Southern Fried Griffins 101: Raccoons

Hey Addicts, wanna help me trash this joint?

Our towns are literally overrun with Raccoons, and it’s time we put them out with the rest of the trash.

Let’s take a closer look at these lil guys.


Raccoons will begin to appear in Quahog once you reach Pt. 1 of the Main Questline, From Bumblescum With Love you’ll  be directed to learn about Raccoons. 

Tapping on Go will bring you up the Trash Bandits info screen, when you tap Yeehaw to clear this you will be awarded 1 free Trashcan. You can also access this info via tapping a Raccoon and selecting the blue i at the top left, and again clicking Yeehaw will get you your 1 free Trashcan, the Trashcan won’t show in your total until you go out of the attack screen and tap a Raccoon again. So basically look at the info screen and tap Yeehaw to get yourself that 1 free Trashcan. What you waiting for, go do it now….. go on bring up the info box below and god darn it hit YEEHAW y’all.


They appear on the Sidewalks/Edge of Sidewalks of the Quahog road patches, so look near all your roads to locate them. Keep in mind they any roads obstructed by buildings or decorations will make it hard to see Raccoons.  If you’ve only got a tiny bit of road like me you will see them all wander towards it and group together, but don’t get too excited as we can only target and clear 1 at a time.

Now it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL for you to remove your Roads from your town to keep the Raccoons to one area, just know that the less you have out in the open, the less time you will spend searching for Raccoons.

I had a bunch of them appear in my Quahog as soon as I hit started the main Questline  and it would appear there’s a max of 8. As you clear them new ones spawn every 2 hours or so.


You will need a Trashcan to drop on them.


Trashcans (Uncommon): Lois Take Out The Trash OR Bruce Upcycle OR Bonnie Snoop On Neighbours OR Hillbilly Stewie Bang On A Trashcan OR Motorized Mystery Box OR Buy from Store

You can spend Clams to purchase them from the Store as follows..

3 Trashcans: 54 Clam IconClams

6 Trashcans: 98 Clam IconClams

12 Trashcans: 130 Clam IconClams


First, you will need to collect a Trashcan. Once you have collected a Trashcan, locate a Raccoon and tap on it.

Tapping on the Raccoon will bring up the Targeting Screen for the Raccoon. Simply drag your Trashcan over the Raccoon, ensuring it is inside the Circle, you’ll know it’s fully targeted when it turns purple.

Once you have successfully targeted your Raccoon, simply tap the Check and you will clear the Raccoon.


1 Trashcan (Always)

 1 Trucker Belt (Chance)

 $50 (Always)


  • Earn Trashcans
  • Locate Raccoons on your Roads
  • Tap on Raccoon to access Target Screen
  • Center Target on Raccoon
  • Once targeted tap Check Mark to clear Raccoon
  • Get Reward(s)

There you have it, the overall idea of just how to find and clear the Raccoons.

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “Southern Fried Griffins 101: Raccoons

  1. The raccoons are no problem for me. There are always more than I have trash cans for and they aren’t hard for me to find and clear.

    The limiting factor is those trash cans. They weren’t dropping at all for a while. When they started, many times I’m lucky to get one out of the three possible (Bonnie, Lois, and Bruce working on it) and sometimes zero. That made collecting for Peter very slow, so getting flowers was slowed down also. Once you get a few flowers, Sam is very generous with trash bags so getting needed buildings speeds up. You need flowers for Sam to really start to progress. Then you can relax and enjoy the cute raccoons as just a little bonus.


  2. Yeehaw!! I just got the moose who will do “moose stuff” for money! Thanks RT!


  3. REALLY wish I had read this earlier. YeeHaw, indeed. And, YeeHaw again. Ugh.


  4. i just read the yeehaw part – silly me :p


  5. If only I understood what you meant by Yeehaw earlier! Thanks for that!!


  6. YEEHAW! Thanks RussianTigger


  7. Just re-read the raccoons 101 – thanks for the tip. Yeehaw!


  8. I got a double bagged one time too. Yeehaw!
    Thanks for the YEEHAW, btw. ✌️


  9. I don’t know how, but mine just glitched and I got 2 rubbish from 2 racoons, using only one rubbish bin


  10. There is something seriously wrong with this update. I was getting pretty good drop rates but since I updated I have gone 1 for 9 on trash cans and my first attempt for flowers was empty. If this is what we have to look forward to no one is going to play tgis game for much longer.


  11. I’m STILL locked out of the game. Ben locked out since the 26th. Im sorry to say but I think this might be the end of the game for me unless this is fixed soon.


  12. wish we could keep one raccoon after the event .. they’re cute 🙂


  13. Is it just me? After this last update, when I touch a raccoon, the trashcan never comes up.


  14. I have to say It seems that trash cans are as rare as those epic eyeballs once were in my game. Have collected from all 3 characters a total of 5 times each now and only 1 trash can between them all. That’s a 1/15 chance! Seems to me this game is just pay to play anymore, which is exactly why I sat out the entire wet hot quahog event. I’m considering dumping this one too at this rate. Don’t see how you can get anywhere without any trash cans! But I see they are available for clam purchase of Course!


    • RussianTigger

      With regards Trashcans, go read the Raccoon 101 again, pay attention to instructions in the section When do the Raccoons appear – YEEHAW!!!


  15. Where are all the trashcans though. More rubbish drops. 1\3 every time virtually.


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