Wet Hot American Summer 101 – Park Ranger

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Camp we go!!!

But that doesn’t mean you can skip lessons, so welcome to the second of your Final Phase 101’s which covers the Park Ranger.

At Part 2 of the Main Questline Pitched Battle you’ll be directed to learn about the Park Ranger.

Clicking GO will bring you up an instruction box with further details on exactly how to attack the Park Ranger.

The Park Ranger is similar to other bosses we have seen in past events in that she’s a big baddie who keeps on giving. But just how do we get her to drop the goodies? Well we need to attack her with everything from Bear Repellant and Litter to Matches.  The only problem is you don’t know which item you need for a particular Attack Level until you complete each attack on her, so there’s an element of luck in these battles.

The amounts of Bear Repellant OR Litter OR Matches needed will be the same in every players game for each attack level but the type of item won’t be. The amounts you will need to attack her at the various levels are as follows:

ATTACK Resources

Attack Level Attack Respurces Needed
1X 1 Bear Repellant or 1 Litter or 1 Matches
2X 3 Bear Repellant or 3 Litter or 3 Matches
3X 7 Bear Repellant or 7 Litter or 7 Matches
4X 15 Bear Repellant or 15 Litter or 15 Matches
5X 30 Bear Repellant or 30 Litter or 30 Matches

Now I’m going be honest I’ve not managed to hit her at level 5X before she timed out. Yes, as usual, you only have 24 hours to defeat the Park Ranger up to 5X and I just can’t collect enough to get to that yet, I defeated her at 1X, 2X, and 3X, then I just started collecting for a fresh attack once she timed out and returned. You can of course spend clams to bring her back at the level she timed out at, but it’s a hefty amount so I’m personally not going there.

The reward you get is two-fold, Whittling Badges for buying items in the Camp Mess Hall and Scout Guides which are needed to unlock Troop Leader Lois. What you will get at each level is as follows:


Attack Level Rewards
1X 1 Scout Guide & 10 Whittling Badges
2X 3 Scout Guide & 30 Whittling Badges
3X 7 Scout Guide & 70 Whittling Badges
4X 16 Scout Guide & 150 Whittling Badges
5X 26 Scout Guide & 280 Whittling Badges

You will need 80 Scout Guides to help unlock Troop Leader Lois.


Now how do we get those ITEMS, well it’s a combination of clearing Scouts, a premium character’s tasks OR buying them from the store.

Clear Cubby Scout (Chance)
Make Sasquatch Hold A Turf War With Bears (4 hrs) (Always)
Buy packs from Store

Clear Blondie Scout (Chance)
Make Sasquatch Pick Up Litter (6 hrs) (Always)
Buy packs from Store

Clear Pansy Scout (Chance)
Make Sasquatch Prevent Forrest Fires (8 hrs) (Always)
Buy packs from Store


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click on Park Ranger wandering your Sidewalk.

This will bring up the Attack Screen and on it you will see the following, What item and how many you need to attack her at that level; the rewards for attacking her at that level and finally how much time you have left before she disappears.

Once you have gathered the required resource for the attack,  just tap the FIGHT button to complete the attack at that level.

Remember you only have 24 hours before she times out and goes into  Cooldown for 6 hours. You’ll know she’s in Cooldown when she’s lying like this. Tapping her will bring up the main screen where you can see how long it will be until she wakes and the cost to clam revive her.

Once she returns unless you’ve used clams to revive her she will be back at 1X.

So there you have it, all the relevant information on the Park Ranger. Are you attacking yet? If so what Level have you hit her to? Enjoying it so far?

~ Russian Tigger


9 responses to “Wet Hot American Summer 101 – Park Ranger

  1. Hey, thanks for the info. So if the amount of recources required to attack the ranger and the rewards are correct, there is no need to save up the resources because you do not get more badges and guides at higher attack levels? the amount of badges is always equal to the amount of resources x 10. in previous events it was wise to save up the resources until you could complete the 5 levels at once.


    • RussianTigger

      Sorry my thoughts are to try hit to the highest level, as if you plan to only hit at 1X continually, you’re going to need wait 30 hours between attacks, so I’d attack up to the highest level you can in the 24hrs, I’ve managed 3X but if drops are kind in next 12hrs I’ll manage a 4X.


  2. Stats for Level 5:
    Resources: 30 of whichever 3.
    Rewards: 280 whittling badges and 26 Scout Guides

    Totally doable at level 3 and 4. Though, 5 is a bit excessive. Better off doing the 3 and 4 mix that serves me well. 🙂


    • RussianTigger

      Thanks for that info. If drops are kind I’ll mange a 4X later, but 5X is out of my league. I’m going do same as you, let her reset then try hit to 3X or 4X, should serve me well enough


  3. Looks like I am having the same luck as RT. I can get my third attack in and that is about it. The Matchbooks are holding me up. This will be slow going but if I don’t get the Lois Costume, no big loss. These last week event costumes are never useful. Nor usually are any of the characters. Looks like I will just cruise this week and whatever happens, happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “These last week event costumes are never useful. Nor usually are any of the characters.”

      Absolutely. I mean, it makes sense, since you need the week to complete the quests/tasks needed to get said character/costume, but yeah – it still feels pretty pointless.

      It would make sense for the final week’s costume/character to give you some kind of jumpstart in the next Event, even if it’s just a small edge. It’d make going through the effort feel worth it! 🙂


  4. how often do these scouts spawn ??


  5. Kapricornkitti

    I’m over the entire event. The event feels like work and no fun

    Liked by 1 person

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