Additional Info: None

Hot Dog Eating Contest
Earns: $40 & 25xp every 6 hours
Drop: Chance drop of 1x Water Balloon every 6 hours
Cost: 200 Firewood, 20 Eating Contest Badges & 8 Participant Badges
Size: 4×6
Additional Info: None

Go Kart Track
Earns: $40 & 25xp every 6 hours
Drop: Nothing
Cost: 25 Firewood, 30 Eating Contest Badges & 15 Participant Badges
Size: 3×3
Additional Info: None

Collapsed a Horse
Earns: Nothing
Drop: Nothing
Cost: 80 Firewood & 8 Participant Badges
Size: 1×4
Additional Info: Animated

There you have the overall look of the many Items/Buildings that the Phase 2 Camp Mess Hall  has to offer along with the amount of Firewood and Participant Badges you will need to get them all.

What have you unlocked so far? Any favorites? Any you would have preferred to pass on? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


9 responses to “Hot Wet Quahog Summer: Camp Mess Hall Phase 2

  1. More through luck than anything else I managed a victory on the bonus streak (couldn’t see the attackers) so now have 3 standard care packages to hopefully get some eating badges.


  2. Feeling very frustrated In phase 2 same position as everyone else 0 hotdog badges in 5 days got enough to unlock 1 building gene doesn’t give hotdogs and on 109/129 for Joe at a standstill now


  3. Like many I’m stuck with NO hot dogs dropping (I got enough to get the boys’ cabin and then they stopped coming – not enough for any other buildings for Gene either). At bonus streak of camp wars and unable to defeat it, so of all available standard care packages I got less than 1/5 out of what’s needed for this week.

    Here’s / hoping they gift us all some hot dogs or care packages, or make it possible to defeat the bonus streak. For those in my place, I see no way to advance unless unlocking Gene helps (at any rate Peter’s hose doesn’t seem to affect the scooter drivers, maybe Gene’s will), or getting lucky and massively upgrading the week 1 campers. Also Lois’ drops for Gene seem pretty epically rare rather than uncommon, so we’ll see if I ever get Gene.

    Good luck to everyone!

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  4. I was lucky……I managed to get one drop of hot dogs so I used that to build the Boys cabin which drops the sweaters for Gene. As all the other items for Gene can be collected elsewhere, I managed to unlock Gene today! Then I was able to defeat Camp Wars once again with Gene manning the cannons, and can now send him out playing pranks, so even though the hot dogs still aren’t dropping ( I’m also stuck at the Hot Dog Stand) at least I POTENTIALY have a way of earning Standard care packages.


  5. I stuck in the 10th part od the camp wars, have opened all standard care packs earned before and haven’t got any single hot-dog so I have no chance to unlock Gene. I sended about 5 tickets to TC and got only automatu response or none. Thank you TinyCo – you save my time.


    • Sorry you’ve not had a response, we are feeding back info to them


    • Same here, seem to be stuck in an endless loop where you need the 5 eating badges to get gene but you need gene to get the eating badges from either the wars or pranking bus


  6. Those hot dog coins are basically impossible to get.


  7. i still need to place the hot dog eating contest and i only have 5 hotdogs / 20 😦


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