What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers!

Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not. Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting. Censor yourselves so we don’t have to!!  

REMEMBER: This is the ONLY place on our site where all that Venting and Frustration is allowed, so please Respect the Addicts Guidelines and post them ONLY here. What The Deuce?! are always open, so you can use them at anytime. 24/7, 365 days a year. Help us by keeping the Vents/Rants off all the other helpful posts. 🙂

Vents placed anywhere else on the site will find their way to the Trash instead. Keep in mind that this is the Addicts Site, not TinyCo’s… so respect that we do not have to field the abuse for them, but are just giving an outlet to vent frustrations for our Readers. Direct Abuse towards anyone in any shape or form however will not be allowed on the site… period.

Here’s mine for this week:

WHAT THE DEUCE… In a world full of waste who’d have thought it would be so hard to find some Trash, c’mon TinyCo give us some Trashcans.

WHAT THE DEUCE… FGQFS Support, less What The Deuce and more Where The Hell has it gone. Please TinyCo show some respect to those who are still playing. We’ve not given up on the game but we are starting to think you might have.

Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your WHAT THE DEUCE?! moments!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂


38 responses to “What The Deuce?!

  1. WTD?? Either the mini-event was the shortest one in history or something is very wrong. I hadn’t gotten very far at all in the Southern Fried Griffin event with the new Sam character and then I find out that a new event has started already. I didn’t see a post here before the mini event ended like we usually do. I am stuck with a side quest that I can’t complete because Bonnie can’t perform the action and I got nowhere near collecting Sam.


  2. WTD!! … during the summer event, I remember reading in the game, that if you buy those premium characters for battles (like the Junk food monster) you get to keep them later as decos. Unfortunately during game freezing and quick tapping I bought the chocolate guy by mistake… and well… I don’t have him as a deco; was this something I read wrong?!


  3. Special one time only clam offer: three hours to decide whether to buy clams in return for bonus clams on the top four tiers. Three seconds to decide not to. (Screenshotted.)


  4. WHAT THE DEUCE!! … Don’t you hate when some people try help others (i.e. myself) and someone else takes the credit without any kind of acknowledgement to the original person, in fact going as far as removing what they (I) did just so it looks like their own 😠


    • RussianTigger

      Not the case at all, many many comments came in about the same thing as a lot of of us had noticed it, but comments such as yours can’t be posted, that’s not my rule that’s the Addicts rule and I have to adhere to it whilst I’m helping here. And of course with these type of things there’s a little discretion needed, or the very thing your commenting on will be no more. So I hope you can see what I’ve tried to do to get some info out there for players struggling. You’ll find in many posts where players give game info that I need I credit them, you only need to look at the live post and the Sam 101 to see this and in many other posts from before. As I say many of us knew what you commented on, you were not the first to comment, in fact you were one of the last, there were many, many commenters before you. But you are really being very unfair with this comment and I hope you’ll realise that once you sit and have a think about it as after all we are all here to try help each other.


    • I’ve seen her dedicate whole posts to people who help!
      I’m going out on a limb here guessing what is going on. Sometimes help should stay on the downlow…
      There are almost always good reasons to stay a bit hush hush.
      But your post is a little nasty, and I’ve seen you be helpful before. Let’s just chalk this up to you not realizing the why’s and keep looking forward to helping each other.


  5. WTD – well we are halfway thru the event and I still need 14 out of the 26 trash bags (chance rate every 4 hours) to get one of the flower dropping buildings, from which I will then need 25 flowers (another 4 hour drop rate) to get the overalls to unlock Sam. Not looking too good for me. Expect I will run out of time first.


  6. moecyslack905

    The Tinyco servers are rubbish at saving your progress. I keep going in to find characters doing nothing instead of the tasks I put them on. I contacted Tinyco in game as was told not to exit too quickly so that the servers can save but it still happens occasionally even after waiting a while. I agree with everyone who is fed up with character skins as they are useless after the event. It has been said so many times before but we need more land!!! The Simpsons game has so much more land than this game WTD! Like Clob said WTH is Mickey?


    • RussianTigger

      I have recently started to have this syncing issue when I’m out and about and reset tasks using my 4G. Never happens on my home Wi-Fi etc. I seem to have stopped it happening by doing what other players suggested a while back, after setting tasks visit Ollieland. Go back to Quahog, close game, then fully force close the app, open it again and make sure tasks are running. This is working for me, but as I say I only have the issue when I’m not on Wi-Fi.


    • I had the save issue a long time ago, nowadays I *always* visit Ollieland and go back before exiting my game and I don’t have any save issues.

      I agree on the land bit… 95% of new buildings/decorations go into storage as I don’t have anywhere to put anything. Many areas look like a rubbish tip as I don’t have any room to organise things properly.


  7. Has anyone from TinyCo acknowledged that they’ll ever do anything with Stevie Bucks again?


  8. 1. I have lost 10 free clams after watching the video ads and having the game crash.
    2. I have like 8 Gold Stewie Bucks and nothing to do with them. I have written in to TinyHands several times, but nothing but a blowoff. They should make Koolaid Man available for Stewie Bucks.
    3. I have about 70 million coins and nothing to do with them. Tiny has done nothing but blow me off on suggestions. Koolaid Man could be an option for coins.
    4. They should make those Mystery Boxes available for either coins or Stewie Bucks. Then maybe we would use them.
    5. We need more space in the game. I’ve got tons of coin-producing buildings in storage. We need something like Tan Lines to put useless buildings in for some kind of coin-farming or Stewie-Bucks-farming — assuming Tiny comes up with something useful to do with either one day.
    6. In the alternative, give us a Stewie Shrink Ray to shrink those 9×9 giant buildings down to 3×3 size, so that we can fit more in the game.
    7. They need a Fire Drill button for Tan Lines — so that there is a quick way to empty the entire thing to find useful characters.
    8. They need a way of taking all the useless costumes and converting them to full playable characters. For the love of everything holy, stop giving us more costumes in Al Harrington’s. Just give us full characters like Sir Peter instead of more skins. They suck!


  9. WTD! I really wish we could get enough players to boycott the game for awhile, just to show them how frustrated we are! It used to be so much fun! Now getting trash cans are like pulling hens teeth! Lol


    • RussianTigger

      You sound like the Steward of the players Nixon, gonna call us all out on strike, lol.

      With regards Trashcans, go read the Raccoon 101 again, pay attention to instructions in the section When do the Raccoons appear – YEEHAW!!!


  10. The so-called ‘Bumblescum General & Specific Store’ is not even in Bumblescum. It is actually from the “Farmer Guy” episode which takes place in Farmton.

    Do these clowns even watch the show?


  11. Gene the cook has the most annoying voice.

    WTD – why has there still not been an update to let me level up my dinosaurs, I still have their enclosures in the game.


  12. They failed to fix the game. It’s the 29th and only four out of the seven days left. Every event, you NEED every single day, because of how terrible the payouts are and how bad the amounts are. There’s no way that someone who hasn’t even started the event will even get close to finishing this event. They should just scrap the event and give the character for free to compensate for the bugs in the game. As a genuine paying customer, I don’t feel like my money is going towards improving the game as I feel it should. I feel like it’s just paying them for their own wallets. It feels as if the game that I once enjoyed is hitting it’s final moments at times and I hate that…


  13. It’s hard to just drop a game with so much invested but they’re not even trying anymore. They’re doing the same mechanics for every event without changing the issues players have with it. They’ve also stopped doing those things that had us creating mazes, which were sorta fun.

    Wtd that every new Stewie costume is premim.

    And dangit, we haven’t had a new district in forever. I’d rather have that right now. You know, with actual task unlockable characters without timers or event cutoffs. WTH is Mickey!?!?


  14. I’m STILL locked out of the game. Been locked out since the 26th. I’ve been considering just quuttting the game for good and breaking my addiction since lauchday. Its my birthday tinyco, LET ME IN!!!

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