Wet Hot Quahog Summer 101: New Achievement Tasks

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Camp we go!!!

But that doesn’t mean you can skip lessons, so welcome to the last of your Camp 101’s which covers the new Achievement Tasks added this week to he us unlock Wild Brian.


As you know these are basically your “Side Questlines” for the Event and can be found by tapping the Icon below.

Now a quick word of warning, for a little while my tasks for unlocking Wild Brian disappeared after his Unlock Questline triggered but once I proceeded a little in the new final phase Main Questline Pitched Battle they returned, so don’t panic of this happens in your game, just get started with the aforementioned Questline and they should reappear.

And also remember as you do things in your game, go in and claim your Spears in order to triggers subsequent tasks.


There are only 2 showing in my game so far but I’m sure you’ll agree they pay out generously. So hopefully they’ll help us reach our goal of unlocking Wild Brian. I’m hoping so as I really like this costume!!!

And remember you can see all the earlier Achievement Tasks for Wild Brian HERE.

Here is the list of what I currently see in my game, I will update as I trigger new parts, and you can also share any in the comments.


Ranger Danger! Pt.1
Attack Park Ranger 1 Time
Reward: 15 Spears

Ranger Danger! Pt.2
Attack Park Ranger 2 Times
Reward: 17 Spears

Ranger Danger! Pt.3
Attack Park Ranger 3 Times
Reward: 22 Spears

Ranger Danger! Pt.4
Attack Park Ranger 4 Times
Reward: 25 Spears


Pitch Painful Pt. 1
Clear 2 Cubby Scouts
Reward: 8 Spears

Pitch Painful Pt. 2
Clear 4 Blonde Scouts
Reward: 10 Spears

Pitch Painful Pt. 3
Clear 4 Pansy Scouts
Reward: 14 Spears

Pitch Painful Pt. 4
Clear 6 Cubby Scouts
Reward: 16 Spears

Pitch Painful Pt. 5
Clear 5 Pansy Scouts
Reward: 22 Spears


Well quite simply as previously discussed, you earn Spears, and you want to be earning a lot of them, 470 to be precise as that’s how many Spears you need to unlock the new character costume Wild Brian. Have I said how much I WANT this costume!


There you have it. The new Achievement Tasks added this Phase and what you anticipate from them along the way.

What do you think so far? Happy to see more added? Are there Tasks you find yourself focusing on more than others? Any favorites? Suggestions to fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


9 responses to “Wet Hot Quahog Summer 101: New Achievement Tasks

  1. I found out that there are 2 achievements to give you a premium pack each, for clearing Bonus Streak 14 and 15. So don’t stop once you clear Streak 13. I got my premium packages and unlocked all 3 premium campers, not that it made any difference but I read somewhere that you can keep these premium campers as decoration after event!


  2. I should be able to unlock him soon… I unlocked my Deer to level 4, and passed Streak 11. If I clear 12 Blondie Scouts I’ll get 22 spears to complete the costume. I still have no chance of getting Joe as I’m still on 16/30 badges despite grinding for them for 2 weeks


  3. I got him yesterday and am working on the Ooops van (just need to defeat 9 campers to get the last six spears and I am going to hold off and see what the challenge is). The extra tasks made this one so much more fun than Great Outdoors Joe and having to get that stupid go-kart track!


  4. i unlocked him last night with upgrading deer to 4 .. clearing 12 (or 14??) scouts and attacking the ranger 4 times 🙂


  5. Just need 20 more Spears for Brian. I’m glad they put extra achievements in. If I needed to get my deer to level 4 to claim the 30+ Spears, that’s not happening. I have a bunch of 4-7 achievements that are semi-difficult. The achievement that’ll put me over the top is worth 22 and it’s for 12 of the Blondie scouts. Might take a couple days but should be doable.


  6. Pitch Painful Pt. 5
    Clear 8 Pansy Scouts
    Reward: 22 Spears


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