New Event Teaser – Southern Fried Griffins

It looks like TinyCo is about to put some love in the air, as a new event, Southern Fried Griffins, is coming to our games soon.

It would appear we’re going to get an event that will be based around Chris’ ex-girlfriend Sam, who appeared in the episode  To Love and Die in Dixie. But what’s it all about?  Well here’s all the info from TinyCo:

In our next event, Chris’ old girlfriend Sam comes to visit and the Griffins try to rekindle their relationship by giving Quahog some Southern Flair.  Will Sam be won over by the Griffins efforts? Find out in ‘Southern Fried Griffins’

  • Turn Quahog into a rural Southern Town
  • Win Sam’s heart with offerings of romantic gifts
  • Trap Raccoons that have taken over Quahog

Now there’s no word from TinyCo of an exact time when the event will go live, obviously we will see it sometime after the current event ends on 26th July at 3p.m. Pacific. But you should already be seeing an update for game Version 1.50.5  in your App stores, but do not update at this time as there is an issue with it.

So what do you all think of the upcoming event? Let us know in the comments. And please keep your comments on the current event for the review post which will be up tomorrow!!!

~ Russian Tigger


21 responses to “New Event Teaser – Southern Fried Griffins

  1. i wish they would let you opt out or end an event early like a year ago with the princess bride event i think the last day we could end it early… give us enough time to at least get rid of alot of back tasks that build up from having another event starting after one just ended


  2. This game gets less and less fun. This camp stuff was utterly frustrating. Between the timers and poor drops, I think I’m done. Been playing since the beginning but all it does it get me mad.


  3. How about a week off? Are you afraid that everyone will quit if you give us a few days without an event? Come on!


  4. Can’t wait to kick those there varmints all the way back to the Donna Dixon-line !


  5. My iPad auto downloads new versions so instead of me being able to finish the current game event TinyCo released the new version early. I haven’t been able to load the game since, and my progress is probably gone. I haven’t been able to play for almost 2 full days. If I hold out another day when the ‘new event’ is supposed to begin will my game work? This sucks.


    • RussianTigger

      They’ve only released the update to prepare your game for the new event, you’d still be able play the current one if you could get into your game, but there’s an issue as you know. I have auto updates switched off for this reason.


  6. Id have to look it up, but wasnt there a poll where it was voted overwhelmingly that players would like a break in between events?


  7. HomerJSympsun

    I wonder if the town’s entire appearance will turn rural like a Christmas event adds snow or if we need to unlock items to give it the “down south” look.


  8. Oh my……. cant we have a break… back to back events are becoming tiring!


  9. After the last two events will be nice to have an event that actually work and you can progress.

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  10. They need to tone it down going forward because it really seems like their events are frustrating more people than entertaining… On topic though, I really liked that episode with Sam. I REALLY need a visual task with Brian jumping into the closed window of the General Lee station wagon.

    and btw… why is there still no Mickey McFinnigan!?!?

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  11. Will be nice to have an event tied to an actual episode of the show. May of the mini events are but I wish the larger events were as well. They just seem like cross promotion of othe franchises.

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  12. show related thats great


  13. Anyone else having the game crash on load of the newest update? I have an iPhone 7plus, latest OS, latest game version. The only solution I have is to reinstall the game. After each reinstall, it works the first time only, then goes back to crashing.


  14. Met her on my CB.. Said her name was Mimi 😉


  15. One word…..BREAK!!!! Tinyco…..please give 24 hours so we can finish up some character quest lines!!!


  16. Come on, TinyCo, a day break is not too much to ask…not two hours, a day between events…at least…two days would be nice…


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